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Ice Dragon v2

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for members who have reached 500, n still dont know which avatar should they take, i took the liberty in making these
1st line: endless waltz gundams
2nd line: zone of the enders mechas jehuty (left) n neith (right)
3rd line: vegeta (when he was prolly 6 or 7) n to yori peacraft's favor, a decent milliardo peacecraft
i got more coming
but due to a packed schedule im in, its gonna take me another two days just to get the next shipment of avatars in.
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well here we go
the second batch thats up for grabs
since theres no decent ssj4 vegeta, i might as well put this in
n if u want the original gundams from the wing series there ya go
n since the other dragon avatars are slow to load, i also took the liberty in making the eternal dragon to an av
ok enough said
enjoy these
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