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Anime here is a poll of Duo Maxwell <if it works anyway>


Lets see how many people like/dislike Duo  

  1. 1. Lets see how many people like/dislike Duo

    • Just LOVE HIM
    • Just want to kill him
    • who in the heck is he
    • i really dont know and dont really care

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Why is every Girl who likes Gundam Wing Love Duo? My sis likes him many girls love him!!! I mean he is a cool guy but why not any other Gundam character??? Like...... Garrod Ran from Gundam X. I only know two other female Gundam Wing fans who don't love Duo!! Is Duo the ultimate Girl Magnet??
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by surfman1500 [/i]
[B]DUO FREAKIN RULZ, NO DOUBT!when it all comes down to it, D-Hell is the best in speed.Wing Zero has the power, sandrock the defense, Heavy Arms the offense, and Altron(also a very coo character) is anything he can be!could u imagine them all put together???:eek: [/B][/QUOTE]

I can just imagine it now.
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Duo is cool but I've seen cooler pilots.
Characters like Garrod Ran, Jamil Neathe and Witz Sou look cooler than Duo. (Gundam X characters.)
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The attached pic is of Garrod Ran:smirk:
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