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Gundam Wing: The Second Sphere

Braidless Baka

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[b]The Players:[/b]
[i]Braidless Baka[/i] - Tamesu Kyo
[i]Bremma[/i] - Bremma Fallens
[i]Mztik_Gohan10[/i] - Canbek Alakay
[i]Sarsy[/i] - Gauric (Spares)
[i]Kain[/i] - Alucard Lucilin
[i]Orien_Xel[/i] - Orien Zel
[i]DuoMax[/i] - Omi Motokazu
[i]Gelgoog Pilot[/i] - Zed Kieler
[i]Kouberei[/i] - Geist Hattori


Tamesu sat at the kitchen table, swinging his legs idly under it from a chair that was obviously too big for him. The videophone started buzzing behind him suddenly, but he didn't hear it. The last call had been much too disturbing...
A tear slid down his face as he thought of his parents. They were dead now. They had been allowed to make one phone call before they were assassinated. Of course, Tamesu didn't completely comprehend the idea of politics and assassinations, and the constant shift power in these darkening days. All he knew was that his parents had called up to tell him they loved him, and he held that close to his heart.
Suddenly, with a BANG, the front door came crashing onto the wooden floor of the hall. With a yelp, the Japanese child jumped from the chair towards the back of the house, instinctively knowing he was next. And a hollow thought crossed his mind - he had nobody to call to tell them he loved them.
He came to the back door of the house and pulled hard on the doorhandle, but it wouldn't budge. The key had been removed and put somewhere he couldn't find, or most likely reach. So he pressed his back against the door, taking shallow but quiet breaths, praying the intruders would go away. But they did anything but leave, rifling through drawers and cupboards, as though looking for something important... Not him apparently... otherwise why would they bother with the kitchen drawers? Tamesu winced as several plates smashed on the kitchen floor, dislodged from the cupboard. They were just one room away.
Then the door opened, a shaft of light falling on the child's ankles. Then it crept further, up to his chin, before two soldiers could be clearly seen to be standing in the doorway, looking at him.
"Watcha think?" murmured one of them quietly.
"He's seen us..."
"But he's just a little kid."
"So? He knows what we are." The second soldier stepped up then, and was heard to ready his handgun with a click. Then he pressed it up against the shaking boy's head. "Sorry kid, nothing personal." The words were chirpily said, as though they had only said something possibly offensive, not as though they were about to take his life... So, this was the true face of the Second Sphere, not the glorified act they put on for the cameras. They were just cold-blooded murderers...
"I'm not afraid," squeaked Tamesu, attempting defiance.
The soldier snorted. "Yeah, sure you're not."


OOC: Okay, I'm counting on someone to save me, perhaps one of you army guys or rebels could've been following them? Otherwise I'm already dead O_O! Pleeeeeeease!
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OOC: I forgot to mention that my guy does a lot of work for the Swift Protecters, a group of rebels.

[I]Geist climbed out of the small, one man space pod. The Second Sphere probably didn't pick him up on radar, but he couldn't take that chance. He ran away from his landing site and hit a small button on a remote control causing his ship to explode.[/I]

[COLOR=blue][B]Geist:[/B] "Well, that should take care of that. I'd better radio the Swift Protectors and let them know I made it.[/COLOR]

[I]Geist pulled out a two-way vidradio and entered in the access number. Soon, a middle-aged, bearded man appeared on the screen. Static made the picture almost unrecognizable.[/I]

[COLOR=red][B]???:[/B] "Geist, can you hear me? Is everything alright, did you make it?"[/COLOR]

[COLOR=blue][B]Geist:[/B] "Yes, I made it. Everything's fine uncle Akihiko."[/COLOR]

[I]A smile appeared on his uncle's face.[/I]

[COLOR=red][B]Akihiko[/B] "Good, I'm glad to hear it. Continue onto the next step of the plan. We're counting on you."[/COLOR]

[COLOR=blue][B]Geist:[/B] "Roger, uncle. I'll try to find as much info, and help, as I can. Geist out."[/COLOR]

[I]Geist turned off the vidradio and put it back in his bag. He then pulled out a couple of grain sticks.[/I]

[COLOR=blue][B]Geist:[/B] "These should hold me over until I get to the next city. I just hope Uncle Akihiko is right about finding some resistance here on Earth."[/COLOR]
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[color=blue][i]Outside Tamesu's house, the sound of screeching breaks is heard. Then booted feet.[/i]
[b]???:[/b]"Oh ****, we're too late..."
[b]???2:[/b]"Check the house anyway. Move in!!"
[i]Footsteps on the floor, then running feet and the sound of doors opening and closing. Then, a man runs into the room where Tamesu is talking ot the strange man. He is wearing a armored vest over a dark green uniform. He holds a 9mm pistol in one hand. He points the gun at the strange guy.[/i]
[b]???:[/b]"Hold it right there, buddy! Step away from the kid! You Ok, kid?"
[b]Tamesu:[/b]"Uh, yeah...um, this guy just saved me. Who are you?"
[b]???:[/b]"I'm Lt. Orien Zel of the Western Sphere Alliance. once we heard of your parent's death we came as soon as we could."
[i]Orien lowers his gun and four more men enter the room. They are all wearing SWAT gear and carrying submachine guns. Orien talks to them in low tones, then turns to Tamesu.[/i]
[b]Orien:[/b]"You have to come with us. More of them will come after you..."[/color]
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Spares, for some reason, had decided to go and sort out some more tools. His old one's were starting to become a little unrelable and was was fixing suits up by the day. He had just bought a whole load of stuff and was heading back to base when he spotted Lt Orien Zel and what he could only guess to be Canbek running away from him. He sighed and shook his head, they were both so conflicting in their ideas that they caused problems whenever they were together.

He walked causally up to Orien and waved good natuadly.

Spare: Hiya mate

Orien: Spare this is not a good time right now

Spare: Wha you on about?

Orien: We just lost the kid we had to get

Spare: No surprised, running in with all this. You would've done better pretending to be civilians

Orien: Shut up Gauric...

Spare: it's SPARES, man. You could at least get it right

Orien: Get lost!!

Orien signelled to the rest of the trops to move and find Tamesu and Canbek. Spares shook his head and walked off. THe kid was more likely to be scared by all this. He should really get back but he had to hlep in finding him. He looked in the direction of where Canbek and run and quickly calcualted where he could be within his mind.

Spares: Oh well, I best find a quickish route there. Hopefully I won't get to invovled this time. But to frighten a poor bairn isn't the best idea, not on your nelly is it.
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Alucard sat on the stool in a tavern full of ruffnecks who would kill him in a second.He was on another bounty hunt.Some a**hole working for the Second Sphere killed a kid's parents and now the killer is wanted dead or alive.Alucard take out a picture from within his jacket a hands it to the bartender.

Alucard: You seen him?

B.Tender: Nah.He hasn't been around here lately....

Some large brute comes barging in to the tavern.Everyone there gets quiet and kinda backs away from this overgrown killer.

Alucard: That him?

B.Tender: Yeah...it would be better if you didn't mess with him.

Alucard: I need that bounty....

Since Alucard didn't even flinch when he came in the brute walked up to him to start some trouble.This is exactly what Alucard wanted...

?????: Do you know who I am?

Alucard: You look like the local dummie.:cool:

?????: WHAT DID YOU SAY!?!?!:mad:

Alucard: You heard me...

The killer tries to strike Alucard over the head but Alucard moves and hits the man in the side breaking ribs.The killer feels the ribs bareak and everyone in the tavern hears it.Alucard sends one quick side kick to the same spot and he punctures a lung.The man falls down in blinding pain.

Alucard: That was easy.

Alucard ties him up and throws him in the car.He drives to a small rebel headquarter to collect his bounty.

Alucard: Too easy....
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[i]Well... Tam was a "little" freaked out by all the attention he was suddenly in recipt of. With a little desperation he stepped away from Canbek.[/i]

[b]Tam:[/b] You're a soldier, yeah, but those other guys were soldiers too... *pauses* Why should you be any different? From that other guy too...
[b]Canbek:[/b] Don't you understand? They wanted to [i]kill[/i] you!
[b]Tam:[/b] *stuttering* B-b-but how do I [i]know[/i] that?
[b]Canbek:[/b] For the time being... you don't... You have to trust me.
[b]Spares:[/b] *from seemingly nowhere* He doesn't have to do anything he doesn't want to do...
[b]Tam:[/b] O_o!?!
[b]Spares:[/b] *raises an eyebrow at Canbek, who seems about to say something* No, don't get anything the wrong way, I'm up for saving his life. I just think he should choose how we go about it. *pauses* Shouldn't we be working together? The Second Sphere isn't one or two people, you're not going to defeat it alone...

[i]Quietly, Tam's gaze flicked between both of them, not really sure what he was supposed to think... Polotics was beyond him O_o![/i]
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Bremma was creeping through the forest, keeping an eye open for Sphere Soliders. As she walked, she heard voices.

"Come on. We got to get this kid back to base before we run into more rebels." a man said.

"Yeah, I bet this forest is full of them." another said, as Bremma scrambled up into a tree.

She looked, seeing 3 soildiers walking with a kid back to town. 'Odd.. whats a little kid like thatdoing a Sphere captive..?' she wondered then shrugged. 'Lets find out.' She crept to the edge fo the path, perched in a branch. She waitled till the last man got near and she jumped down, drawing her dagger, SHe landded on the man, slamming the hit of her dagger to the side of his neck, knocking him out. She quickly got up and kicked one of the other men in the stomach hard, knocking him into a tree. She heldher dagger out in an attack postion, looking at thr guy holding the kid.

"A rebel!" the solider said.

"Wow, a rocket scientist!" She said sarcasically, rolling at the man then sending a hard kick to his genitals. He yelped very painfully and fell down, letting the boy go.

"Come on." she said, quickly grabbing the boys wrist and dashing back into the woods.

"W-Who are you?" the boy asked.

"Bremma. Be quiet." she said softly. "We dont know who else is-" she tried to say as she stepped into the barrel of a pistol. "...here."

OOC note: She ran into thr guys who had saved Tamesu before
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Alucard tosses the bag in his hand listening to the money jingle around.Alucard then hears some gunshots in the forest outside of town.

Alucard: Curiosity killed the cat....good thing i ain't no cat.

Alucard hops in his car and drives to where he heard the shooting.He takes out his Desert Eagle and runs into the forest.He sees Tamesu hiding behind a bush.

Alucard: Hmmmmm

He shoots the last soldier in the head to make his prescence noticed.

Alucard: What do we have here?

Canbek: Who are you?

Alucard bows deeply.

Alucard: Alucard Lucilin at your service.

Bremma: Your a bounty hunter aren't you.

Alucard: I'm also and assasin,bodyguard,whatever.I'm just like a jack of all trades.Do you need my assistance?

Canbek: *whispering to Bremma*We could use a little extra help....

Bremma: *whispering* He looks skeptical to me....

Alucard: I won't double cross you.

Canbek: Fine your hired as a bodyguard for the kid...don't try anything stupid because i will kill you.

Tamesu: Do i have any say in this?

Alucard: This is business for me kid.Don't worry i won't let you die.

Bremma: You better not...
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[color=blue][i]Suddenly, the sound of a helicopter sounds over the trees. Am unmarked helicopter passes over head, before circling around and landing just beyond the tree line. A group of men get out and start walking towards the small group. The one in the lead holds his hands out to show he has no weapons.[/i]
[b]Bremma:[/b]"Who the hell are you?"
[b]Orien:[/b]"I'm Lt. Orien Zel. We're here to get the kid out of the Second Sphere territory."[/color]
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The news of the death of a politian seemed to stir the people in this twon a great deal. Men were rushing up and down the steets carrying any weapons they could find.

Zed: Oh crap what have i got myself into now?

Man: Hey you! Mercenary get over here the soldiers are coming!

Zed: Yeah, Yeah, keep your clothes on............what the-

A huge blast fills the air in front of Zed and he is thrown back by the wave of heat and air. A second blast erupts down the street some ways of and gun fire can be heard. A second sphere Leo suit lumes in the distance.

Zed: Damn! Those towns people that hired me never expected this!

Zed ran down the street to where the villigers had set up a defense, only smoldering bodies and rubble remained. Movement catches Zed's eye as the man from before looks up at him.

Man: Sorry about this I thought We would have a chance, here here is your money. Now get out while they can't see you. *tosses an envelope of cash to Zed then exhails and is dead.*

Zed: Well, where do I go now?

Two more Leos appear and head for Zed's location. The mercenary grabs the money and makes a hasty retreat.
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Spares smiled at Orien.

Spares: Good to see you again matey. Let's get outta here.

They all clamber into the coper and Spares looks down at the senery below. Canbek nugded him.

Canbek: Spares, where do I know you from?

Spares: You an MS pilot by any chance?
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[i]Acutely, Tam glares at everyone present. How come they got to make all the decisions? They were obviously bothered about whether he lived or died, but were they bothered about what he thought? Somehow, he supposed not...[/i]

[b]Tam:[/b] *angrily* Doesn't anyone care what I think?

[b]Bremma:[/b] Look, you're just a kid...

[b]Tam:[/b] So? Why're all you people pushing me around like I don't matter? *pauses, watching them all, as they're obviously unsure what to say* You all seem kinda worried about me, why not worry about what I think as well?

[b]Alucard:[/b] *smiling slightly* Y'know, maybe he's right.

[b]Spares:[/b] *doesn't speak, but is also smiling approvingly*

[i]Suddenly a loud crashing is heard through the trees, as two Leo mobile suits crush straight through the foliage.[/i]

[b]Orien:[/b] *grabbing Tam by the middle and hoisting him off the ground* Now is NOT the time to ask questions!

[i]Everyone scatters, dissappearing amongst the trees. Soon the mobile suits are going, searching for survivors of their recent raid. Everyone draws quick, shallow breaths, nobody quite knowing what to say.[/i]

[b]Tam:[/b] *nervous* Can we go now?

[b]Orien:[/b] *to his "men"* Go find out what that was! *waits for them to do something* What are you waiting for?! A bus!? MOVE IT!!

[b]Orien's men:[/b] *run off in the direction the MS came from*

[b]Spares:[/b] *after a significant pause* There's a spaceport near here... We're awaiting company from up there *waves his finger in a small circle above him to indicate the sky* Once we have him, we can figure out how we're going to go about getting rid of the Second Sphere.

[b]Canbek:[/b] What about the kid?

[b]Tam:[/b] *annoyed* Hey! What's that supposed to mean!?

[b]Spares:[/b] *waves a hand to shush Tam* We have to take him with us... It doesn't matter where he goes now, they'll find him. He comes with us...

[b]Orien:[/b] So what now?

OOC: Okay, Kouberei, there's your opening with the spaceport, Sarsy, I'm sorry I had spares say so much without asking, Gelgoog, the mobile suits came from your direction, and Orien, your men were annoying me ^_^ I think I've spoken for everything...
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[color=blue][i]ORien had his gun out and was glancing around the woods. He was worried about Second Sphere troops showing up. He looked at the others. He was worried about the kid, but was also reassured by the fact that several of his friends, along with others from training, were there.[/i][/color]
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[color=green][i]Omi's Aries plummeted from the sky. He armed his weapons and began firing at the Second Sphere troops.[/i]

[b]Omi:[/b]For Japan!

[i]A leo exploded as Omi traced hsi fire across the advancing MSs.[/i]

[b]Omi:[/b] Hey you, hiding in the underbrush! Get moving while I hold 'em here![/color]
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Zed was still running down the street to his car when an exposion came from the direction of the two Leo's. Then he saw the aries giving straifes to cover someone..........but who? Zed turned to continue on but spotted several more leo's heading twords the forest. Second sphere troops were every where by now and they were randomly shooting people in the streets.

Zed: Damn this place is too hot! I've got to- *Zed turns and hears several soldiers talking* hmmm......i't coming from that house.

The door burst open as four men sat at a table playing cards. Immedidatly after Zed emptied an entire clip into the room three had gone down right away but the fourth was scrabbling to the back door. Zed ran after and out into the back yard to discover a Leo kneeled down in hiding. The pilot was struggling to get his gun outof it's hoilster but was shot just as he brought it up.

Zed: I think I'll assist that pilot in the woods, besides if I'm correct he's probably feeling a little outnumbered by now.....
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OOC: Okay, thanks. :D

[COLOR=blue][B]Geist:[/B] "Uncle! Uncle come in!"[/COLOR]

[COLOR=red][B]Akihiko:[/B] "Yes? What is it, Geist?"[/COLOR]

[COLOR=blue][B]Geist:[/B] "There are two...no wait, make that three Leos in the city. Some Aries mobile suits are fighting them but they might need some help. You'd better send in the gunboat immediately. What in the...?!"[/COLOR]

[COLOR=red][B]Akihiko:[/B] "I've already issued those orders. What's wrong, Geist? What do you see?"[/COLOR]

[COLOR=blue][B]Geist:[/B] "I don't believe this but the third leo is attacking the first two. Someone must have stolen it."[/COLOR]

[COLOR=red][B]Akihiko:[/B] "Well that's good news for us. That should keep them away from the transports. They should be landing shortly."[/COLOR]

[COLOR=blue][B]Geist:[/B] "Yeah, they've just landed. Thanks, Uncle Akihiko. Geist out."[/COLOR]

[B]*** OOC: Ignore the rest of this post if you don't want to make it to the spaceport right away. ***[/B]

[I]Geist turned around as he felt a tap on his shoulder.[/I]

[COLOR=darkblue][B]Spares:[/B] "Mind if we hitch a ride? We've got to get this kid out of here."[/COLOR]
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[color=green][i]Omi continued strafing the leos, but return fire wasgetting heavy. He hoped that some help would show up soon. Suddenly, one of the leos started firing on the others!
[b]Omi:[/b]To the pilot of the leo, who is this?

[b]Zed[/b] This is Zed. Thought I'd lend you a hand.

[b]Omi:[/b] thanks! Lets get this over with!
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Alucard: If we're gonna go to the spaceport lets move it.

Spares: Well i'm trying to hitch a ride.

Geist: Ummmmm....

Alucard: Oh come on!!

Alucard shoves everyone into his car and he jumps into the driver's side.

Alucard: *to Geist* You coming or what?

Geist hops in the car and pulls Akihiko in with him.

Tamsesu: It's getting crowded in here!!

Alucard: Deal with it!!

Alucard speeds off in the direction of Orien.

Alucard: Hop in!

Orien: Not enough room.

Alucard: Well hop on!

Orien: Where?!?

Alucard: On the roof!!

Orien hops on and Alucard puts the pedal to the metal once again and they head away from the MS battle.Alucard's car breaks down and they all get out and walk.
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OOC: nice touch with the car breaking down.

the last two remaining Leo's appeared to be falling back but, Zed and the aries pilot both new they had called in reinforcements, and were simple trying to hold out till they arrived. Zed was quicly running out of ammo so with a last-ditch effort he began a straif on the two Leo's, Omi followed the lead and one of the Leos when down in a cloud of smoke. Shortly after Zed targeted the face of the MS taking out it's cameras, once blind he simply left the aries to finish it off with a missle.

Zed: We make a good team, what's your name aries ?

Aries pilot: The name's Omi, I belive that the reinforcements have arrived, I can just pick the up on radrar.

Zed: Yes I read them two, you better tell your friends to take cover down there....Oh crap...the machine gun i depleted of ammo!

Omi: You should probably get another weapon.....take one of those Leo's guns.

Zed: Right!
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[color=blue][i]As they walked through the streets a Second Sphere soldier came around the corner. He raised his weapon.[/i]
[i]Orien drew his pistol and fired two shots. They both hit the soldier in the chest, throwing him backwards. Orien ran over and checked the sldier. He was dead. Orien took his assualt rifle and several clips, then walked back to the rest of the group[/i]
[b]Orien:[/b]"Lets get the hell out of here.[/color]
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[i]Tam was bewildered... no, make that PETRIFIED![/i]

[b]Tam:[/b] What's going on?! Who're we running from anyway?!

[b]Bremma:[/b] *leading the group on at a jog* We don't have time for explanations right now kid!

[b]Alucard:[/b] Follow me, I know a place not far from here where we'll be safe! *overtakes Bremma in an attempt to take the lead of the party, who are all running by now*

[b]Tam:[/b] What about [i]them[/i]!?

[b]Geist:[/b] *jogging at a pace more suited to Tam so as to not leave him behind* What about who?

[b]Tam:[/b] *stops and turns back towards the way they've just come* Those MS pilots, if they get caught, they'll be killed!

[i]Tam watched the MS units, which, after having taken newer, loaded, weapons, started their destructive patrol again. However, this time the element of surprise was lost. They were going to get gunned down, unless something drastic was done.[/i]

[b]Spares:[/b] There's nothing we can do for them... They chose what they are doing now.

[b]Tam:[/b] *breaking away and running back the way they came, towards the battle-field* We can help them! I know we can!

[b]Orien:[/b] *lunging forward and grabbing Tam's shoulder* How? Do you have a plan?

[b]Tam:[/b] *quietly* No... *announces* But someone has to! We can't just leave them to get shot down, right? Where's the justice in that?!
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The two pilots had just refreshed their weapons when a wave of aries came out of the clouds, machineguns blazing. Zed brought up the MS's shield and crouched down to get a bead on one as it passed. He fired a few rounds and the Aries fell as smoke and fire began to emerge.

Zed: Damn! By the time we get these Aries the Leo's will be all over us, How are you holding out Omi?

Omi: Just fine up here, these Second Sphere regulars aren't very smart, they depend on the numbers to greatly.

Zed: yes, but that's what's going to get us. * A second Aries explodes from a missle as Omi passes over head* Say I've got an idea, how about we self-detinate. I mean I've got about five Leo's on radar and two more Aries. If we take out them then we can self detinate without being harrased.

Omi: True, but we would not make a safe distance before that time. How would we escape.

Zed: well we could always go down with the ship, hehehe, those guys are out of here by now. Or we could just detinate and run like hell.

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[color=green][b]Omi:[/b]Are yo crazy?? I'm not going t blow myself up!

[b]Zed:[/b]Wel, you have any other bright ideas/

[b]Omi:[/b]Unfortunately, no.

[i]Omi continued firing his machine guns and missles. he manages to take down nother Aries, but a missle from the other his his leg. his MS went down one knee[/i]

[b]Omi:[/b]D*amn! My legs sot! I'm gonna have to take off. I'll get out of here and call for help for my base!

[b]Zed:[/b]What? and leave me here?

[b]Omi:[/b]I have to!

[i]Omi turned his MS and blasted into into the sky.[/i][/color]
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[color=blue][i]Orien looked around. The kid was right. They had to help out somehow! He spotted the deadbody of a Second Sphere soldier. Next to it was a handheld missle launcher, along with five missles. Orien pointed[/i]
[b]Orien:[/b]"Think we can do anything with those?"[/color]
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