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s@bres top ten ways you know you're a no life


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[size=1] [color=blue] Here is a new series of mine to replace OtakuProphecies, It is the Top ten ways .....

The first is, the Top ten ways you know you're a no life :D [/size][/color]

[color=blue][size=3][b] Top ten ways, you know you're a No Life[/b][/size][/color]

[size=1][color=blue] 10: you call the new kids at school newbies, and the seniors I live here's

9: An important group decision must be performed using a poll

8: you have an arguement weith your best friend, but instead of not being friends, you say you "banned" him/her

9: you call your best friend a moderator.

8: you rank yourself on how may times you can speak in a day, raising your "speak count"

7: youre parents don't know why you suddenly called yourself James.

6: you convert to Anime worship.

5: you fill up your entire hard drive with otakuboards cookies.

4: sleep is now being changed from lying in bed dreaming, to typing with your eyes closed.

3: In your final exams, all you can think about is, how to make a thread about it.

2: There is an important announcement, you immediately think "sticky"

and the number one way to know you are a no life is... (drumroll)

1: you print and file every single thread that's ever been posted, in case otaku shuts down, to save precious life memories.

hey, did you like that? was it cool? please critique on humor and style :cool: [/size] [/color]
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honestly i do call the new kids in school newbies... i dont call the seniors i live heres though.. .that just dont. .. sound right...

I do save my favorite importatn threads because they do have some meaning... i mainly save pms to my computer on microsoft word though.

i live on ob.. cookies *drrooolls* mmmm cooookkiiiiees *dies laughing* yeah that too

When there is an announcement i always thing of ED EDD AND EDDY... when ed is going around saying "sticky note"

dont ask me why its just funny.. course there arent many announcements at the high school
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*Quietly counts off the number that apply, then stops and thinks.*

"How many had to apply before we have no life?"

*Thinks for a moment.*

"Never mind, I just realized I have no life anyway. And as a special two-for-one deal my sanity went with it." :laugh:

OOC: Yes. I am strange. How did you know?

I cannot say that the "Newbie" thing works for the school I graduated from last year. Instead the newbies was called "Fish". And the first and last Friday of the year was "Fish Friday". It was basically the initiation process. Most of it was small stuff, like pen or marker writing on an arm, but every so often some one pushed it. :devil:
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