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Ghost of the Other Side


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Basic rules:
Do not and I repeat do not start posting madly about ghosts. in actuality ghosts have nothing to do with it.
There is no need to post any stats or anything about you character, just open it up with your character's entrace into the story.
I will say this once, you may enter at any time, so you don't need to ask if its too late.
Other than that, most of you are regulars in G/S anyway so you know how to work a chain story...
[I]In a land only a few have seen, where everything untouched by man exists freely, there is the school of Vashta. And the last true, living Vashta master is waiting for a pupil to come through.... [/I]

Kamakazi:Hmm...I wonder what I'm going to eat today....what do you think master?
[i]Kamakazi looks up to the statue of a former master of the Vashta techniques[/i]
Kamakazi:No, I don't want to eat onions again...I want meat.
[i]He looks back up at the statue[/i]
Kamakazi:Yes, deer sounds good.
[i]He walks out of the hut[/i]
Kamakazi:Hmmm, I sense someone approaching...someone very strong..a possible student perhaps?
[i]Kamakazi out[/i]
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[I]A young man called Cecil comes is lost and he comes acros a building[/I]
Cecil: I wonder if anyone is in there.
Kamakazi: this looks like a good student dosent it master?
Cecil: Huh? Student? Where am i? Whos master?
Kamakazi:Yes, Student at the masters school. You are here and master is master.
Cecil: You are very confussing. But do you have a phone or something?
Kamakazi: Phone? Why do you want a phone.
[I]Cecil thinks that the person standing in front of him is a crazy fool but decides to stay cause he is hungry.[/I]
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[I]Tallime hears voices coming from a clearing in the forest[/I]
Tallime:that's strange the only person who lives way out here is that kamakazi guy.
[I]Tallime makes her way to the clearing and sees kamakazi talking to another man[/I]
Kamakazi:my master would be very glad to see you
Cecil: uhh, sure.
Tallime: I knew it, he's talking to strangers about that statue again.
[I]she walks into the clearing[/I]
Tallime:hey Kamikazi! looks like you have a new friend!
Cecil:hi I'm cecil
[I]shakes Tallimes hand[/I]
Kamikazi: another guest? master will be pleased.
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Kamakazi: I hope you are both hungry, I have made some soup.
Cecil: I'll be glad to take some Im starving.
Tallime: Sure..
Kamakazi: Come in then..
[I]He opens the door to his hut..but when the door open they see nothing but the entrance into a cave.[/I]
Cecil: What is this?
Kamakazi: This is the school of Vashta.
Tallime: It looks oddly like a cave to me.
Kamakazi: Just come this way...
[i]They walk further into the cave[/i]
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