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My Music Overview : V2

Guest Musahi

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Guest Musahi
Every now and then I create an overview thread just to write about what music I have been listening to. I do this so I don't have to make a bunch of seperate threads.

[center][b]Rock/Metal/Punk/Hardcore/Whatever else fits around that category.[/b][/center]

[b]Tweaker[/b] : I heard about this band in a thread Semji created earlier. I downloaded their song "Microsize Boy" and it is really weird. It sounds like the singers voice is synthesized. Right now I am getting "Swamp" just to see if it's any differen't.

[b]Alice In Chains[/b] : Listen to "Rooster", it's suprisingly addicting.

[b]Zwan[/b] : I have only heard 2 songs from Zwan and I already can tell I love them. "Honestly" is great, but I actually like Smashing Pumpkins better.


[b]Choppa[/b] : I don't actually like the song "Choppa Style" but the chorus when he is saying "Choppa Style, chop, chop, Choppa Style" it sounds really cool.

[b]50 cent:[/b] "In Da Club" and "Wanksta" are great. I watched some MTV special on him and some of his lyrics are hilarious.

"I love music like a fat kid love cake"

And then he is talking about Ja Rule and says

"and I sound like the Cookie Monster"

I almost pissed in my pants when I heard that.

[b]Sean Pual[/b] : "Get Busy" is the best song to play at a party ever, it has a good beat to dance to.
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Sadly everyone seems to be downloading most of the songs that I really don't think will get them into tweaker at all heh. Swamp is quite good, but it's completely instrumental. If you are able, get Happy Child. It's my favorite.

For me, Zwan and Smashing Pumpkins are really different in certain ways that I don't even compare them. Smashing Pumpkins was always a guitar driven band (even in songs where the focus was on bass for example, the lead guitar always had the forefront). It isn't like this in Zwan so much, and as a result it feels less like [i]Billy[/i] than it really is an entire band. Everyone seems almost equal in it, and I really never got that feeling with the Pumpkins. Even when James Iha sang I got that sense. Maybe it's just me though.

In short, Zwan rocks for its own reasons... and since the subject matter seems so different (I guess happier), I think there's a chance that they can meet and exceed the Pumpkins after time.

I think you're way late on the Alice in Chains though haha.
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i cried when i heard about Layne Staley (Alice in Chains). i loved their music so much. Layne was one of the people, along with Kurt (Nirvana), Maynard (Tool), etc., that spoke to me through their music. it really feels like they are speaking to me/ for me some times. its not just an audio experience. i really feel that music. its a whole body thing.
*misses Kurt and Layne*
i gave away "Dirt" (AiC) because it made me insanely depressed...then Layne died and i wished to God that i hadnt done it. i still havent gotten "Dirt" again.

on to 50 cent. this man is awesome. i havent seen anything about him that i dont like. hes not corporate. hes focused. he knows whats going on. (...and he hates ja-rule).

zwan- great band. fronted by a great man. billy corgan. theres not much to say about corgan, hes already proven himself many times.
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