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  1. like the titlwe says I need artists that can draw pictures for my new TCG after the 1st series if i get enough cash I can probably start paying whoever does it heres a card pic this is a blueprint what I ask is if people could redraw the lines to make them not look plain or make them like a scroll or someone can also make a backround for the cards other stuff I ask i'll post about later
  2. me *looks around* Rain ^_^ she's a nice person and someone i'd like to meet or Juu
  3. worst for me was i got these Tonka Toys because my aunt never met me and thought i was only a baby and got me Tonka Toys i'm 13!argh!
  4. well what I say is you can give the person depending on who they are if they are like someone you dislike and stuff I say by a toilet plunger! if its someone you like and you still want a gag gift buy silly string. if its someone who acts immature by like some dolls from a dollar shack.^_^ I know EVERYTHING when it comes to Gag Gifts lol if you ever wanna talk just send me an IM at BadBlackJoker64 on AIM
  5. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Desbreko [/i] [B][color=indigo]Ah, I thought so. You do know that those are illegal, just like other ROMs and stuff, right? *deletes link from post*[/color] [/B][/QUOTE] oh sorry its a game my friend made that nintendo said it might publish ^_^ well see ya'll later
  6. Time of Trial:links final quest is my favorite
  7. yea okay i got a code for a continuation story but i need Seasons
  8. lol well i know that but whats like the worst villain and all that in it...and i'm sorry for postin inthe other place i forgot we have a Zelda forum
  9. I have Ages and i beat it a while ago anybody can tell me what happens in Seasons?
  10. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by GinnyLyn [/i] [B]I've seen your pics of Mai, soooo...*raises an eyebrow* *points to self* I'm more of an-- All: Auron fan, yes, we know!!! --and I'm starting my collection on fanpics of him. Mmm, can't get enough Auron, heh. O, BTW, I've finally seen a decent piccie of the Auron vinyl statue. S'okay. Dangit, Duo, now I'm torn between the Mog and Auron! ;):p [/B][/QUOTE] those pics of Mai where some these guys where disguising but Lulu is min i have the best pics of her put i can't show them here cause then they'll call them "porn" porn is disguisting and only adults find pleasure in them some others like doujinsji isn't porn but hentai is [color=indigo]Lets try to stay on topic, eh? And if a picture shows "those" parts, it's porn. Giving it a different name doesn't change what it is. - Desbreko[/color]
  11. dont u agree shes the best 1 out of all of them?
  12. *looks around* this place don't seem like a LULU fan area i'm the biggest Lulu fan I have some good pics of her...
  13. the Puzzle it beat pegasus and all the others just suck
  14. Mai is the hottest chick on yugioh heres a pic of her
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