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Poems about the dark night


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[b]Wake Up in the Middle of the Night[/b]

Wake up in the middle of the night
Look through the window, see the moon
See the white shadow flowing in the air
Very creepy, very scary
The white shadow has white hair
Moving closer toward the window
Is it a ghost or an illusion?

Close the blind, hide under the blanket
Persuading myself that it?s only an illusion
Screech fingernails on the glass
Very creepy, very scary
Under the blanket, skin shivers
Body sweating from the fear
Is it a ghost or an illusion?

Light beams shine through the window
Throw off the blanket, observe around
It?s morning, no more night
Very shiny, very bright
Pulling up the blinds, see words written on the glass
?I?ll be back tonight?
Very creepy, very scary

[b]The Dark Night[/b]

Once upon a midnight dreamer
There is no light or star to shimmer
In the dark, the cold winds blow
Back and forth, high and low
On the branch, the owl hoos
Far away, the cow moo moos
On the ground, the foot steps step
On the turn to right or left
Underground the tree-roots lift
Up the soil, makes me trip
Beneath the rock, the rat squeaks squeak
Above the ground, I begin to sneak
In the sky, the crow caws caw
Landing on the branch with its claw
Willow?s branches touch the shoulder
Like witches? nails scratching from under
Eyes roll around, observes the scene
Feeling goose-bump on the skin
Body shivers, eyes glitter
Tongue tastes so bitter
Throat gulping, heart hard beating
Hands sweating, body trembling
Sound of clapping from behind
Travels straight in the line
Moving closer to the back
Turn around I see everything black
Once upon a midnight dreamer
There is no light or star to shimmer
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