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Sign Up Zords--Battle for Fame


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Okay,this will sound strange.I know all of have seen Power Rangers.This is reletivly a Power Ranger rpg,with one exception.Instead of using the geekey spandex,will be Mech pilots for the Zords(the giant robots they uses).i'll explain the story.

[I]A vast battle has taken place.The Battle for Fame.Many warriors have entered with the Giant Robots,called Zords.The warriors battle for fame and money,but there seems to be something strange in this battle...[/I]

Okay,this isn't your normal rpg.Instead of Role-Playing,we will play match after match.We will use story to beginn the battle,then fight.Each match will be for a set amount of money,that you can use for upgrades.I will post upgrades after each fight.Ever five wins for the first 15 fights,you will get a special attack.After 20 wins,you can enter the finally fight and you get your ultimate attack.

Okay now to explain some things for the sign up.If you pick a normal Zord(any that combined for multiply zords) you need to post all the zords and there weapons,and what specail moves you will get for ever five wins.You may only have one of this.For one form megazords(Tigerzord,Dragonzord)You may have two,but must post the same as the normal zords.For zords that can Transform(Dragonzord) or those that have special weapons(Shogun Zord+Falcon zord) you must purchase the new form or weapon.The things I will call Battle Ops.They are special battle suits that we enter when we fight.They carry the communicaters we use to control the Zords.

Okay to sign up you need:
Age: (no younger then 18)
Zords stats:
Battle Ops desc:

Here's mine.

Name: Shiro Uzuki

Age: 21

Desc: Has blue hair,green eyes.Wears a blue shirt with a silver stripe down the middle.Wears deep black pants.

Bio: Shiro was born and raised on a colony,and always dreamed of going to earth.When he turned 18,he began to train for the Battle for Fame.When he enter when he was 21,he was oppointed the piolt for the ultimate team,the Tigerzord and Dragonzord.He fell to earth,ready for battle.

Zords: Tigerzord & Dragonzord

Zords stats:


Weapon: Tiger Sword
Lv1: Fireball blast

Lv2: Flying Slash

Lv3: Provinice

Ultimate: 20-barrel Fireball

Change mode to: Thunder Tigerzord

Weapon: Phonix zord,Master Tiger Sword

Lv1: Full Beam

Lv2: Full Moon Fireball

lv3: Raining Sword

Ultimate: Pheonix Crash

Weapon: Drill tail,and missles in fingers

Lv1: Flip Drill

lv2: 20 missle assult.

Lv3: 1000-missle assult

Ultimate: Roar of Hell

Change modes to: Dragon Megazord
Weapon: Drill staff

Lv1: Multi-Strike

Lv2: Full Moon

Lv3: Charged Slash

Ultimate: Drill of Heaven

Battle Ops desc: Has wings,and has a blue and silver face cover.The wings and rest of the suit are black.

This sounds complcated,but it will be fun.
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Name: Travis Mcloud
Age: 18

Description: Gold hair blue eyes and gren vest with black pants.

Bio: Travis learned about zords after he graduated from the Air Force. He now has 2 of his own zords. One from his own money and one from his friends at the Air Force.

Zords: Sky dragonzord and Megazord.

Zoids Stats.

Megazord:Weapon: Mega Sword

Lv.1 attack: Energy blast

Lv. 2 attack: triple slash. ( it goes like this a jumping upper cut slash. And slashing going straight down as you fall back to the ground and a final slah to you chest.)

Lv, 3 attack:Fire slash with powerup
Ultimate Attack: The lighting slash.

Change mode two: Megazord blaster mode.

Weapons: Grenade launcher and the ultimate blasters.

Lv.1 attack: Grenade blast:

lv.2 attack: ultimate grenade blast ( which is rainfall of grenades.)

lv: 3 attack: laser blast.
Ultimate attack: Rain of lasers ( The megazord shoots loads of laser shots and they begin falling down on their opponent.)

Zord: Sky Dragon
Weapon: Steel Talons
lv. 1 attack: Talon slash.
lv. 2 attack: Talon missles.
lv. 3 attack: Rain of fire
Ultimate attack: Rain of hell.
Chage mode to: Sky dragon ground mode.
Weapons: Dragon sword, sky saber
lv. 1 attack: Dragon Slash
lv. 2 attack: Sky slash
lv. 3 attack: Sky dragon slash
Ultimate attack:SkyDragon Lighting strike

Battle Ops Decription: like the dragon zord except its light blue and shorter with wings.

Sorry If I sound too powerful.
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Name: Leon Heartbound

Age: 19

Desc: Has black hair,hazel eyes.Wears a black shirt with a a logo of his team.Wears white cargo pants and a white bandana.

Bio: His life was miserable,always training,always fighting,no friends until the air force where he was with Travis Mcloud but under his alias Chase Williams.Now he goes by his christened name but wheres a mask so that noone recognizes him.

Zords: Griffinzord & Godzord

Zords stats:


Weapon: Griffin's Claw

Lv1: Slash

Lv2: Beak Slash

Lv3: Beak Beam

Ultimate: Green Dynasty

Change mode to: Terra Griffinzord

Weapon: Blade wings,Talons of Mythology

Lv1: Slice n' Dice

Lv2: Favored Cut

lv3: Neutronian Blaster

Ultimate: Terra Talons Express

Weapon: Trident,and missles shot from arms

Lv1: Flooding Explosion

lv2: Aqua Barage

Lv3: Power up aquarias

Ultimate: Tsunami Assault

Change modes to: Zueszord
Weapon: Lightning bolts,Olympus's Hammer

Lv1: Hammer Time

Lv2: Thunder Beam

Lv3: Lightning Hammer

Ultimate: Judgement of worthiness

Battle Ops desc: Has wings,and has a black and red face cover.The wings are red and the rest of the suit is black.
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Guest Yokano
ok me
Desc:Blue eyes, Brown hair ,dress like Danta(divil make cry)
Bio:He grew up with a master of zords.His praents died when a evil man fought them.Now he has figer out that he has enter the Battle of Fame.
Zords:Godzilla Zord & T-rex Zord
Zords stats:
Weapon:Atomic Beam
1st:Drill tail
2ed:Machine Gun cest
3rd:Busters missle
Ultimate:Mega Atomic Beam
Changes to:Dragoon Mega Zord
Weapon:Tail Sword
1st:Fire Trust
2ed:Machine gun cest
3rd:Diving Bird attack
Ultimate:Tri Beam
T-rex Zord:
Weapon:Fire breath
1st:Fire ball
2ed:25 fire balls
3rd:50 fire balls
Ultimate:100 fire balls
Changes to:Knight Zord
1st:Fire slash
Ultimate:Fire blast
Battle Ops desc: A red knight,has wings
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I hope this is right.
Name:Kikomoku,or Ki
Desc:A young man with blond hair he wears spiked and blue eyes.He wears black baggy pants with a blood red trench coat over a black t-shrit.
Bio:As a kid a bandit of outlaws turn his small town to ash and smoke with Zords.He hated Zords as a kid,but as he grew up he learned that the Zords that attacked his town where controlled by evil people.He then got his own to show the people that lived in his town that all Zords are not evil.
Zords:Wolf and T-rex zords
Weapon:Wolfs full moon claw
1st:Moon of the Crest claw
2ed:Half Moon claw
3rd:Full moon claw
Ultimate:Full Moon Beam
Changes mode to:Ninja Megazord
Weapon:Katana,and thowing stars
1st:Full moon slash
2ed:Rain of Heaven
3rd:Falling Moon
Utimate:Seven Faces of the Moon
Desc:The wolf Zord looks like a metal sliver wolf.
The Ninja has a metal human body.The head looks like a wolf head.
Weapon:Fire Breath
1st:25 balls of fire
2ed:50 ball of fire
3rd:Fire Blast
Ultimate:Dragon's Fire Dance
Changes mode to:Knight Megazord
Weapon:Sword and Shield
1st:Sword of the Flame
2ed:Shield of the Flame
3rd:Armor of the Flame
Ultimate:Rising Sun
Desc:The T-rex zord is a red metal T-rex with sliver plating.
The Knight Megazord looks like a Romen Knight with
a sword and large round shield.
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