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Inuyasha- Distant Chaos


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[i][b][COLOR=orangered]The land is slowly dieing and no one is sure of the cause. More and more demons are emerging and brining chaos upon the villages. With many people dead no hope for this era is in sight. That is untill some people get determined and go out to find the cause. With no maps, no leads, and no idea whats in store for them they are willing to risk their life to try and change the unfortunatly happenings. Only armed with fighting skills and knowledge they set out to figure out the source and hopefully eliminate it. For their sake...and the lands. They have no idea about a guy who tried to remake himself a copy of the Shikon no tama. Failing he accidently created 3 seperate stones. Each had an evil vibe. The man realizing his error split each stone in half. Creating 6 pieces. He hid the 6 halves all over the land. Before his passing he painfully swallowed the 6th piece hopeing when they buried his body that no one would find it there. Unfortunatly this back fired and after he died the half piece of the orange stone corrupted his lifeless body. Now he seeks to bring distruction to the land. He brings distruction for he in his almost mindless lifeless body cant remember where he Hid the other pieces. He searches for them. And some demons have caught wing of this information and also seek the hard colored rocks. Here the adventure begins
[/COLOR] [/b][/i]

[i] A girl with long blue hair walks along a winding path worn down by travelers over many years. She glanced up at the burning sun and then looked around at the dead like land. Less and less trees were around. most had died off. The grass was brown and dead. The river to her right was low and barely moving. the land had died for some reason and Li could not figure it out. her yellow eyes fixed on the small village ahead of her and she let out a painfull sigh. There was a deep wound in her back and her black clothing as soaked with blood but she walked easily. [/i]

"I need to stop and rest... yet i cant... choices... i will stop in this village if its friendly... get a little better and perhaps i might actualy get some clues on this mighty problem." Li mummbled to herself as the day turned into Noon
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Near the village is a lake. A young woman sits and stares into the lake.
Ryoko: I wonder where I should go now ? Hmmm I don`t want to go to that village, I don`t trust anyone there. Mabye I should sleep on it.
Just then , Ryoko smelled blood. She did not go and check it out though. She feel fast asleep clutching her katana in her hand.
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Li lookedu p at the blazeing sun again and mummbled something incoharently as she walks into the village. She watched the people who seemed to stare at her. She figured this was not a good place to stay so she just kept walking through. She smelled water nearby so she snuck off that way. When she got there she pulled a cloth from her pocket and soaked it. SHe sprinkled a powder over the wet cloth and washed on the wound gritting her teeth as she did so. There was gravle and such in the wound and it was not coming out like she had hoped. She rinsed off the cloth and tried again and it failed.

Li: Oh this is agrivateing *growls to self*
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ooc: bwahahahah i like that

Li: stupid fights... grrr... thats annoyingly painful..

li grummbles to herself as she finaly just lets her fingernails d othe work and she grabs the rocks and gravle. she washed it out more and stood up. She smiled and turned back to the bath.. she was still bleeding but there were no worries
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Krian: Wheeeeeeee!!!!

Krian fell into the water both feet down.

Krian: Now for some fish.

He looked into the water frozen solid. He spotted one, a big fat one.

Krian: Yes, and dessert.

He took his blades on his forehand and stabbed them into the fish.

Krian: Now, Barbeque, or sushi.......
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"Go away you damn wolves!" Shiro shouted.A pack of wolf demons had surounded him.Shiro reached for his metal as the the wolves charges.In one swift motion,he annilated all the wolves.Sheathing his sword,and walked towards the woods.He felt a slight pain in his stomache."It's been so long long,I need food",he complied.He reach a clearing and noticed some deer."Perfect" he grinned.
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Li nodded as she thought of her next stop. Just then a crazed demon about 7 feet tall. Paleish orange skin with spikes coming out of all corners and sides of his body. Each spike was about a foot and a half long. Li dodge as he slammed his bloody claw at her feet.

Li: What is wrong with you.

Demon: The stones... i seek the stones... i will rip the information out of you...

Li: The what?

Demon: I know you know i can feel it.

Li: I have no idea what your talking about but i have heard of you...

Demon: Arrgghhh that dont matter you will tell me what i want to know as i rip the life out of you.... HANYO

Li: I prefer it that way.. but i assure you it will be the other way around.... .demon.

Li, even though she was still bleeding, pulled the sword off her back and reflected the light off of its shiney surface into the blood red eyes of the attacking demon. The demon blinked and then charged at Li. Li quickly stpped out of the guys way. Li slashed at him but the spines worked as protection. Li figured if he see her he could always be able to defend himself from her sword so she took on a new stratagy.

Li: I will shred you into pieces.. and you will tell me what you know..

Demon: hmmm im afraid not...

Li: have it your way.

Just as the demon fixed his eyes on her she vanished. She still stood there but he could nto see here. He sees her to his left and slams his fist into the illusion and growled angrily. Li laughed at his worthless attempts ..over and over again he failed.

Li: why dont you just give up tell me what your attacking me for and let me go on my way. you know you will to lose.

Demon: The stones the human Dantemo created.. ALL POWERFUL THEY ARE HIDDEN IN THIS LAND AND I WANT THEM!

Li: Hmm i think i have heard of this before.

The demon looked around for her but saw nothing. Li had put up an illusion wall around her so he could not see her no matter how hard he tried. Li finaly got a good aim at his underbelly and charged sliding the sword right into him. He screeched in pain and fell to the ground. Li let her long nails out again and let the nails glow bright orange. She lifted her hand and and let 4 electrical whips slash through him. Li knew he would not let her leave so she had to do this although she prefered not too.

Demon: ugh.. Dantemo created the stones attpempting to make his own Shikon no tama... he failed but created 3 powerfull stones ... they hold and evil.. the split them all in half and hid the different pieces all over the place and swollowed one.. he died shortly there after or so i was told by the many demons i have killed on my way through here... his dead body was corrupted and now his lifeless demonish body seeks the stones again to bring destruction to the land... i seeked the stones to beomce stronger...

Li: Yup thats how i have heard it now that i remember...

Demon: you...witch *coughs sputters and then becomes lifeless*

Li: i would have preffered not to do that . . but i am weak and i fear i could not take a full battle with that pile of rubbleish demon...

Li fell to the ground and let out a small cry as pain shot through her back... the wound did not like her fast movements and she was bleeding worse then before... the lsot of blood got her weaker then before

Li: ugh the power is not working.. as i suspected.. .seems to not work on us hanyos i guess..ugh
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Shiro wipped the blood from around his mouth.Then,a sickend smell hit his nose."Demon Blood." he mummered.He leap,bouncing through trees.It was dark now,so he blended well.He reach and opening,and noticed a female Hanyou,wounded.Shiro searched through his pack.Finding the right herb,he was prepared to help.Another presence hit him.He looked up,to the rest of the trees.More demons.They all dove at the female."Vultures!" Shiro shouted,jumping.He fended off the demons,and drew back."What's your name",Shiro asked."Li",she replied.Shiro handed Li the herb."Use this,I'll handle them",Shiro noted,drawing his steel.
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Ryoko woke up from her nap. She smelled the blood even stronger now. She went over to where Li and Shiro were at. She pulled out her katana and was ready to attack.
Ryoko: Who are you and why have you come to my lake ? She noticed that Li was hurt.
Ryoko: Those wounds look pretty bad.
She looked up and saw the vultures.
Ryoko: Mabye I should help.
She jumped up in the air and begain to help Shiro fight off the vultures.
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Li: Im fine....im...im sure ...

Li hated to admit she needed help sometimes...

Li stood up again.... She lifted her sword. Even though she was bleeding badly she was ticked off at always being attacked for some dumb reason. it seemed the full demons hated her for being hanyo so that gave them reason to attack her. She shook her head.. dizzyness spread through her. She wobbled a bit but shook it off.
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Li grinned and large purple wings grew from her back. Her flinger nails grew really long and the wings had a long spike on the ends of them. He skin got a purplish color.. .she did not fully transform she just trasnformed the parts she needed.

Li: stupid demon birds...

She flapped her fings and took to the air... a small pool of blood was where she was standing. She flew quickly and slashed a few birds to shreads. Li did not see one that had rose into the air and circled around... it pin pointed her large wound and began to dive. Li slashed a few more birds..


But by then it was to late the bird slammed into Li's back right where the large gapeing wound was. Li made no noise but her face said it all. She droped the sword and it feel to the ground..the blade digging into the ground and sticking into the air. Li's wings retracted and and fell to the ground. She hit the ground hard.

Li: ugh.....

she dug her long fingernails into the ground as the hit threw her into a phase of unconsiousness
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Ryoko fought off the bird that had sent Li crashing down. She also fought off the other birds.
Ryoko: They won`t be back for a while. Now what am I going to do about this hanyo ? I think I should leave her. That guy could take care of her...no I can`t that would be wrong.
Ryoko built a fire and she began to boil herbs together making a medicine. Ryoko felt that now she could leave Li. Ryoko began to walk off to the other side of the lake.
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Li woke up hours later... it seemed everyone dissapered. She leaned up agenst a nearby tree and closed her eyes.

Li: for the best i guess....it always seems that way anyways *sigh*

Li heard someone in the trees but she did not bother with looking in there. She heard breathing as well but she figured if it was the person who poped out of no where she was fine. and she figured if it was something bad it would have eaten her by now
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Guest AntenAssassin
Odinradevil appeared out to of the mist a katana in hand he wore a black robe with the silver emblem of a dragon on it. He has long silver hair and Orange eye.
suddenly four Gelben demons with red skin and black teeth (The hounds of hell) confront him roaring in fury Odin (for short) took a step back then leapt into the air ready to attack.
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Guest AntenAssassin
The Hounds lay shreded and dismemberd as Odin walked away back into the mist, dissapearing untill his return one day...
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........no double posts and try to delete those ryoko HEH

and AntenAssassin. . . a YOU have to SIGN UP for htis rpg in the recruitment forum before you can play....you have to read the rules follow them and sign up that way.. you cant just pop up here and post

Li stood up easily now and walked off...there was a village about a mile away so she decided to cheat. She grew out her wings again and took to the air. She flew in the direction on the demon village... it was village known to worship a certin demon. But lately the demon has stopped coming down out of the mountain to bring energy to the area. The demon was saposedly a great demon bird of some sort that bring a magical powder to richen the land and make the water clear. Li landed and got this information from a local villager.

Li: Thanks.. you people dont mind i am here do you.. cause if you do i will leave..

Villager: No no this is a place for demons and hanyos and humans where no one gets judged or cast aside.. you are welcome here.

Li: thanks...

Villager: Yes Cosena has stopped coming down and im not sure why. Her wings and long tail feathers produce a magical spiritual powerd that richens the soil for the growing season and freshens the water for drinking and iirigation. But she has dissapered ... she has stopped coming down and the soil wont grow our needed food... and the water is not helping.

Li: Hmm i see... i dont believe in the whole spiritual thing.. but i guess this is a problem for you... do you mind if i check things out?

Villager: The cave she lives in is guarded by a large 2 headed dog with 4 sets of teeth...large claws and acid breath... its suicide to go up there...

Li: ill think of something...but i will check it out

Villager: Good luck..

Li flapped her wings and headed to sinder mountain. It was a short flight for the village was at the base of the mountain. She landed on a small rockey ledge and looked down. About 100 feel below her slept a large 2 headed dong like the lady in the village said.

Li: Hmm ill have to think of a plan.. i cant take that thing with jsut my sword.. and it has 2 heads so i cant exactly do an illusion because of his smell...i must gather information about this area.

Li turned around and looked up towards the top of the mountain... she then noticed a large rock... but she did not want to destroy the guard by dropping a larg boulder on him. He was there to protect...he was usefull he is just doingh is jobe. Li had to think of something else.
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OOC: Just introducing character I know its late but oh wellz....

[i]A water droplit slowly rolled on the surface of a leaf. It slowly made its way across the leaf and began to hang over the edge. More water gathered with it. The small droplit was now larger and weighing down the leaf. Finally the droplit seperated itself from the leaf. It fell slowly. Reaching its destination it hit the water making the small puddle of water ripple. The ripples slowly fanned out and slowly began to fade as they got bigger.

A figure knelt down a grabbed the leaf. The leaf had water held on it. The man slowly cupped the leaf then brought it to his lips. He drank slowly thankful for the water. After finishing the water he slowly let the leaf go. As he stood up he took a moment to bow to the leaf. He was greatful for what the leaf had given him.

Takyote continued walking past the leaf. He ducked as a branch passed him. He walked camly through the forest. He didn't make a sound as he walked. He watched the droplets roll of the trees and hit the ground. It was peaceful. The steady sound of the droplets hitting the ground. The forest was at its best after it rained. Takyote smiled. This was one thing humans could never take away from him. The forest.

He came to a small clearing and nodded. He sat down quietly crossing his legs. He closed his eyes and sat there thinking, absorbing his surroundings. Smelling everything, tasting everything, feeling everything, and hearing everything. He let all his senses loose. Once you had your sight under control your other sense could flourish.

His ears picked up as a small rabit came into the clearing. It hoped slowly into the clearing. It paused several times looking everywhere making sure no predetors were near. It continued hoping as though it never saw Takyote. The rabit came two feet from Takyote. Takyote's arm shot out, and quickly grasped the rabit. Being completely still was a key to survival. The rabit squirmed for a second the settled down knowing what its fate would be. Takyote bowed his head towards the rabit:[/i]

"Thank you....."

[i]The rabit looked at him as if understanding. He set the rabit down. The rabit looked up at him, but stayed there waiting for what was to come of him. Takyote slowly drew his sword and in a clean motion cut the rabits head off. He made sure the rabit suffered no pain what so ever. He then began to build a fire with his variouse surroundings and soon had the rabit roasting on the fire.

He kept his sense aware of the forest making sure to never let his gaurd down.[/i]
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Li ganced around.. she knew the mountanous herbs had to be of some use here. She knew how to make a poisonus scent that could put him to sleep for an exeptionaly long time. she just needed the right herbs. Then she found what she needed.

She picked the desert flowers that oddly grew on this mountain for some odd reason which was unknown. She picked a few mountanous flowers too. She balled them up into her hand and her hands glowwed purple. The purple essence molded the things into the perfect ball... her fingernails extended into the demon claws as normal.. she inserted a poison with her hands... her demon hands could do that.

Soon it reeked... she knew if she held it long she too would fall asleep. She flapped her wings and leaped off the ledge... she flew down and glared at the 2 headed dog that smelled her and woke up. It growled loudly and both mouths got ready to spew acid breath.

Li: I dont think so

she swung around ripped the ball into 2 small balls and threw each into each face. He wobbled a bit... thne fell to the ground... li flew in the cave entrance
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