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RPG Final Destination: Cheating Death

Heartless Me

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Zach had been studying for nearly six hours now. It was currently three am and he knew he had to go to bed but he wasn't nearly done studying so he tried to keep going, but after the third dozing off he finally decided to go to bed.... he slowly put his books and things away and sluggishly hauled himself off to bed. As he layed there, his eyes closed but not sleeping his brain flashed.

~He was sitting in his car, it was 10:04 and he had class at 10:00. Zach had been waiting in his car for more than a half an hour. His patience wearing thin he watched the other cars as a way of getting by. The car next to him was an older ford tempo.. it was a rusy baige color and the rusy part isn't paint... there was a middle aged woman in the car with her younger son in the car. The boy was playing with several cars bashing them togather.... Suddenly a woman on a motorcycle zoomed inbetween the cars and Zach in his frustration yelled out something to the cycler and just as he did the radio jumped on with dead bodies everywhere by korn. He looked down at the clock again and didn't quite get to see what exactly just happened but he heard a loud noise and the sound of crunching metal, he did see however a dump truck exploding and flipping over landing on the two cars behind it crushing the peopl inside... the motorcycle swirves to avoid it but ends up on its side, going under a car in another lane, the helmet sticks on the cadillace converter under the car, the motor cycle going so fast that it rips the womans head cleanly off. After that a massive string of gruesome deaths occur, Zach manages to get off the road just before a Huge gasoline semi plowed through it, only to explode no more than ten meters further up. and just when he thought he was safe.. he started the car again. He was NOT going to miss an exam because of this, he woudl be back later to put in a statement with the police. The car started up but made a funny noise as the gasoline from the truck had gotten underneath his car... He had just enoughtime to give a look of pure terror and scream out as the car caught a spark and exploded.~

Zach sprang up in his bead in a cold sweat. He looked at the clock.. 9:00, great, the college was a half hour away, he wouldn't have tiem to take a shower... He grumbled something and went off to get ready for school.

OOC: Sorry it's so short... I have to get to work maybe I lengthen it later.
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[color=teal][i]Keith snapped awake as the alarm began to ring. He looked at his clock. 9:30. He climbed out of bed, shook himself awake, and walked into his garage. Wondering which vehicle would impress the students at the college when he stopped by to give the Regulation and Protection class a few pointers. He laughed, remembering what the officer he had seen last year had done. First, he'd pulled out his gun and explained how to use it.....backwards. More and more fumbles followed, but Keith wasn't going to make the same mistakes. He'd been put on this job only because he had a few friends at college and all the rest of the force was working on a murder case downtown. He climbed in his Ford, leaving his Harley for another day. The sheer power of the modified F-250 pulsed through him as he climbed in. He looked at the clock, estimating time between the Regulation class and his exam at the Firefighter's apprenticeship. He'd have barely enough time. He rolled out of his driveway in the forest, heading towards the interstate three miles away....[/color][/i]
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[font=gothic][color=crimson][I]Rali sat through the lecture, boring, uninformative, and outright ridiculous though it was. A "guest professor" was rambling on about some theory of spontaneous evolution as if it actually had a basis. Rali could see his regular lecturer frowning and shakig his head. At least he was remotely intelligent. Actually, his ordinary lecturer was a pretty cool guy. Unfortunately, all his old uni buddies appeared to be wackjobs.

The man in question stopped, clearing his throat pointedly. Rali looked over, and realised the man was looking at him.[/I]

Lecturer (the wackjob one): You'll never get anywhere if you aren't willing to pay attention to your elders young man.

Lecturer (the other one): Ah, excuse me, Rali was just asking me a confirmation, as something you said related to a point raised in an earlier discussion....

Wackjob: Oh, alright then. But in future, clear it with me first.

[I]He started droning on again. Rali slumped in his chair, pulling out his laptop, and attempting to find something more interesting to do.[/font][/color][/I]
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Siren woke groggily. She looked at the clock and groaned. Two hours of sleep. Again. Rolling off the bed, Siren staggered to the bathroom and stripped the black night shirt over her head. She turned on the water and steped into the steeming waterfall. She washed her hair and body quickly then seized the towel hanging just outside the shower. Wraping herself into the black folds, she walked back into her room. Looking around, she noticed somthing. Siren strode to her dresser. Someone had knocked over Mr. Fluffy. She picked up the black stuffed owl and cuddled it. She then tuned and stormed out of the room, clad only in a towel.


She strode down the hall, rage eminateing off her in waves.

Siren: I'll kill him...

She fumed at his door then kicked it open. There he was, lounging aginst the wall and smirking.

Seth: You don't expect to win in that do you?

She looked down then blushed furiously.

Siren: You were in my room.

Seth: No... I wasen't...

Siren: Yes, you were! You knocked over Mr. Fluffy!

His eyebrows drew together in confusion.

Seth: I haven't been in your room in days.

Siren blinked. Her brother, for all his eighteen year old faults, was not a lier. She turned and moved silently back to her room.
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OOC: There are about four more people who signed up for this RPG who have yet to post. If they don't do so, their character will die before they start to play them and I won't allow the one's who haven't posted in any of my rpg's for a while.

He was suprisingly quick in gettnig ready. His short hair made for easy preperation all he needed to do was wet it down and put a comb through it. He didn't normally sweat when he slept so he only showered at night. He had his school clothing placed out the night before so he just threw that on with some deoderant and he was out the door within a few minutes.

His car revved right up as he turned the key into the ignition and pulled out... It was a nice sunny warm day outside. A good day to go to the beach he thought as he pulled out of the dormitory garage and started down the street. A short time later he found himself in a bit of a traffic jam.

Zack: Hmmm this is strange.

He picked up his cell phone and dialed, the other end picked up.

Jesse: Yo.

Zack: Hey man what's up? Where are you?

Jesse: Right behind you.

Zack: What the?

His head turns back to see that P.O.S. corolla sputtering smoke from the exhaust from behind him.

Zack: You ***, why didn't you call me before.

Jesse: {{laughing}} Because it wouldn't be funny then!

Zack: Jerk.... So what's up? Having fun?

Jesse: Oh, loads.... hey let me call you back, alright? I had my girl on the other line.

Zack: Oh, Gotcha... later.

Zack hung up the phone and looked at the clock. 10:04, his heart nearly stopped.
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Siren reved her bike and tore out onto the street. She dodged cars and peds, intent on her goal of getting to her friend Cory's house. She had talked with Seth about the owl, which she now had stuffed into her jacket, and he had said that Cory had been over looking for her. He was notorious for snooping and she thought this was just another one of his pranks.
She groaned inwardly as the cars began to block up. She grit her teeth and her eyes glinted behind her black helmet.
She was going to be late for that damned party that her parents had insisted on. She did like parties, when they included loud music and moshing. Alcohol was a nice touch too. This one had alcohol. In the form of wine.
She moved in between the lanes, picking up speed again as the colorful metal of the cars flashed only inches to either side of her. She checked her watch. 10:04. As she drove by a large black truck, she caught a snatch of Dead Bodies Everywhere by Korn. She grinned. At least not everyone around here had a bad taste in music.
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[color=teal][i]Keith turned his radio on, putting in his favorite Korn CD. As a girl on a motorcycle revved past, he couldn't hepl but get angry at the driver in the Corolla in front of him. He banged on the horn, eager to get to his lecture. He was already late, the clock on the dash reading 10:04. He punched his F-250's nitrus oxide injector, speeding past the Corolla, whose present inhabitant was gabbing away on his cell phone. Keith fired past, stopping several hundred feet in front of the car. He grinned, his N.O.S still shaking his car's chassis. Stopping at a red light, he waited for the luminent to change green, wondering what else would go wrong on this day.[/color][/i]
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