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Shaman King: A quest for the best


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Hehe here we go the rpg has started, but if you want to still join up click [URL=http://otakuboards.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=21536]here[/URL]. Be warned though, any new signups have to be very good or I will not except them.

Will went outside and started making tracks for the cemetary. He had been training for the Shaman King tornament for over 2 months. Now all he needed was a warrior's spirit he could channel for battle.

Will: Now lets see, I don't have many fighting dead relatives so I guess I will have to snoop around.

It was late, around 12:00, when many of the spirits woke up. Each of them were once the living soul of a man or woman. Will chanted around the graveyard making all the spirits appear.

Spirit 1: Hey well look who's here, how ya doin' kid.

Will: Hehe stayin' alive?

Spirit 2: Wish I could say the same. So what's up?

Will: The Shaman King tournament is comming up soon and I still don't have a warrior's spirit.

Spirit 1: Well there's not that much here, but one in particullar(sp).

Will: Who?

Spirit 3: Kenzu, the mystical samurai. It's said he had been known to kill over 10,000 people in his lifetime.

Will: Whoah I gotta meet him.

Spirit 2: Don't get too hasty, he's not too friendly so be careful.

Will: Remember spirit's cannot touch things only go through. I can handle him.

Will walks over to the grave of Kenzu. He was still sleeping.

Will: Hello?

Kenzu: *wakes up* hmm, what do you want?

Will: I need a warrior's spirit I could channel for the Shaman King tournament.

Kenzu: What's in it for me?

Will: Well uh, fame and more glory.

Kenzu: I'll think about it.

Will: Well I need to know now!

???: What are you doing here?

Will: *quietly* damn, I forgot an evil shaman gang hangs out here. *out loud* uhh you know, just payin my respects.

Thug 1: Then why are all the spirits visible. Hey I think we gots ourselves a rookie shaman here. Ya wanna join our group?

Will: Why would I join a bunch like you, you give a bad name to shamans everywhere.

Thug 2: That's it lets mess him up.

Will: Kenzu I really need you. *looks and sees Kenzu alseep* ahh Kenzu!! I'm in trouble...
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"Ayah!" Will looke dup to see a tall girl with two daggers, spinning at the thugs. They turned intime to meet the busness ends of the blades, she hititng them each in the chest. Thew jumped back ready to attack again. The two of them chickened out and ran off. She then relaxes and he was a spirit come out of her body. the spirit had light purple hair, held up with a rag around his forhead and he work a light leather vest and some legging and boots, holding two daggers. She girl pushed the two daggers together, they becoming one before her put it back in itd sheath. She opened her hand and a staff aprred, then straightend her robes before looking up at the boy. "You alright?"

"Uhh.. yes." Will said, still a bit shocked.
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Will: Who are you?

???: I should be asking you the same question. Why are you out so late?

Will: I'm here to try and get the help of the spirit, Kenzu so I can go into the Shaman King tournament. My name's Will.

Leena: Ah, I see, another Shaman. My name's Leena. Need help gettin' that spirit?

Will: Ok sure...
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Leena gavea nod an walked over to Kenzu, giving a bow. "Oh honorable Kenzu?"

The spirit opened his eyes, looking at Leena. "Yes?"

"My friend here is a shaman is lookng for a companion spirit.." she said, looking up at him. "I belive it would be wise to join him. He appears ot be very skilled. I would be most honored to construct a shrine in your honor if you would."

"Hm.. a shrine..." he said, running his fingers over chin throughtfully. "Very well." He walked over Will. "I will join you."
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Sho walked about the streets of Tokyo. 'This is getting kinda boring.' he thought to himself. It was getting late. He looked down at his watch. 12:55. "Damn...I've got to get home before 1:30. My time's limited." he whispered to himself. "Ugh...I wanna go back to Beijing." Sho silently moaned. His parents had brought him to Tokyo as a year long pit stop on their move to America. After the year was up, he would be continuing his travels to the U.S. Though his parents said the move was for the best, Sho loved Beijing. He wanted to go back.

Some more moaning and about 5 minutes later. He found himself at the gates of a cemetary. "Maybe the spirits can offer advice..." Sho walked quietly into the gates, hoping he would find some comfort.
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Will: You promised him what?!?

Leena: A shrine.

Will: *falls over* er, ok you wanna join me to the tournament?

Leena: Sure. Wait a minute, I didn't hear a thank you.

Will: Ok, thank you for lying to my spirit and getting him to join me.

Leena: Hey I was gonna do it.

Will: Yeah sure, let's make track, we could be half way there by tommorrow afternoon.

Leena: Very well. *hears gate open up* Someone's comming.

Kenzu: It's another shaman he's trying to make us visible when Will already did.

Will: Oh, hmm I wonder who he is?
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Melody groaned as she was rudely jolted awake. It was still dark.

???: Wake up, you lazy beast!

Melody: What. Time. Is. It?

???: It's midnight! Now get up and get dressed! You're channeling a spirit tonight!

Melody: Uncle Stave, we tried this before! None of the spirits want to know!

Stave: And you know why, don't you? You're soft! You're puny! You're short! And that ridiculous bow and arrow makes you look like Robin Hood!

Melody: I know, I know...

Stave: Now get dressed! You have five minutes to get ready!

*Melody scrambled out of bed and put on her short green and black tunic. It had white celtic designs on it, and looked off next to her long white hair, but her Uncle insisted she wore it during training. Despite what he said, though, she took quiver. She washed and left the room.*

*Stave raised an eyebrow when he saw her bow, but he didn't say anything about it.*

Stave: Right, come on. We need to get there before the place is milked.

*Melody trailed along behind him. She really didn't want anything to do with this tournament he was prattling on about. She just wanted to sleep and go to school and have friends like a normal kid. Before she knew it, they were at the cemetary.*

Stave: Come on, then, milksop, let's get moving.
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Sho meandered along slowly through the rows of graves. The spirits all looked at him with curiosity. "A new face here, hmm.." one said. "Yeah. I just got here." Sho replied with a smile. "Friendly little thing, aren't ya?" the spirit asked. "Yep." Sho agreed. "there are some other shamans towards the center of the graveyard." the spirit informed him. "What!??!?" he asked. He was surprised to hear that there were more shamans here. "I'm gonna go find 'em. thanks for the info!" "No problem." the spirit replied. Sho raced towards the middle of the graveyard. Two figures came into view. "Hey!" Sho shouted. He panted along the path, waving his arm. "Hey!" he repeated.
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Leena heard the shouts and turned to the waving and running boy. As he got near, she looked him over. "Who are you?" she asked.

"Im Sho!" the boy said happily. "And you?"

"Im Leena.. and this is Will..." she saimd gesturing to him. "So... are you a shaman too?"

"Yeah!" Sho said.

"Do you have a spirit yet?" she asked, leaning on her staff.
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Sho: Not yet I hope to find one.

Will: Well, you could join us, we're bound to go by other graves on our way.

Sho: But, what about here.

Will: Kenzu here was one of the only ones, he just joined me.

Sho: Oh, well where are you two off to?

Will and Leena tell the story of the evil shaman and the Shaman King tournament.

Sho: I see.

Will: So will ya join us?

Sho I don't see why not...

Will: Then the three of us are on our way to the tournament....

OOC: Faris and The Trainer, try to join us on our way to the tournament.
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*Melody slipped deftly behind her uncle as he closed the gate of the graveyard.*

Stave: Right, now go. I'm not following you. Go find one. Go on!

Melody: Whatever...

*She wandered around, looking for any spirits that might be interested in her. She sees a strong-looking female spirit.*

Melody: Hello!

Spirit: Buzz off, kid, I'm looking for some real talent, not some puny little girl.

Melody: Sorry, sorry...

*She leaned against a headstone and sighed.*

Melody: This is stupid...

*She screams as an arrow brushes the side of her head and hits the tombstone. She looks up to see a female spirit, this one is more feminine than the first. Her hairs is black, and she's only a head taller than Melody herself.*

???: Sorry. I didn't mean to scare you. You're looking for a spirit, yes?

Melody: Yea?

Enelya: I'm Enelya. I'll join you! I see you're already interested in archery.

Melody: Great! Thanks! *She turns round as she hears voices* What's that?

Enelya: More Shamans.

Melody: They're all taller than me.

Enelya: Come on, let's go see what's happening over there.
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Will: Lets go!

Leena: Ok.

???: Wait for us!!

Will, Leena, and Sho turn around to find a girl.

Sho: Why hello, who might you be?

Melody: I'm Melody. This is my spirit friend, Enelya.

Enelya: Hello*notices Kenzu* Hey how come you didn't come to the parties Kenzu?

Kenzu: Because, I needed nothing to do with you other spirits.

Enelya: Hmmp, that's not nice.

Kenzu: Well I'm not nice.

Will: Ok ok let's not break out into a quarrel. So, Melody, you're a shaman, right? Would you like to join us to the Shaman King tournament?

Melody: I'm training for that too, but I don't know. You see my Uncle...

And she starts explaning to the others about her situation...
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The group walking by a few tombstones as melody explained the situation. Sho looked at his watch. 1:15. He had 15 minutes to find a spirit, and his chances didn't look good. "Anyone know of a spirit here I could channel?" Sho asked when Melody finished. "Not really..." Will answered. "Me neither." Melody agreed. "Not off the top of my head, but I know there are a few." Leela said. "Well, I've got 15 and then I have to go home and I won't be able to come back here for a week." "Why?" asked Will. "My parents only let me come here on Saturdays." he replied.

The group continued on until they came across a few lonely, overgrown tombstones. A few unfriendly looking spirits stood around. One in particular caught Sho's eye. A tall spirit with dark hair and a long spear at his side. He was wearing a green tunic and black pants. "You seem to be a warrior of sorts." Sho said. The spirit grinned. "You could say that. And you seem to be a shaman." "Correct." "I'm Vincent. A mercenary from Europe. Long ago I traveled to here on a mission. I was killed and buried here, alone." Vincent said. "Well, I'm looking for a spirit I can channel. Could I use you?" Sho asked. "I don't see why not." Vincent answered. "Everything else around here is boring."
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OOC: After we get the spirits, how do we summon them?

Shinobi was walking throught the cemetary, looking around for other people. He had been told by a few spirits that others were here, and he was tired of being alone.

Shinobi: Uhm,..where are they? *to a spirit he found on the way over*

The spirit floating next to him looked like a ninja (NOTE: He has Shinobi's suit (from the video game)), and he looked like Shinobi with it on. Shinobi, tired of walking, started levitating to get a better view.

Spirit(the one i found) They're in the middle of the cemetary.

Shinobi: Ok, uhm, spirit, what is your name?

Shinobi Spirit: Shinobi, like you..

Shinobi: Ok.. There they are! *comes low to the ground, and dashes towards them like Goku or Vegeta does*

Shinobi Spirit: Woa, he's got more powers than i thoguht. Not only is he a ninja from my planet, but he can levitate...

OOC: The spirit is the same race as Shinobi, and they both have the same aromr on.

Shinobi: Yea, yea, let's go....
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Will: Well its a meeting of good shaman and now we have another recruit.

Shinobi: Hello I'm Shinobi. This is Shinobi.

Shinobi Spirit: Hello.

Melody: How do we tell you two apart?

Leena: One looks paler than the other.

Will: So would you two like to join us?

Shinobi: Where too? I'm going to the shaman king tournament.

Will: So are we.

Shinobi: cool.
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*Melody hesitated*

Melody: Just a sec I have to see to something!

*She runs to the cemetary gates to see her uncle still there.*

Melody: Coming?

Stave: Oh, so you got one?

Melody: Yup! ^_^

Stave: Well, let's see!

*Enelya appears*

Melody: Her name's Enelya! She's really nice!

Enelya: So you are Melody's trainer? I'm very pleased to meet you.

Stave: ... Is that the best you could do, girl?

Melody: What?

Stave: She will win you no tournaments! Why didn't you pick someone stringer?

Melody: But-

Stave: It's too late now. You're one. Let's go.

Melody: Sir, I've met some friends to go to the tournament with. Can we go with them?

Stave: You can. I'm making my own way there. Go on, you little waster...

*Melody skips off to join the others.* So, let's make a move. We could be there in a few days!
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OOC: I have my spirit name! WOO-HOO! Check it out!

As the others were walking out of the cemetary, they saw some wanna-be gangsters running screaming, "Let's get out of here!" They looked to see a girl sprinting towards them. She flew by them and they followed her. The muggers ran into an alley and the girl followed her. Followed by her were the group of shamans. The girl cornered them.

?????: You little dirty thieves. Think you can just say something about me and run? I don't think so. You think I'm gonna let you off easily? Heh, you're wrong.
Gangster#1: We're gonna make you wish you never messed with us!
?????: They always want to do it the hard way.

One of the gangsters threw a punch, the girl dogded it and kneed him in the stomach. Another came at her with a knife, she just stood there, he came at her, she grabbed his hand and twisted it. She grabbed the knife and put it against his throat.

?????: Ok, anyone got any beef with me?(can we say s-h-i-t?) *gangsters shake head* No? Then, beat it. And don't let me catch you making little kids cry.

The wanna-be gangsters ran, she turned to see a group of kids openmouthed. Melody came forward and put her hand out.

Melody: Hi, I'm Melody, what's your name? I have a spirit, how about you?
Kilani: Name's Kilani. I belong to the Deiha(Dee-ha) Tribe. And no, I will be recieving that when I return to the temple. Who are you guys?
Will: We're rookie shamans. And my name's Will. Why don't you come with us?
Kilani: I got my own tracks to make. Sorry...*paused* *says to herself* don't do it...*turns to group* Ok, changed my mind let's go!
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The group set off into a city. "Now what?" asked Melody. "I....don't know." Will said. Sho looked down at his watch. 1:25. "I best be getting home now. My parents wanted me back home by 1:30." Sho snnounced. "Alright then. We'll be seein ya." Will said. Everyon else said thier good-bye's for the night and Sho began home. As he walked dwon the street, he head melody call him. "Meet us at the graveyard tommorrow around noon!" "Sure!" he replied. Sho turned around again and headed off. He quickly reached his apartment and found hid dad waiting for him. "Find your spirit or whatever?" his father asked. "Yep. Now I'm ready to sleep." "Good night then." "Good night." Sho walked to his room and collapsed on his bed. As soon as his head hit the pillow, he was asleep.
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Leena: So, is this the place where the Shaman King tournament is held?

Will: No, its a few cities down. That should only take 2 days to get there if we rest. So, we can go to a hotel like Sho and meet up at the graveyard by noon tommorrow.

Shinobi: Sounds good. G'night everybody!!

Everyone: Good night!

The group split up to find hotels....
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Sho awoke to see his cat walking along on his chest. "Hey, you come to walk me up?" Sho asked playfully. He was answered by a meow. "What time is it?" he asked himself. He turned to see the clock. 10:00. "Well, I got two hours. Might as well just go get some breakfast." Sho got up from his bed and walked into the kitchen, where he saw Vinvcent standing around. "Hello. How'd you sleep?" Sho greeted. "I'm a spirit. I don't sleep." he answered. "Oh yeah, sorry."
Sho looked at the table where he saw a note next to some money. 'Sho, we both went to work. Here's money for a breakfast at the restaurant down the street. Love, Mom and Dad' Sho grabbed the money and put it in his pocket. He flung his coat on. "C'mon, Vin. I'm gonna go eat."
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Will: Yes, now I can try out your attacks Kenzu, ya ready?

Kenzu: Sure whatever.

Will: You don't sound to enthusiastic about this.

Kenzu: Then how about "O my goodness, I'm ready to serve you, Will"

Will: *falls down, then gets back up* whatever lets go.

Will started a chant and Kenzu went straight into him. He was now possesed by Kenzu.

Thug: Oh so he is a shaman, lets beat him up.

The thugs channeled their spirits and got ready to fight...
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*Melody sat on her bed on the pillow, while Enelya sat cross-legged opposite her.*

Melody: I think he expects too much of me. I mean, I didn't even want to do this in the first place.

Enelya: I'll help make things more bearable for you.

Melody: Thanks.

Enelya: You have an hour before you need to go and meet the others.

Meoldy: *Stares down at her pink pyjamas* Crap I'd better get changed!
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Sho finished eating and then glanced at his wristwatch. 11:30. "Well, we got half and hour. How about we get going?" Sho asked Vincent. "Fine with me." Vincent answered. Sho and Vincent left the restaurant and began to walk to the graveyard. It was sort of chilly out. Sho buttoned his coat. As they walked, two thug like guys emerged from an alley. "Hey, kid, give me your money!" one shouted. Sho's happy eyes turned to fierce slits. "No. Now leave before I make you." Sho answered. "Right.....what are you gonna do to us, kid?" the other asked. Sho began to chant. Vincent merged into him. A large spear appeared in Sho's hand. "This." the boy replied. He thrusted his spear at one, slicing his side leaving a large, but not fatal, cut. He rammed the back of his spear into the other, knocking him out. Vincent and Sho separated. "That was fun." Vincent said with a smile. Sho's eyes returned to his normal happy look. "Let's get to the graveyard."
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