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The Unholy Newt

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[b]New Orleans - 1931[/b]

The city of New Orleans. 1931. On of the years of prohibition, the decade of organised crime, the mob. New Orleans is over run by the terror of organised crime. The Mafia, the Yakuza, the Triad. All forms of criminal organizations, plague the streets.

One mafia family reigns supreme over all of the organised crime in New Orleans. The Virelli family, run by Dominic Virelli, the Don. His identity is unknown to all but a select few of the ranks if the Virelli family. Named by those who know him as [i]The Vampire of New Orleans[/i]. He never strays from the Emerald Rose Mansion, located on the banks of the bayous of New Orleans. Named what he is for his haunting appearance, his cold personality and also for the cold steel mask that never leaves his face, maybe he has been scared by some horrific injury, or maybe too ugly for the human eyes to see. Even to his daughter and his right hand man, Raymond Torreno, it's purpose is unknown.

The New Orleans Police Department. Synonomous with rise of organised crime, was the concept of police corruption. Many of the ranks of New Orleans finest have been tainted with the dirty money of the Virelli's. However some have escaped untainted. Such two are Senior Detective Basil Coddlesworth and Detective Mia Farrow. Partners in the Department of Organised Crime at the NOPD, they are two of the very few who remain unbought by the criminals that run New Orleans.

Basil Coddlesworth. One of the few great men that only arise every few generations. Number one at the New Orleans Police Academy and surpassed by no man. His name alone can strike fear into the hearts of criminals.

Mia Farrow. The unwielding rock. Many years of being topped by Baz and still she keeps strong, unwilling to break. She is one to not take any **** from anyone, especially her partner Baz. Together they form the greatest team in NOPD history.
This RPG is part one in a series I myself created. I only want serious role players in this RPG.

I will play the role of Baz. I want someone to take the role of Mia Farrow and someone else to play the Don, Dominic Virelli. That person can also adopt the role of his right hand man, Raymond Torreno or someone different can play him.

Also I want other police officers and other gangsters.

Notes on Mia - Only one who gets away with poking fun at Baz. Her fiancee, Rick Hobson and Baz's previous partner is missing in action, presumed dead from a previous run in with the mob. If no one wants to play her, I will play her myself.

Here is what I want.



[b]Badge No:[/b] (If applicable)

[b]Equipment and Weaponry:[/b] (Remembering it is the 30s)


[b]Short Bio:[/b]

I will post my character later.

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[font=gothic][color=crimson]OOC: God damn it. You just don't give up do you?
Name: Aleksandr Kalwolski
Age: 23
Badge Number: Not applicable
Equipment or weaponry: Notepad, pen, pain in the *** attitude.
Description: Six foot tall, shoulder length hair, dyed black. He's Russian by the way. Wears long black clothing, a carryover from his former home. Dave knows the drill.
Bio: Russian journalist. Came to America at the age of 19. Started investigating the weird, the paranormal, the darker side of life. As such, the police tend not to like him. He tends to get in the way. Not that he cares.[/font][/color]
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[color=darkgreen][font=gothic]Name: Mia Farrow
Age: 28
Badge No: (combat lobster) 46903
Equipment and Weaponry: A handgun, probably a smith and wesson thingy, and a dagger in my sock. Yay! Sock dagger!
Description: Short black hair, sharp features, always in a three piece and trenchcoat. Never seen out of trousers. Tomboyish, rough, love of cigars and pizza. A woman born out of the bronx. Uncanny love of coffee...
Bio: Well, born in the Bronx. Prevented her first crime on her sixteenth birthday when she punched her father in the face and broke his jaw when he tried to rape her. Ran away from home after that to New O and "joined the force". Never looked back.

May I?

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Yes you can. However, Mia does not smoke, she is the one that is always psyching up at Baz for smoking. Mia is quite critical of Baz.

And Draguul, a more detailed description for the Don would help. i.e, his history, an elaboration on his description all those little details.

More than one person can sign up for a character and i'll pick the one I think is better.

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Doesn't really matter he is dead anyway *hint hint*, except we don't find that out for a while. But that is just what his name is in the whole big story that I am writing.

Here is my character also.

[b]Name:[/b] Basil Coddlesworth

[b]Age:[/b] 28

[b]Badge No:[/b] 416

[b]Equipment and Weaponry:[/b] Twin .45 Magnum Revolvers, Twin Sawnoff Shotguns, Kukri (Dagger) hidden in left boot. Notepad, Pen, Field Kit (Not that they had much to put in one), Handcuffs, PR-24m wallet, Matchbook, Pack of Cigarettes.

[b]Description:[/b] Very tall and muscular. Deep thoughtful grey eyes. Very attractive, ladies man. His hair is cut in a short military style haircut. He dresses in a black suit, but instead of the jacket his wears a long black trenchcoat. He also wears a black, white banded fedora.

[b]Biography:[/b] Baz grew up in New York to a middle class family in the rough side of town. He went to a state elementary school but won an scholarship to a big private school in New Orleans. After he graduated he moved back to NY and studied Forensics and Criminology. After his got his degree he entered into the New Orleans Police Academy. He met his current partner, Mia Farrow there and they became fast friends. Much to her annoyance, Mia always came second to Baz, with him eventually becoming the Dux of the Academy. When they graduated their paths seperated. He became a street patroller, partnered with Mia's fiancee, Rick Hobson. Together they cracked many cases, obviously picking up a few enemies. During one large case when they had moved up to homicide, Rick dissapeared, linked to a mob case. Baz requested a transfer to Organized Crime so he could have a lead role in finding him.


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This seems like a good rpg.

Name: Kyle Madigan

Age: 26

Badge No.: 54279

Equipment and Weaponry: A .44 magnum,a beretta in his jacket pocket,pocket knife,and handcuffs

Description: Kyle is around six feet tall and kinda muscular.He has light brown eyes and black hair.He wears a black overcoat with a black vest underneath.He has black jeans and some black gym shoes.He wears a silver chain and he usually wears sunglasses.

Biography: Kyle was born in New Orleans to a middle class family.In school he was smart but lazy so he only did enough to get by.At the age of ten his parents split up.His father left one day and never came back.His mother turned to drugs and became depressed.Kyle had to look after 5 brothers and sisters by himself since his mother wasn't able to do it.But soon the family was split up.Kyle and his siblings were sent to an orphanage and his mother died shortly aftera.No one would adopt all five so they got split up never to see each other again.When Kyle was 18 he moved far away from his abusive parents who adopted him.He went to the police academy.He passed the exam and soon beacme a police officer.After 4 years he finally became a detective.He now works in the Department of Organised Crime.

Hope this is enough...
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[b]Name[/b]Michel Brown


[b]Equipment/Weaponry:[/b]Thompson SMG, .45 pistol, switchblade, holdout pistol in sleeve.

[b]Description:[/b]Michel usually wears a trenchcoat over a suit, and wears a fedora. He is about 5'9" and thin. He has black hair and green eyes.

[b]Bio:[/b]Despite his young age he is a hitman for hire. He grew up on the streets before being taken in and taught by a mobster. Once that man was killed he took revenge then went freelance.
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[size=1] [color=blue]

[b]Name[/b] John T. Morrison

Age: 27

Badge No: H-927734

Equipment and Weaponry: Standard police pistol, police issue cuffs. And has a secret shogun in his car the department does not know about.

Description: John is 5'6 wears standard Police uniform, has blonde hair and piercing green eyes.,

Short Bio: John recently graduated from Police Academy and is starting his new job in New Orleans. He has been thrown right into the thick of theings when he overheadr secret information on the Virelli case. he is now working it along with Baz and Mia, he too, has not been corrupted by Virelli's money.[/size] [/color]
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Name: Monica Virelli

Age: 21

Badge #: N/A

Eqiupment/Weapons: Swords(been fencing since the age of 5)> Mostly uses her brain to solve her problems.

Description: 5'6" slightly muscular, with long brown hair and blue eyes.

Short Bio: The eldest child of Dominic Virelli, Monica has been the jewel of Dominic's life. Also as a very pretty young lady she has been courted by many young men of other mafia families in order for them to gain power and unity. Monica had denied all, for her sure independence is what makes them back off. Also as the eldest she is next in command and knows all the dealings of her father and knows that one day the responsiblity may go to her. Her father doesn't approve of her being single and hopes that one day she will marry. For he doesn't see her fit to run the business.
She may be sweet and innocent looking on the outside but Monica can be very vendictive and cruel when the time comes. Although no one yet has really seen this side of her. She is seen as a princess in New Orleans and uses her fathers power to her advantage.
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