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  1. MysticBabe

    Gaming The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

    While we are on the subject of LTTP, can anyone help me? I'm on the second temple in the dark world. I have everything i need. I just can't find out how to get to the boss place. i see it on the map, but i can't find a door that leads to it. can any help?
  2. MysticBabe

    Gaming I'd like to see a "Futuristic"zelda.

    The wind waker takes place after the timeline with ganan in it from OOT. You know when link returned to his 10 year old self at the end of OOT? All the other games took place after then. The Wind Waker took place hundreds of years after the timeline where ganan was in power. So basically we now have two timelines. Quite gensius of them to do that. Its like starting all over again with the series.
  3. MysticBabe

    Sky City

    how wide is it supposed to be? its a great idea, but personally, i wouldn't want to live in a city thats all in a building. Its cool to think about it, but to think once i got there, i don't think i would last
  4. MysticBabe

    Gaming The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

    I'm stuck as well! I'm in the Dark World, in the second temple. all i need to do is get to the boss, but i have no idea how! its like seperated for the rest of the dungeon...
  5. well...i've gotten a game once not knowing a thing about it and it turned out to be good.
  6. MysticBabe

    Gaming Zelda:Gamecube

    hey, does anyone know the spaces the games will take up on the memory card? i need to know if i should get another one or not.
  7. MysticBabe

    Gaming Zelda:Gamecube

    [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Semjaza Azazel [/i] [B]Nintendo mails back and either gives a form letter or some sort of answer, if they are allowed to. Like I said, last I heard the official date is February 16th. [/B][/QUOTE] They gave me a direct answer, so they're allowed to. So, we can pre-order the game now if we want? i wasn't sure if a site i heard that from was true...
  8. MysticBabe

    Anime DBGT is a mockery of akira's work.

    well i haven't seen GT, but i've seen images, its not the same. and of course its short. Isn't there only 64 eps? while the other too have like 168 and 274, something around there.
  9. MysticBabe

    Do you like school?

    i am in a very small school. I'm trapped within brick walls for 7 hours a day with people who hate my guts and i hate theirs. all of my friends go to other schools, so i totally look forward to the end of the day, weekends, and school break so i can see them. when it comes to learning, we're so behind that it doesn't matter. everyone says private schools are way more strict,and that we're goody tooshoos and rich snobs. but thats so bogus. Public schools are mor estrict because of the amount of kids they have. we're not goody tooshoos, because their are more drugs at our HS than two of the public HS in our area combined.Ok, some of us may be rich snobs, but a lot of us just get scholarships from the grade school we went to in order to get in. So we aren't rich.
  10. MysticBabe

    Gaming Zelda:Gamecube

    Ok, I think I got it. For sure the bonus deal is in America. But we have no idea when the official Pre-ordering dates for the bonus is? Is there anyone out there that knows? I think I'll go crazy if i don't find out soon... nevermind, to late. i emailed nintendo, but i believe that sites don't email back, so i asked for them to post it on their site. Hopefully the news will go there!
  11. MysticBabe

    Gaming Zelda Quiz

    OO I remember this, actually i don't not entirely,but i'll guess. I know the door has to be open, i think you have to walk backwards to the alter from the pedestrial and do a flip onto it, then i think you have to move the cartiridge on the edge, and i forget so nevermind.
  12. MysticBabe

    Gaming Too strong?

    er...what does the guilded sword have to do with end? i've beaten the game both ways, with the mask and without the mask, i don't think you absolutly need it, unless there's some secret you guys aren't telling me...
  13. MysticBabe

    Gaming Zelda gaiden

    What is this game? I've heard something about it. its like ura zleda in a way. it was supposed to be for the 64DD, but since that didn't work they went straight to gamecube with it. now its supposed to be another add on of OOT but seperate from ura zelda. I'm confused. help?
  14. MysticBabe

    Gaming Ura Zelda Screens (Image Heavy)

    i've seen a picture somewhere of the GC OOT, they do use the x, z, and y buttons as the invetory, the a button was the action, and the b button was the sword. but i've seen other pictures with c buttons, but i believe they are fake cuz there was a blue button on it. the GC controller doesn't have a blue round button.
  15. MysticBabe

    Gaming The Super Mario Movie

    the princess part if you noticed, her name is daisy. in the games, the daisy princess is luigi's peach.in the movie they're cousins? i coulda swore luigi said to daisy at dinner that when their parents died his older bro mario had to take care of him. i personnally liked the movie, lol. i was little as well when it came out in theaters