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A digimon rpg(if i get warlocks permission)

Guest LeeJenyra03

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Guest LeeJenyra03
with warlocks permission ill start a rpg
post your characters profile like this

name:josh "jay" juiko
d-arc color:blue
starting card:(must b simple)speed
bio:a responsible kid who cares about terriermon more than anything.:flaming: :flaming: :flaming: :flaming:
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by LeeJenyra03 [/i]
[B]with warlocks permission ill start a rpg

HA HA HA HA!! :laugh:

I am rolling on the floor with laughter here, People... Y'all are looking up to Warlock as if he's something he's not! This board isn't under martial law or anything! go make a million RPG's if ya want!
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Oh yeah! I'm in definatly!

name: Ryu Hoyashi


digimon: Guilmon

d-arc color:Green

starting cardmust b simple) Drawing (If i am not able to follow Season 3's way of getting Guilmon then I'll go with another card. just tell me ;) )

bio:A spiked haired kid with no problem with anyone what so ever. Nervous around girls, even if he is super brave. HEY! Everyone has weak points! Am I right?
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