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  1. [COLOR=crimson]:cough: double posting is against the rules :cough: On to the subject, I agree with what Zero-Altron said. We would just end up using them for the destruction of earth.[/COLOR] :smoke:
  2. [COLOR=crimson]Name: Revolver Ocelot[/COLOR] [COLOR=crimson]Favorite Charecter: Jett[/COLOR] [COLOR=crimson]Favorite Session: The Real Folk Blues Part 2[/COLOR] [COLOR=crimson]Favorite Song: Tank![/COLOR] :smoke:
  3. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Solid Snake [/i] [B] [color=teal]Well, what do you expect? If they tried making the game in sharp 3 dimensional polygons, then the characters would look too...whats the word...over exagerated; have you ever seen a 3 dimensional look to Dragonball Z? ::shudder:: It clearly would not fit the feel of Cowboy Bebop at all, in fact, I would prefer it cel-shaded. :) [/color] [color=teal]When I said 'some aspects of Metal Gear Solid 2,' I ment to imply that of which was relevant to Cowboy Bebop. A few of these techniques include the third person to first person switch when shooting and the punch and kick combos, but perhaps an advancement to fit the Bebop style, like better fighting combos. I also said before that this game cannot depend on MGS2 100%, which would mean less stealth and more direct atacks. Maybe what this game needs more than anything else is someone from the original Cowboy Bebop team to guide the developement in the right direction before it gets off track in the beginning.[/color] :blah: [/B][/QUOTE] [COLOR=crimson]:bleh: I have nothing against cell shading, but for a CB game, it just wouldn't work. I think that a well put togther graphical system would make CB good. Only problem is, unless it could compare to the series, I would hate it.[/COLOR] :smoke:
  4. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by gokents [/i] [B]yea the ep im watching now had faye showing obvious concern for jett about his arm. followed by a little something from jett showing the true depth of charector each one on the show has. [/B][/QUOTE] [COLOR=crimson]Yes, I just finished watching Black Dog Serenade as well. But I don't think that Faye was showing "concern" as you put it. But even if she was, most people would be concerned about an arm like that. As for romance I think that Faye cares for Spike, witch she shows in The Real Folk Blues part 2.[/COLOR] :smoke:
  5. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by spike speigel [/i] [B] A similar series would be cool. [/B][/QUOTE] [COLOR=crimson]Yes I agree. I would love a series with the perfection of Cowboy Bebop. As Zayle said, 26 sessions isn't enough![/COLOR] :smoke:
  6. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Solid Snake [/i] [B][color=teal]Ah, it's games like these that I regret not buying a GameCube for. Sure, the original Resident Evil is still a possibility for me, but as I see it, the remake sounds (and looks, for that matter) 50% better. With breath taking graphics, more rooms, more strategy, tougher zombies, different puzzles, and more, it's like a fresh start on the previous skeleton. And not only does it have better improvements, but it's also supposed to be even more scarier, adding such a great atmosphere to the game that it's no wonder people are finding it to be so fun. I look forward to seeing more great games by Capcom release for GameCube, but this game will always rank top among my Capcom favorites.[/color] :blah: [/B][/QUOTE] [COLOR=crimson]I couldn't have said it better myself. It's games like this that may force me to *gasp* return my ps2. Now the Metal Gear is comming to all 3 systems, I don't know what to do! But as for this game, I have a close friend who owns it, and it is wonderful. Can't wait for RE0![/COLOR] :smoke:
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