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  1. Skinny Buu - Buu Aku = MY HIGHEST!! 10/10!! The only playing during the final seconds of Mirai Trunks first power up to Super Saiyan in the actual series (The evil type one!) = 9/10 Goku's SS Transformation = 8.5/10 Gohan's Mystic Power Up, the big one just before he fought Buu! = 7/10 The one playing right at the begging of "No More Rules" = 6.5/10 The one where Gohan skidds in past Piccolo Trunks and Goten to fight Buu (Reminds me of Final Fantasy) = 4/10 Does anyone know where you can get hold of these Falcouners on the net, excluding Kazaa?? Cause it'd be much appriciated
  2. I think that females would have been able to. A few people have mentioned it, but the main requirements to become a Super Saiyan are: 1. Be at least part Saiyan 2. Have a Pure Heart, Good or Evil 3. Have a High Power Level 4. Attain enough Rage to make the initial transformation She had all of these, except enough Rage. Also, a few of you said that no previous "Female" saiyans had reached Super Saiyan, well think a little harder, all but Goku, Vegeta, Nappa and Raditz (And Brolly, Paragus and a few others) were wiped out by Frieza. Apart from Brolly, there were NO Supe
  3. ah, some people who finally see my opinion. finally someone who is not so narrow-minded and dumb, and has actually realised the obviousness of the truth. I just wish all you other block-heads could see the truth.
  4. if Vegeta had have reached SS3, Vegetto could have become one as well, think about how easily he could have defeated Buu then!
  5. That wouldn't work for peeps like me, who, because their hard drive broke, now only have 1GB, and work on a Mac, and Kazaa are too llazy arsed to bring out a Mac version of Kazaa.
  6. [QUOTE][i]Originally Posted by Rick Hunter[/i] In the Japanese version of the episode Goku clearly states that he could beat Majin Buu (Fat One) in SSJ3 form but didn't do so based on the fact he wanted the next generation of fighters (Goten and Trunks) to be responsible now for protecting/saving the world. He continues on with this theme even in Dragon Ball GT.[/QUOTE] Too True, I remember that he didn't break a sweat against Buu, except when he was starting to tire because of SS3, but if he had been determinded from the beginning to kill him, then I believe he could have done it easi
  7. [QUOTE]as you should have already seen if you live in the US[/QUOTE] Um hello, we Brits actually saw it on TV before you americans did, not trying to be offensive, but you actually made it sound like we were scum. This may be the wrong end of the stick, but anyway, just thought I'd point out that I saw that episode like 4 months ago on CN, and I gotta say that Buu does feel pain, but also has supirior regenaration powers, cause he healed Babidi, Tommy (Little Blind kid!), Bee, Hercule. He didn't appear to feel pain because he and Goku were fighting at an equal Power, Goku wasn't trying,
  8. thanx for that, I actually wondered why that was, but anyway, I'm English and that's why it is 1 billion to me, and besides that, if you think the digits are wrong, there's alway swording next to it so you can make sure you get what it is.
  9. I find it hard to believe from you that Resi 4 is NOT Code Veronica, when a short time ago, I hear from Capcom that it is!!
  10. I love SSBM more than SSB, and I use either Link, Falco, Dr Mario or Marth in most of my games, and all the other characters, but they are my most used. I am extremely good at it now, and can take on 3 level 8's all on me and abolutley toy with a level 9. I've unlocked EVERYTHING except the trophys to come out with new games, but have all the trophys available so far. Try and beat this, my total KOs is over 300,000 because me and my friends play so much!
  11. Okay, 1. They aren't upping the graphics according to NOM (Nintendo Official Magazine), and I think that they are probably the best source, I know it may be believeing what they say blindly, but I have read a load of other magazines, and they say the same thing. 2. I didn't say they had to hold future Resident Evil games' releases, they could do them afterwards. 3. RESIDENT EVIL 4!! It's out on PS2, it's Code Veronica!! All they have to do is port it to GameCube you dumb **** Krillin!! [color=indigo]Watch the language... - Desbreko[/color] Order of Series (Created): Resi
  12. I'd just like to know who else is absolutly pissed about Capcom not uping the graphics of Resi 2 and 3, I mean they give us the original, better graphics, new talking, everything improved, then they tell us that 2 and 3 are direct ports!! THEY GOT THE POWER, NOW THEY DON'T USE IT!!
  13. YAY!! I'm not the only one!! 4, 5 and 9 are definately my faves just for the record, and I hated 8 as well, but not as much as 10!!
  14. [QUOTE]I still think Laurence Fishburne (Morpheus) should do the voice of Red XIII.[/QUOTE] DEFINATELY!! I can just imagine that... [B]Yuffie[/B]: WTF? Who is that... ah who cares, they look alike! [B]Zack[/B]: hmm, dunno who, but good nontheless [B]Heidiger[/B]: BILLY CONOLY!! BILLY CONOLY!! good choice! [B]Cloud[/B]: interesting, but his personality doesn't match (Who drew that picture of Cloud, it sux!) [B]Elena[/B]: good [B]Sephiroth[/B]: no comment, but someone who can be really evil, and has a sort of, whispery voice would be good! [B]Tifa[/B]: agh... actually, the
  15. to be perfectly honest, FF10, I duno exactly why, it just didn't exactly appeal to me, I like the old-style FF9/FFCC story and all. It's just more "Final FANTASY", the key word there is fantasy, I mean FF8 and 10 were okay (and 7 i spose was pretty much the same), but I didn't like the techno-outlook.
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