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    I LOVE anime!!!!!I like video games
  1. Anime

    I really like One Piece. It has great characters and a good storyline. I hope to see the original japanese episodes on my computer.
  2. Anime

    Wolf's Rain is one fo my favorite animes in the world. Toboe is my favorite character. The animation was stunning, and the storyline was good. It had a great mix of comedy and drama.
  3. Anime

    I really like DearS. The characters are great, and it has a lot of comedy and drama mixed, which I like. Ren is so cute! ^_^ I hope to read/see more of DearS in the future.
  4. Anime

    Grave of the Fireflies was REALLY GOOD!!!! My parents and I went to go see it at an anime festival a few years back. It was sad, but good all the same. I'm glad I own it. ^_^
  5. Anime

    I would love to hear anime in different languages! ^_^ I actually have an episode of Sonic X in french. It's pretty good. The voices are pretty accurate for the characters.
  6. Anime

    My mom and I (yes, me AND my mom) went to see it in Sarasota. I LOVED IIT! Howl IS SO COOL. What was weird was I was the only kid there. The rest of the people there were my mom's age (She's 62 now) or older. Weird huh?
  7. Anime

    I LOVE OS! Jim is my favorite character. I also like Gene, Aisha, and Melphina. I wish they would have done a better ending though... I was kind of disappointed with it. I want to see Angel Links too. It's a series that takes place in the OS universe, so it crosses over a bit, which I think is cool.
  8. Anime

    Chrno Crusade RULES! Chrono is my favorite! ^_^ I cosplayed as Chrono at MetroCon last year, and even met Greg Ayres, Chrono's voice actor. Rosette is a good character too. She reminds me of me in every way. ^_^;;;;;;;;
  9. Anime

    I've been a ROLW fan ever since seventh grade, and I'm a senior now.... ^_^;;;;; Deed has to be my fav. character 'cause I love elves in the first place, and she is a great character. DEED AND PARN FOREVER!!!!!
  10. Anime

    I LOVE Naruto! I've been watching it on CN and downloading episodes on my computor. I LIke everything about the show, including the music and visual effects. The characters are great and you can relate to them a lot.
  11. Anime

    I LOVE FMA! I've been watching it ever since it started on CN. I can't wait for the movie to come out. I've seen trailers for it on a japanese FMA website that a friend of mine sent me. The name of the movie is Fullmetal Alchemist: The conquerer of Shambala. It looks really good. It takes place two years after the series, and somehow Ed ends up on Earth and finds himself in WW1 Germany. There he becomes a rocket scientist, and his partner looks exactly like Al. Check it out.
  12. Anime

    My favorite anime songs are: 1 Spicy Marmalade (Gravitation) 2 Through the night (Outlaw Star) 3 White Reflection (G.W. Endless Waltz) 4 Rinbu Revolution (Utena) 5 Truth (Utena) 6 Toki ni ai wa (Utena the movie) 7 Arigatou ai wo (Utena) 8 Opening theme to Fushigi Yugi 9 Chance (Pilot Candidate;aka;Candidate for Goddess) 10 The Unyeilding Wish; 1st season op. theme (Magic Knight Rayearth or MKR for short) 11 Lulliby; 2nd season closing theme (MKR) 12 I'm a Pioneer (Tenchi Muyo!) 13 Up-walk in Galaxy (Tenchi Muyo!)
  13. Anime

    As you know, I'm new, so drop me a line once in a while, kay? I just got back from a sleepover at my friend's, and I saw a bit of Yu-Gi-OH. ^_^ I saw three new episodes that haven't even been released in america dubbed, let alone subbed.One I saw was dubbed,and the other two were in japanese, but not subbed(I figured out what the characters were saying by the japanese words and phrases I know and went from there).