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Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance


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I have heard a lot of good things about this game. The main one being the high gore level. I was wondering how bad the gore is, I mean can slice parts off eachother?? I played a short demo(with pretty all of the blood cut out). I know that after a while the characters start bleeding but what else can you do?? Any information would be much appreciated.

Blade :naughty:
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The game has generous doses of blood. It stains the ground and rolls down the characters as they fight. So--there's no shortage of juice. There is no dismembering during the actual fight. However, characters can impale one another with their weapons and drain their opponents' energy away.

Fatalities are bloody for the most part, but they're unrealistic and cheesy--like other games in the series. There isn't much new in that department.

But, your real focus on the game shouldn't be on the gore. The game play is Deadly Alliances' strong point. For the first time, in a long time, we have a Mortal Kombat game that has the depth to stand up to the competition. Blood is just an afterthought, in my opinion.
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[color=crimson]Bloody hell this is a bloody game. The blood on all images I have seen have just splattered all over the floor it's pretty funny.

Hmmm also there has been movies, T.V programs that have songs based just for that particular thing. I know games usually have songs in them, but now Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance has a song created just revolved around it and even has clips of the game in it. I doubt it's the first, but it's a pretty intelligent idea I suppose.

*Swiftly moves back to the game* I find it funny how blood and gore makes a game so much better. It's pretty damn ignorant, but I agree it is more fun somewhat and can make a game more realistic although not always with the big gashes of blood being exposed on MKDA! *Repeats self* Erm well I usually find the fatalities pretty hard to do, but they usually are quite stunning however unrealistic like Charles said.

All I really know is that there is old and new characters, and also some sort of Krypt where you can unlock secrets! :)[/color]
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Guest QuickSilver
i got this game and i have to say it rocks. Even though blood doesnt make a game, in this game it just adds the finishing touch. The fatalities are pretty cool and like Charles they are un realistic. this game is well worth its price tag and in my opinion; the best MK game out.
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[b]platform:[/b] PlayStation 2
[b]publisher:[/b] Midway
[b]developer:[/b] Midway
[b]release date:[/b] October 31, 2000
[b]game added:[/b] November 21, 2002
[b]last updated:[/b] January 31, 2003
[b]genre:[/b] Fighting - 3D Fighting


[b]shang tsung:[/b]
Fatality - Soul Steal: Up, Down, Up, Down, triangle

[b]Bo Rai Cho:[/b]
FATALITY - Belly Flop: Back, Back, Back, Down, circle

[b]Quan Chi:[/b]
FATALITY - Neck Stretcher: Back, Back, Forward, Back, x

[b]Li Mei:[/b]
FATALITY - Super Crush Kick: Forward, Forward, Down, Forward, circle

FATALITY - Spear Head: Back, Back, Down, Back , circle

Fatality - Kiss of Death: Back, Forward, Forward, Down, triangle

FATALITY - Telekinetic Crush: Forward, Back, Forward, Down, x

FATALITY - Kick Thrust: Back, Back, Up, Up, square

[b]Johnny Cage:[/b]
FATALITY - Brain Ripper: Back, Forward, Forward, Down, triangle

FATALITY - Skeleton Rip: Back, Forward, Forward, Down, x

FATALITY - Open Heart Surgery: Forward, Up, Up, Down, square

[b]Kung Lao:[/b]
FATALITY - Splitting Headache: Down, Up, Back, x

FATALITY - Blood Thirst: Up, Up, Forward, square

FATALITY - Iron Bash: Back, Forward, Forward, Down, x

[b]Hso Hao:[/b]
FATALITY - Laser Slicer: Forward, Back, Down, Down, triangle

FATALITY - Freeze Shatter: Forward, Back, Up, Down, square

FATALITY - Head Stomp: Down, Forward, Forward, Down, triangle

FATALITY - Kiss of Doom: Down, Up, Forward, Forward, triangle

FATALITY - Electrocution: Back, Forward, Forward, Forward, x

FATALITY - Acid Shower: Up, Up, Up, Forward, x

FATALITY - Claw Smasher: Forward, Forward, Up, triangle

[b]hints & tips:[/b]

[b]Play As Mokap.[/b]
Successfully complete all missions in Konquest mode for all fighters. Then, highlight Cyrax at the character selection screen and hold Down.

[b]Play As Blaze.[/b]
Successfully complete all missions in Konquest mode for all fighters. Then, highlight Raiden at the character selection screen and hold Down.

[b]Easy Win With Sub -Zero.[/b]
When fighting with Sub-Zero pull out his Kori blade and stab the opponent, this way they'll keep on bleeding and it'll drain their health. The great thing about this trick is that you or the opponent can't pull the blade out. {Note: you can't use the sword again until the round is over}

[b]Easy Win With Shang Tsung.[/b]
First pick Shang Tsung. Then while your in a battle, press R1. It will stab the the guy you are fighting. His or her health will keep going down untill they are dead. You can only get your sword after the round is over. NOTE: You can block this attack so it won't always work.

[b]Easily Defeat Moloch With Scorpion/Kenshi.[/b]
As you know you can not impale your sword in Moloch but Kenshi and Scorpion cant stab/impale, as you get to Moloch with the characters listed in this hint select their sword, then do this combo= circle,square,square,x. After you do this and it is effective block. he should try to do a forward attack 2 times(with his ball)(you can block that) then do the combo above and block, this works every time. (may also work against Quan Chi).
you need to get Jax (you can get him from the Krypt in Koffin SA for 3780 Ruby Koins). Then, when you fight Moloch, pick Jax and repeatedly use his Piston Punch. If you keep doing this, you'll eventually beat him.

[b]Unlock All Kontent.[/b]
Here is the list of all the characters, costumes, and arenas you can unlock in the Krypt.
AA: Costume - Quan Chi (1556 Gold)
AR: Costume - Nitara (2206 Jade)
BD: Costume - Kano (1520 Sapphire)
BQ: Costume - Kitana (1327 Gold)
CN: Character - Cyrax (3003 Platinum)
DK: Costume - Johnny Cage (1460 Ruby)
DS: Arena - Nethership (1472 Ruby)
HP: Arena - House of Pekara (2093 Onyx)
II: Arena - Lava Shrine (1843 Gold)
IV: Character - Frost (208 Ruby)
JR: Costume - Raiden (1668 Ruby)
KI: Character - Kitana (2931 Sapphire)
KR: Arena - Palace Grounds (4222 Sapphire)
KX: Costume - Li Mei (1406 Sapphire)
LL: Character - Reptile (3822 Gold)
ML: Costume - Shang Tsung (1170 Gold)
MW: Character - Hsu Hao (3317 Jade)
PN: Character - Blaze* (684 Onyx)
PW: Arena - Sarna Ruins (2006 Sapphire)
QX: Costume - Hsu Hao (1518 Jade)
QZ: Arena - Quan Chi's Fortress (501 Gold)
RD: Costume - Mavado (1455 Jade)
RT: Costume - Reptile (3345 Sapphire)
SA: Character - Jax (3780 Ruby)
SH: Costume - Sonya (1834 Ruby)
SW: Costume - Drahmin (1152 Jade)
TI: Character - Nitara (4022 Gold)
UB: Costume: Frost (1251 Gold)
UH: Costume: Scorpion (1660 Jade)
UR: Character: Drahmin (6500 Sapphire)
WT: Arena: Dragonfly (1400 Jade)
XG: Character: Raiden (3116 Jade)
XO: Costume: Reptile (1736 Sapphire)
YA: Costume: Sub Zero (1999 Sapphire)
YJ: Costume: Kung Lao (1208 Ruby)
YM: Costume: Kenshi (1435 Platinum)
YP: Character: Mokap* (511 Gold)
ZD: Arena: Moloch's Lair (98 Ruby)
ZM: Costume: Jax (1410 Platinum)
ZW: Costume: Cyrax (1485 Sapphire)

*To use Blaze or Mokap, you must first unlock all the other characters and go through Konquest mode with each of them. Hold down and select Cyrax to play Mokap, and select Raiden to play Blaze.

wish you have an good information of the game.

Screen Shot:




PlayStation2® Features:
[*]Completely NEW Fighting System. Each warrior has three unique fighting styles including hand-to-hand and deadly-weapon combat adding a whole new strategy to Mortal Kombat fighting.

[*]Full 3D movement with extremely realistic fighting effects. Bruises, sweat-dripping and blood.

[*]Brutal Fatalities. A Mortal Kombat favorite. They're back with gruesome and bloody detail first time seen on next-generation systems.

[*]Character-specific "special attacks" such as Scorpion's deadly spear move.

[*]New and old favorite characters. Returning: Johnny Cage, Kung Lao, Raiden, Sonya, Scorpion and more. New: Frost, Moloch, Kenshi and more. Over 20 total characters!

[*]Ominous and exquisitely detailed, interactive environments. More than 16 fighting environments in all!

[*]Multiple Play Modes: Arcade Mode, VS Mode, Konquest and more plus, Test Your Might and Test Your Sight

[*]Kurrency. Earn kurrency and collect koins to wager or purchase addtional items.

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Wow, thanks for the all information. They have changed the appearance of Raiden so much. I remember him as the white ninja with the chinese hat...all those years ago(Mortal Kombat 3). There a quite a lot of charaters aren't there...
My favourite is Sub-zero, it always has been and it always will be.

Blade :naughty:
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Nah, Radien's apparance wasn't changed much at all. That's his alternate attire you see in the picture, his regular attire is much like his past ones with the hat. My only problem with the game is that they changed/removed some moves.

Actually, most of them are different now. Scorpion for example only has his spear from his old move set. Now he's missing his teleport punch, leg sweep takedown(MK2), fire breath(MKT), and his signature fire breath fatality. But the gameplay has been improved a lot, it's actually a credible fighting game unlike it's predecessors.
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[color=#808080]I have MK: DA on GCN, but it's basically the same game.

I'm so pleased with it, in the sense that I was always a big MK fan. And really, MK was the "king of fighters" for quite a few years. That all died when Midway started rehashing the series with horrible games such as that Mythologies title and the endless "Trilogy" rehashes.

And then, MK4 basically killed it all. It was a horrible, horrible game. One of the worst games I have ever played.

Thankfully, MK: Deadly Alliance is quite good. It totally restores my faith in the series, as a longtime fan. It does have a lot of gore -- but the gore is really something you ignore after five minutes. It's meaningless and adds nothing to the game at all.

At its core, the fighting engine is very solid. Each character has varying fighting styles (three for each, including a weapon-based style). And these aren't just gimmicks; they are truly based on tactics and it takes quite some patience and skill to truly master the various aspects of combat.

One thing I like about this game is that it's not all about fireballs and magic. Those things are great (and they worked on the older games), but in MK: DA they are more subdued. The focus this time is more about hand-to-hand and weaponized combat. And that's really important to remember.

You can still perform combos -- which are a strong addition to the game. The movement between individual styles and the execution of combos feels incredibly smoothe and natural, as it should.

Also, interestingly...if you are using a weapon, you can often perform a kind of "critical move" and stab that weapon into your opponent. With Kitana, for instance, you can throw the fan and it will stick into the neck of your opponent (neck or chest, I forget). You lose the fan -- but it slowly drains your opponent's life.

Often, these critical moves are slower than traditional weapon-based moves. So, they're easier to predict and to block. But, if you time things correctly, they can be a very critical aspect to a match (or at least, enough to tip the scales in your favor).

There are a few things I dislike about this game though. Firstly, the character models look okay at a distance -- but up close, they look absolutely ridiculous. The men all have GIANT arms (so much so that it's almost comical) and the faces are often pretty silly looking (Sonya's face looks like a male truckdriver).

Some characters are also poorly modeled -- not in terms of texture detail or animation, but in terms of actual shape and form. For instance, Sonya looks utterly gross; she's got ENORMOUS breasts and a square head and plenty of muscles. She's horrible. In the old games, she looked so much better. At least back then, her proportions were real. Now she looks like a pro-wrestler who's had a sex change.

And there is another character, I forget her name...she has black hair. Her breasts are saggy and they jiggle moreso than anything I've seen in Dead or Alive -- and that's saying something. lol

Once again, it looks horrible. It takes away from the character.

And then there's Shang Tsung. I don't think his "new look" gels with how he used to look. I'd have preferred it if they'd modeled him after the "movie version" of him (ie: shoulder length black hair, darker skin, long black trenchcoat with the red dragon symbol on the back). As it is, he looks like some sort of wizard on drugs.

But other than that, the characters generally look quite good from a reasonable distance. The animation is very good in most cases and the general movements and costume designs are of a pretty high standard.

So, yes...if you're a fan of the series but hated MK4 and Mythologies...you should REALLY pick this one up. It will reinvigorate your MK love. ~_^

And even if you're a big Tekken fan...you'll still find a lot to like here. The fighting system is no less complex than that of Tekken -- and I'm serious when saying that. It's not overly complex, but it's not a button masher, really. A button masher could never beat a skilled player in two player mode; so it's not easy to just use one move to "cheat" against another human player.[/color]
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Guest The Bouncer
The everything is good in the game except the fatalities. they all are fake and very impossible to do. and each chracter has only one fatality. the other games had atkeat 3 fatlities per chracter. but ither than that the game is great, but they could have added the stab and cut wounds
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[color=#808080]You'll notice that they have added wounds to the characters; primarily, the character's face shows damage. But really, with fatalities and such...I think it was wise for Midway to focus more on the individual fighting mechanics rather than to go overboard with the extras (babalities, animalities, etc).

Fatalities were always window dressing. They were never a fundamental gameplay feature. And by limiting them in this new game, I think that Midway have really played a stronger emphasis on the process of combat itself.

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I agree, the babalities and animalities were just an extra novelty. I was wondering how many characters there are. Are they like everybody from every Mortal Kombat???
I also heard rumours about there being a female sub-zero, is that true??
I am thinking of getting it but Mortal Kombat 4 might have put me off the Midway series completely(I hated it sooo much).

Blade :naughty:
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[color=#808080]Ah, I'll try to answer that.

I don't know how many characters there are. I can't be bothered looking it up. lol

There are about 16 or something, I forget. About the same as in MK3, but probably more.

And yes, I'd say about 50-60% is made up of classic characters. Everyone from Kano and Sonya to Kung Lao and Jaxx have made their return. You can even play as Raiden or Cyrax, for example.

And yes, there's a female Sub Zero. Her name's Frost. She has a weird fighting style...but she's quite good once you get to know how to use her.

Believe me, I [i]loathe[/i] MK4. It's the biggest piece of tripe that Midway has ever produced (and Midway produces a LOT of tripe). BUT, having said that, MK:DA is a fantastic game. It stands on its own as a great game and it totally reinvigorates the MK franchise. It's worth buying if you're a fan of the pre-MK4 games. Trust me, I felt burned by MK4 as well...but this game restored my faith in the MK franchise. ^_^[/color]
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There are actually 23 playable characters, plus the sub-boss Moloch(not playable). This game is definitely great, especially compared to it's previous installments. Especially Mortal Kombat 3. There is no Mortal Kombat without Scorpion, hands down. But Kabal replaced him as my favorite for the time being.

Anyway, James, you're coming down way too hard on Mortal Kombat 4. Sure, it wasn't very good, but hell, you're basically saying it's worse than Mortal Kombat: Mythologies, and Mortal Kombat: Special Forces. That's just not possible. Third worst game, maybe. But not the worst.

Well, all though I like Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance a lot. I was disappointed in ways. They removed the stage fatalities, a trademark of the MK series as are fatalities themselves. Which brings me to them. The fatalities for the most part are okay, nothing much to see. But there are some disappointments. Such as: Quan Chi's Neck Stretch, Scorpion's Spear replaced his trademark Fire Breath/Toasty fatality, Bo Rai Cho's is just a powered up version of his throw(a belly flop), Kano's Heart Pull was over done he pulls out your heart first then rips your kidneys and liver out, and so on. I could actually go on more about this, but just know Reptile, and Cyrax have the best fatalities in the game.

Overall, I was very satisfied with the final result. The actual fighting engine is well done, and the stances make each character more versatile.

It's a great game, no doubt about that. But in the sequel I'd like them to improve, and add at least one more fatality per character. As well as stage fatalities. Also, while the battle scar on the face is a nice feature they need to make the body sustain damage such as scars, cuts, and scrapes. That would be much better.
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