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Other fave Weapons =D


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[b]Y'know, the hack 'n' Slash weapons, not the big docker monster things...i wanna know what you like looks-wise and what you like power wise...
Mine's are the
Masamune Blade,
Final Score (is it called this? I truly have forgotten)
Forgotten Name (It's a sword of cloud's that a funny curly shape)Apocalypse Sword ([i]niiiiice[/i])

Flame Saber,
Punishment (this looks oh-so beautiful *tear drop*)
the Bismarck (sp?)
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Actually barrets ultimate weapon is MISSING score,just thought i'd let you know,anyways.....

Ultima weapon (clouds sword)
Death penalty (vincint)
Limited moon (red 13)

Lionheart (duh)
Ehergeiz (Zells

Excalibur2 (hehe the best weapon)
Ultima weapon (Zidane)
Zeus (Vivi)
Tiger rachet (Garnets)

thats about it.
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don't you mean A LOT shorter..
any way my favs are

FF7: sephiroths Masamune

FF8: I didn;t overly like any of the weapons...

FF9: Stieners Excaliber2
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