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The meaning of Kami-Sama

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In school today I learned about the religions that people in Japan follow and one of them mentioned about worshipping god-like spirits named Kami. Kami's are worshipped and that people believe that they will protect them. So in db and dbz, Kami-Sama is actually considered the god of earth not the guardian of earth. That's the reason Yajirobe was skeptical when he heard that Kami-Sama was the creator of the dragonballs and that he could be met.

I'm just pointing this out because I made a thread about this and someone told me that Kami-sama is the guardian of earth not the god of it.
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I saw something about The Kami on television once. It's interesting to know that Kami-sama in [i]Dragonball[/i] is supposed to be God. Of course, the whole "godness" thing just gets weird in DBZ, where Kami turns out to be the lowest ranked god in the entire series.

The "guardian" thing is a misnomer that came from the dub, because it'd seem a little weird for the characters to be more powerful than God. Plus it's a major religious reference, and that's a big no-no.
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