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  1. Geist

    Intelligent design

    [QUOTE=Brasil] Incidentally, I don't even consider the whole "days of the week" aspect in there worth anything, either, because it all seems incredibly convenient that God just happens to rest on the day that the Christians of the time were supposed to abstain from labor. [/QUOTE] All I'm going to touch on, is this little paragraph, Brasil. I'm not trying to cause an arguement, I just want to clear up this point a little bit. God did not rest on the time that Christians of the time were supposed to rest. The 'Sabbath' was actually Saturday, and it was when the Jewish people rested. For Christians, the Sabbath is on Sunday. (I won't go into why that is, right now.) Anyways, that day being "convienient", is almost like saying that it's strange how Americans obtained their freedom on the Fourth of July. (It's a bad example, but I hope you understand what I'm saying.) I know what you're saying about this, though. You're viewing this the opposite direction than I am. I'm butchering my point. I'm going to go get some sleep. @_@
  2. Geist

    Embarrassing Old Threads

    Thanks, Doukeshi. I haven't talked with you for such a long time. Revelation, I didn't recognize you at first. It's good to see that some familar faces are still here after this. Getting back on topic, thanks for making this thread, Kanata. I do find it funny though, and not embarrassing. I like looking at threads like that, because it brings back memories of how you used to think back then, and how new OB seemed. :animesmil
  3. Geist

    Embarrassing Old Threads

    I haven't posted here in a long, long time. I remember that RP, but I'm not sure if it ever got started. I didn't consider it "Newbie-ish" at the time, because everyone else was basically making sign ups like that. I feel like a newbie all over again, though. This place has changed so much. I'm not going to come back though, unless Braidless Baka still posts around here.
  4. Geist

    RPG Journey To The End

    [color=blue] [b]OOC: I'm not exactly sure where I'm going with this either. I'll PM you about it later.[/b] [i]Left alone with his own thoughts, Victor tried not to be too upset.[/i] "I've got to snap out of this. I'm a descendant of kings after all!" [i]Victor raised himself up to his full height which wasn't very tall. He then looked at the picture in his hand.[/i] "But...but what if I'm not? Who is this girl, and how would she know about me?" [i]Victor thought back to when he had first received the picture of the American girl. He was talking to the priest of the church that ran the orphanage he had grown up in. "And there's absolutely nothing you can tell me about my parents, father?" Father Matthias leaned forward in his chair and stroked his gray beard. "No. I'm sorry, Victor, but there's nothing I can tell you." "But you must know something! Didn't anyone see them bring me here? How did you get the necklace with that family crest on it?" "There was no one that brought you in, Victor. We just found you in here one day with that necklace in your hand. But this may be of some help to you." Father Matthias opened a desk drawer and pulled out a torn picture. He handed it to Victor. Victor looked at. It was a picture of a brown-haired girl that was probably a couple of years older than he was. "Who is she father?" "I'm not exactly sure. I think her name might be Reveille. She should be able to help you find out more about your past." "Thank you father. I'm going to start searching for her right away." And now, heading to the north, Victor had finally found her. But she knew nothing about him. But how could that be possible? Father Matthias had told him she would know. Maybe he had given him the wrong picture. Father Matthias was very old, and he could be a bit forgetful sometimes. Victor looked around the room. The girls were still talking outside. He hoped that after they were finished, they would let him go along with them. If they were heading to the north like he was, that is. He put the picture back into his pocket.[/i] [/color]
  5. Geist

    Sign Up Wei

    [color=blue] [b]Name:[/b] Schuldig [b]Age:[/b] 22 [b]Special Ability:[/b] Telepathy [b]Weapon:[/b] Not sure [b]Ethniticity:[/b] German [b]Description:[/b] [url]http://blaze.hopto.org/bradcrawford/profile/schuldich2.jpg[/url] [/color]
  6. Geist

    RPG Journey To The End

    [color=blue] [i]Not being able to sleep, Victor put the map in his backpack and headed downstairs to watch the sunset. He pulled out his picture of the American girl and studied it for the one hundredth time.[/i] "I've just got to find her. I just know she'll know something about my lineage." [i]He thought. When Victor got downstairs, he noticed that three girls were on the beds that had been set up for some unknown visitors. Two of the girls he didin't recognize, but the third girl, the one looking at something in her hand, was the same person in his picture. He looked at it again to be sure. It was her alright. He walked up to them and bowed.[/i] "Good morning ladies." [i]Reveille and Felicia looked up at him, but Paige just snored.[/i] "I'm sorry for intruding, but I believe that this is you in my picture. Please, can you tell me about my ancestors? What lands did they rule? How many wars did they win? I need to know!" [i]Victor handed the picture to Reveille.[/i] ------------------------------ [b]OOC: I hope you don't mind if I join you right now.[/b] [/color]
  7. Geist

    Sign Up Journey to the End

    [color=blue] [b]Name:[/b] Victor Myles Fuerst [b]Age:[/b] 15 [b]Home Country:[/b] Germany [b]Appearance:[/b] Victor is a bit short and skinny for a kid his age. What he lacks in strength, however, he makes up for in speed and agility. He has short, white blond hair and bright blue eyes, and when not in his fencing uniform, he usually wears a dark red vest over a black turtleneck, dark red baggy khakis, black military style boots, black gloves, and his fencing sword. [b]Demeanor:[/b] Victor is calm, patient, and clear-headed. He also acts a bit high and mighty because he believes that he is a descendant of a long line of great kings. [b]What I'm Bringing:[/b] An eppee and a sabre, a locket of his family crest, and a picture of a woman that might know a bit more about his family tree. [b]Purpose of Traveling:[/b] Being raised at an orphanage, Victor does not know much about his ancestors. But because of the locket that he had on him when he was put up for adoption, he knows that he must come from some sort of royal family. He is searching for any clue to his heritage, and having become quiet good at fencing, he would like to die a warrior's death. But that is not possible until he reverses the spell that that kid read over TV. [/color]
  8. Geist

    Furbys: The American Craze!

    [color=blue] I remember those things. I never knew anyone that owned one, and my little sister was too young to be caught up in that craze so I never knew what they were like. But now that I know how evil those little things are, I think I'll buy some. They sound like obedient little zombies. Bye everyone, I'm off to Ebay. :D [b]>>>X_^ Geist
  9. Geist

    Sign Up The Pokemon Region Of Pleasant

    [color=blue] Does anyone know of a good site with a lot of pokemon info? Also, I'm a bit new at this pokemon stuff so I'm sorry if I make any mistakes. [b]Name:[/b] Chuichi Kaneko [b]Age:[/b] 12 [b]Gender:[/b] Male [b]Description:[/b] Short white blond hair, bright blue eyes, dark blue vest, black shirt, dark blue cargo pants, black boots, silver necklace, black backpack [b]Bio:[/b] The son of Benkei Kaneko, the owner of "Kaneko's Kafeteria", the only Pokemon restaurant in the Pleasant region, Chuichi was unwillingly raised on a steady diet of pokemon. Business has never been very well and Chuichi always tells his father that it's probably because people don't like the idea of eating pokemons, but he never listens. Chuichi has always wanted to be a pokemon trainer but his father would never let him because he wanted him to inherit the family business. Then, when his dad cooked the clefairy that he had found, Chuichi ran out to his treehouse and cried over the death of his pet. A gastly heard him, and came to see what was going on. Chuichi caught it and he was overjoyed to have finally found a pokemon that his dad can't serve for dinner. When Benkei left to find the perfect Charizard for a spicy stew, Chuichi packed up his stuff and left on his electric scooter to go find more pokemon like his gastly and to show his dad that pokemon are not just for eating. But Chuichi's reputation has preceded him, and he's had a hard time making friends with pokemons or trainers. [b]Starter Pokemon[/b] Gastly [b]What you want to be:[/b] Elemental Trainer (Ghost) [/color]
  10. [color=blue] Amazing. I was just about to send you a PM about this RPG, erinzyger. Thanks for saving me the trouble. X_^ Do you mind if I use my old character? I didn't get to develop him as much as I liked in the last RPG. Thanks. [B]Name:[/B] Eli Harris [B]Year:[/B] 3 [B]Team:[/B] Digital Starlight [b](For Future Members: Keiko will be the only goth of the team. From now on, if you want to be in this team, you must be a raver or have something to do with techno or raves in some way. Thank you for your attention.)[/b] [B]Label:[/B] Raver [B]Description:[/B] The skinny, hyperactive Eli has green eyes, and he keeps his midnight blue hair constantly spiked. He likes to wear a dark blue, star E-shirt, a red backpack, (where he keeps his glowsticks, message writers, glowing gloves, and his photon micro lights,) white cargo pants, atomic neon sunglasses, Star-Star MPG energy bracelets, and white sneakers. [B]Bio:[/B] Although he hasn't always been a raver, Eli is the leader of the Digital Starlight club because of his unique fighting style. It's a mix between dancing and kickboxing. Techno is his main interest, but fighting, which he has been training at for most of his life, comes in a close second. He also loves flashy things; If it's not bright, or attention grabbing, then he's not interested. Eli will make friends with almost anyone except for the goths. They're his worst enemies. [/COLOR]
  11. Geist

    Trick Or Treating: Fun or Immature?

    [color=blue] This halloween, I got to dress up in a full costume that was something other than a pirate. I had a great time, even though my friends didn't want to go. (They just hanged out in the garage. I know, they're crazy.) But this year, I didn't get much candy. Wanna know why? It's simple. I went door to door and passed it out myself. (Yes, I did get some strange looks.) Also, my name was, "Alabaster Crow" for the night. (You don't want to know why. It's a strange story.) [QUOTE] [B]One day a year you get to dress up as anything and go up to peoples' houses for candy. I don't see what's wrong with that.[/B] [/QUOTE] Wait a second...You guys only dress up once a year? [QUOTE][B] Oh yeah, and try to stay away from my neighborhood - nothing but cheap candy and toy cows here o_O; [/B][/QUOTE] Toy cows! Where do you live? I want some! >>> Geist! X_^
  12. [color=blue] [b]OOC: Well, I'm here. And Lrb, Roxanne did send me a sign up for the RPG. I just wasn't able to reply to her because my internet has been acting strange again. (So Roxanne, you don't need to apologize.) And now back to the RPG. IC:[/b] [i]Finny watched with admiration as his brother stood his ground against the angry punk pixies.[/i] "You heard what he said. This was an accident." [i]Flare tried to explain to the pixie with the chain. "Come on, Flare! Tear their wings off!" [i]Finny cheered.[/i] [i]Flare looked back at his younger brother.[/i] "Finny, let me handle this my own way!" [i]A pixie sucker-punched Flare in the stomach.[/i] "Alright, that's it. Who did that?" [i]Flare asked, angrily.[/i] "Flare, catch!" [i]Flare turned around just in time to see the Extend[b]O[/b]r that Finny threw to him. It him square in the face.[/i] "Finny!" "Sorry! Look out!" [i]Flare ducked a right hook thrown by one of the punk pixies and pressed a button on the Extend[b]O[/b]r. It uppercutted Flare's attacker and knocked him out. Finny smiled mischieviously as he pulled out something from his sack and screwed it on to his rod. Before he joined the fight, however, his nemesis ran up to see what was going on.[/i] "I heard someone call for help...oh, it's just you." [i]Elle glared at Finny.[/i] "What are [i]you[/i] doing here? We don't need your help!" [i]Finny yelled. Elle crossed her arms.[/i] "Good, because I'm not going to give it to you." [/color]
  13. Geist

    RPG Cowboy Bebop: Fresh Shoot

    [color=blue] [i]Sergei breathed a solemn sigh. He didn't know why, but tonight seemed so empty and quiet. It seemed like a night where if you listened, you might hear the lonely beatings of the many hearts on the planets below. Wanting some friendship, and a little bit of info, he called an old friend of his on his ship's video phone. After a moment's wait, an old face with a blondgrayish-blond beard, came up on the screen.[/i] "(Hello, Sergei. It's been a long time, my comrade.)" [i]Sergei smiled and nodded in agreement.[/i] "Da. (Much too long my old friend. How have you been?)" "(Not to well I'm afraid. Your little military friends came to visit me, said they were looking for you. I told them you were working on a farm in Ganymed, but they didn't believe me.)" "(Forgive me, Piotyr. I did not think they would trace me to you. Did they give you much trouble?)" "Nyet. (No trouble. You do not need to apologize. I needed the exercise anyways. Tell me, what did you need, Sergei? You're not the type of person to call just to talk about the cabbages.)" "(Have you heard about the 'Cowboy Killer', my friend?)" [i]Piotyr shook his head as he stuffed his pipe.[/i] "(Who hasn't? There is not a single news station that hasn't already covered the story. Why? Are you going after him, Sergei?)" "Da. (And I promise if you can get me some info on him, I'll split the bounty 60/40. You get 60, I get 40. A fair trade, yes?)" "Nyet. (50/50.)" [i]Piotyr smiled.[/i] "(That's what I like about you, comrade. You always are able to get a better deal out of my pity for you. But be careful...One day I just might take the 60. Goodbye Sergei.)" "Dasvedania, (my friend. Give my love to Misha.)" "(I will. Oh and Sergei. Why don't you stop off at to see our old friend, Monte? He might be able to help you.)" "(Alright. I will.)" [i]Sergei turned off his phone and redirected his ship's course to Monte's, "Always friendly, always open" restaurant. (It was little more than a bar, no matter what Monte said otherwise. What little food he had on his menu, he never sold more than the drinks. Still, it had a nice atmosphere to it, and everyone said that it was impossible to not find a sympathetic ear for any type of story you had to tell.)[/i] [/color]
  14. Geist

    Sign Up 'Bout Real High School

    [color=blue] [size=2][b]Ryu, this is not my final sign-up I just put this here to let you know that I still want to play. I'll edit this sign up later, so expect this to change soon. (My new one will not be this short.) >>> Geist X_^
  15. [color=blue] "You'd be surprised too, if you had a brother who sleeps like a rock." [i]Finny snickered. His brother gave him another punch in the arm.[/i] "What about you? You sleep all day!" [i]Flare retorted.[/i] "I have to. I work at night, remember? Now, give me that letter." [i]Finny tried to grab the letter from his brother, but he floated into the air before he could get it. Finny flew after him.[/i] "Give it to me!" Finny yelled. "Nope. Since you didn't even say please, I get to be the first to read it." [i]Flare stuck his tongue out at his younger brother, opened the letter, and read it out loud.[/i] "'[i]A millenium has passed But it will be the last For your precious tree Will soon belong to me And those who cannot fly Shall finally rule the sky[/i]'." [i]Flare looked over the letter a few more times, and then at his little brother.[/i] "What is this, Finny?" "I don't know, who is from?" [i]Finny flew up alongside his brother to take a look at the strange letter.[/i] "It doesn't say..." [i]Flare said.[/i] "This is pretty creepy...what do you think it means?" [i]Finny asked.[/i] [i]Flare shrugged his shoulders.[/i] "Where did you get this, Kaelin?" "From the post office. I'm not given the letters from their writers. Sorry, that I can't help." "That's alright. I'm going to hang onto this for a little while." [i]Flare put the letter in his pocket.[/i] "Why are you keeping it? It's my letter!" "Yeah, but you have a habit of losing things. Besides, weren't you going to take that invention of yours somewhere?" [i]Flare pointed at the pack over Finny's shoulder.[/i] "Oh yeah! I almost forgot...Hey, do you guys want to come with me?" [b]OOC: If someone wants Finny to visit them, feel free to make your character the one that he was going to show his invention to. Also, you can make up the invention if you want. I didn't really have anything in mind anyways.[/b] [/color]