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  1. exactly, i mean u know they say damn, or i even herd Goku say ****! it moronic
  2. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Rick Hunter [/i] [B]In response to this really people, stop watching the dubbed version of Dragon Ball and get your hands on some fan subs or subbed copies. Honestly Funimation has butchered up that show enough as it is, and in the coming days with the Vegito saga which is probably the most violent saga in the whole series it will get more toned down. I don't mean to rant on saying the sub is always better then the dubbed but in this case when you got a company like funimation behind the dubbing process it is better to go with subbed. [/B][/QUOTE] u are s
  3. i wouldnt do it cause Mirror Force is a rare magic card..maybe if he offered a rare monster card or mabe a trap or magic card then u should do it depeneding on the card..i would do it if he was offering "ALL" 5 pieces of Exodia then i would do it but not just for any common card!
  4. im in to.... Name: Douglas Personallity: Brave and smart..know when he over his head. will do anything for his friends and hid digimon. he is not one to back down unless the odds are overwhlming. Can be a little stupid when it comes to protecting his friends and digimon. Digimon Stats Rookie: Rockmon Champion: Monochromon Ultimate: Tricerimon Mega: (made up cause i dont know it...) Chaosmon:A tall green-ish blue digimon that has 2 sword on his back Attacks:The Useal Chaosmon's attacks: Chaose strick,and Double Sword
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