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Need assistance with a Star Trek rpg.


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I've got an idea for a Star Trek rpg, i just need a technical staff, i mean, people who can come up with character designs and maybe a few starship designs. Also i would like someone to pull up information on some of the following classes of Starships and some starcharts of the United Federation of Planets if possible at all. If anyone would like to help then i would greatly appreciate it.

The following ships i need specs on are.

Intrepid Class (ships like voyager)
Sovereign Class (Enterprise-E)
Ambassador Class (Enterprise-C)
Galaxy Class (Enterprise-D)

Also for the characters whoever can do the designs just PM me and i can tell you what they should look like.

And a few others. Again if anyone can help and is willing to commit to this than I'm sure this will be great. I appreciate any assistance. Many thanks.
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