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  1. DAMiEN

    Anime Vegeta the Cheata

    Some people read to much into this. I mean, if it's not in the show or comics, etc. then you need to get out of the house once in awhile.
  2. DAMiEN

    Anime how really strong is vegeto?

    Who's Vegeto? I'm past the Toonami episodes, you mean Vegeta? Well, he's able to fuse with Goku, so he's gotta be as pretty powerful. Either Goku lowered his level to match his, kept it the same or Vegeta lowered his so....I don't know. I haven't seen after that.
  3. DAMiEN

    Play an instrument?

    Trombone and trumpet are both quite different. I prefer trumpet for the jazz and I don't think I could work the slide that well.
  4. DAMiEN

    Writing Memories

    That's just normal day-dreaming. I think everyone has thought that... Thought, it's what makes us, us.....
  5. DAMiEN

    Play an instrument?

    NO! It's GEEK!!! I should know.....I am one! :D
  6. DAMiEN


    Car enthusiast, big time sketcher, martial arts, and collecting knives/swords/other weapons and eagles!
  7. DAMiEN


    Well, duh! I'm not talking literally. Disco is still alive then. I meant it as it's the lowest on the boards. It's not having the big impact as it did not so long ago. If you want to talk technicals and actuals, then so be it, but over all, there's not much left unless someone new comes out which is always a possibility. They give anyone a recording album now-of-days.
  8. DAMiEN

    Final Fantasy the show

    America will probably receive it after it's second season since that's when we normally receive shows like that. I mean, DBZ is way old and we just got DB and the new season of DBZ.
  9. DAMiEN

    Play an instrument?

    Trumpet(Jazz is the best!), used to guitar, drums, and piano. I played trumpet for the jazz, guitar since i though it was intersting(but now everyone plays it), drums because they are just fun and load! The piano because I think it sonds cool. You can play some great stuff on there.
  10. DAMiEN

    Final Fantasy the show

    That would be because it's anime and they always have first dibs. Themovie though ruined a lot of it for me. I mean, it was good, but really had nothing to do with the game, ya know?
  11. DAMiEN


    Pop is dead. I never listened to it. I've always been a rocker in all ranges. The Who to Linkin Park and Led Zepplin to Papa Roach. I do listen to all types of music, except most punk and all of pop. What makes me mad is Avril Lavinge! She says she's punk, playing wannabe rock(pop), and do you see what she looks like! I don't know, just something about her bugs me.