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Poem: Goten and Marron


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This is my original poem called they said it was forever.

They said it was forever
Their emotions had run highâ?¦.
Their love was paramount
As they held each other long into the night

Fate had torn them apart
For way too long
The image of her lover was locked
Into her daughters face

She had been apart
From him for too long
Every time she looked upon the childs face
Her heart lurched

She couldnâ??t forget
The way he touched her that night
The way his hand cupped her cheek
As he told her it would be alright

His kiss, bittersweet as it was
Secured his promise, he would be back again
Some day.
How could she forget?

As his life slipped into the rain
She cried â??Dear Lord take meâ?¦not himâ??
He had gone to the heavens to watch her from above
And his star shone brightly, as bright as his love

They said it was forever
Instilled in their hearts
Forever it shall be
Until the end of time

its part of my basis of the fanfic im writing, Quest of honor. Tell me how you like it
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