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Ceila Futeru


How did you like Ceila Futeru?  

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  1. 1. How did you like Ceila Futeru?

    • what H*ll kinda fic is this?
    • hey, this might have potentional! Keep it up!
    • I really liked it! Write some more
    • it needs a lot of work....

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this is the third time I tried posting this.......
My original fic/manga/RPG...mebe one day
It's kinda like Thousand Arms-ish...
And it's still very rough
commants, flames, anything?
send it my way!!!!!
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[color=skyblue] I love it. ^^ The characters, the places, everything. It's original, and captivating. All in all, I love it. ^_~

And now, I shall leave you with this:
More! MORE, DAMNIT! GIVE ME MORE! X_x! [/color]
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