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Banner: The only complaint I have is plopping the text right on top of the images--that is just wrong, heh. And Guilmon seems to be overlapping a little too much, throwing the banner balance out of whack.

As far as multiple images go, you'll have to find a free website (angelfire, gag gag, works for me) and provide links to them. Multiple posting for multiple images is a big no no here.
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ok well it looks better when its an image like that but i can do addresses also. The reason for the text being over it and the images being a bit crowded it because he requested all those images on the banner, and it was difficult to fit them all

heres one i made for myself


Heres one with Vegeta and Goku (i realize using the same pic is unoriganal so i may change it)


Heres one i did of PA, which btw fetched my a sound flaming from many of the professional artists on the PA forums. Unless u are VERY VERY good i would'nt suggest posting there cause they will rip u apart. I was even told to chop off my hands so i would never make another one

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