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*Flamedramon and climbed into the machine*

Flamedramon: Are you sure this thing is safe?

Scientist Palmon: Yes, we've tested it, doouble checked it, but we haven't used it!

Flamedramon: Um...What did you mean by you've tested it, but haven't used it?

Scientist Elecmon: Don't worry! It's perfectly safe! We're just going to see if we can get you to use different attacks! If we can, it would mean that all Digimon could have a varity of different attacks, and be able to defend themselves in any condition! Although there is the fact that when we take out your power to fuse it with a new one, you might lose ALL your powers, or even die!

[COLOR=red]Flamedramon jumped out of the machine and pressed his face up on the window the scientists were looking out of[/COLOR]

Flamedramon: Wha!? Y-Y-You never told me that! Let me outta here! I don't wanna lose my powers! I don't wanna die!!!

Scientist Gomamon: Oh don't worry, you'll be ok!

[COLOR=red]A Gazimon walks up to the Gomamon and gives him a sheet of paper[/COLOR]

Gomamon: Oh no...

Flamedramon: Hey, whats on that peice of paper!? Lemme see!

[COLOR=red]The Gomamon shows it to all the other scientists, and they all start whispering.[/COLOR]

Flamedramon: Lemme see!!!

[COLOR=red]Starts pounding on the glass[/COLOR]

Scientist Agumon: Sorry, that windows unbreakable!


[COLOR=red]The Agumon walks up to the window and shows Flamedramon a piece of paper[/COLOR]

Flamedramon: It's the poster I saw the Job description on, so what?

Scientist Agumon: Look closer!

[COLOR=red]Gets out a magnifiying glass and holds it over a little line at the bottom of the page[/COLOR]

Flamedramon: Hmm...Its so small! I can hardly read it!

"[SIZE=1]Any person who enters in this experiment must know that they might be injured. Once the experiment starts, they have no right to quit, as they signed the contract.[/SIZE]"

Flamedramon: But how was I meant to read that!?

Scientist Agumon: Well, if the experiment works, we'll be able to give you an ability to zoom in, and you'll be able to read it! :D

[COLOR=red]All the scientists start laughing :laugh:[/COLOR]

Flamedramon: S-stop that! L-L-Lemme outta here!!! :eek:

Palmon: Sorry, but we can't now! The machine will start any second now! Now, climb into it!

Flamedramon: Make me! :p

Palmon: Ok.

[COLOR=red]Presses a button, and aload of water starts gushing out of some giant holes in the walls[/COLOR]

Flamedramon: Oh man! J-J-Just lemme outta here man! I don't want to die!!!!!!!!!!!

Palmon: Sorry! :D

[COLOR=red]Flamedramon jumps on top of the machine[/COLOR]

Flamedramon: Are you trying to drown me or something!?

Palmon: Yes.

Flamedramon: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhh[COLOR=blue]hhhhhh...[/COLOR] *Glub*

[COLOR=red]All the scientists go up to the window [/COLOR]

Gomamon: You gonna help us then???

[COLOR=red]Flamedramon opens his mouth to say yes, and aload of water comes into his mouth, and he starts choking[/COLOR]

Palmon: I can't heeear you!

Flamedramon: Bleeess!!!

Agumon: I think he said yes!

Gatomon: Did you say yes?

Hawkmon: Oh heck, lets just let him go!

Patamon: Do YOU want to be our subject for the experiment?

Hawkmon: Ahhh!!! No way!

Elecmon: Good.

Gazimon: Now shut up

Palmon: How ya doing in there Flamedramon???

[COLOR=blue]Flamedramon starts nooding his head madly, and clutching at his throat[/COLOR]

Palmon: Ok, lets turn the water off!

[COLOR=red]Presses a button, and all the water drains away[/COLOR]

Flamedramon: *Cough cough...Hic* Uhhhhhhh...Ok...I'll help...You...*Hic*

Agumon: I knew he'd see it our way in the end!

Flamedramon: :flaming:

Gomamon: Now, get in the machine!

[COLOR=red]Flamedramon gets into a machine, which is like a big box, then the lights go out, and he feels some metel rings clamp around his arms, his legs and his neck[/COLOR]

Flamedramon: Ow, not so tight!

Agumon: Oh, don't worry, they're just to stop you from breaking out of the machine when the 10,000 volts of electricity run through your body!

Flamedramon: *Gulp*

Gomamon: Agumon, you forgot the mouthpiece!

Agumon: Oh ya!

[COLOR=red]Presses a button, and a tape is stuffed over Flamedramons mouth[/COLOR]

Flamedramon: Mmmmmf!!! Mmmmmmf!!!

Agumon: Thats to stop you screaming! :D

Flamedramon: *Gulp*

Palmon: Begin the operation!!!

[COLOR=orange]Suddenly, millions of jolts of electricity surge through Flamedramons body[/COLOR]

Flamedramon: MMMMMMMMMMMMMF!!!!!!!

[COLOR=blue]Then the machine fills up with water[/COLOR]

Flamedramon: MMMFFF!!!

[COLOR=red]Then the machine fills with fire[/COLOR]

Flamedramon: Mfffff.....:)

[COLOR=royalblue]Then the machine freezes up[/COLOR]

Flamedramon: Mfffff!!!

[COLOR=limegreen]Then the machine fills up with alod of goo[/COLOR]

Flamedramon: Mfffff!!!

[COLOR=purple]Then Flamedramon feels a painful, but soothing jolt in his body, and the machine lid opens[/COLOR]

Flamedramon: Uhhhhhh...

Palmon: Awwww...The experiment didn't work...We're gonna have to do it again!

Flamedramon: WHAT!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

[COLOR=red]Suddenly, a couple of Black Monochromon burst in through the wall, and kill all the scientists one by one[/COLOR]

Flamedramon: What the hell!?!?!?

Monochromon: RAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[COLOR=red]Smashes down the wall, and comes into the room with Flamedamon, and starts to charge at him[/COLOR]

Flamedramon: You wanna piece of me!? [COLOR=red]FIRE ROCKET!!![/COLOR]


Flamedramon: Wha-!? [COLOR=red]FIRE ROCKET!!![/COLOR]


Flamedramon: It...It's not working!!!

Monochromon: RAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Flamedramon: eek.


Well, that sure took a long time to write!

In this RPG, you can start off as a Rookie, an Armour Evolution of any kind, or a champion. The one difference is that whereever you are, your character took a job with aload of scientists (Hmmm...Theres something fishy about this!), and your character has lost his/her powers!
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