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Research: the times that try mens' souls...


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Hey. With an Honors English class comes the responsibility of writing a research/persuasive essay paper. Drat. I foolishly picked a tough topic: the war's effect on America's national budget and debt. Say what you will, I personally find this as hard to research, especially with the war being near over. Or something. Right.

Anyway, I was hoping that some of you reading this will have any valuable information I could use to help me? Anything at all, no matter how broad it may seem, would be of great help. Who knows what minor tidbit can greatly improve my paper-to-be?

As my English teacher commanded me, I will properly cite everyone whose info I use... Though it will probably matter little in the long run.

Yeah. I'ma go now. Thanks a lot, in advance!

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[color=darkred]Heh. You could probably manage to pull a comparison between the wars and it's effect. For instance, in WWI, there was need for food rationing and everything went into Recession [I think. o.O]

I heard on the news somewhere that they'd spent something like a billion doolars on the war, already. [In America.]

Otherwise, I'm pretty ignorant on this subject.[/color]
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I would have to say that is a really, really hard subject to address for a very specific reason. Imo.

I say that because of a well known event that throws off all american views on this... That being ww2.

ww2 came at a time when america was at the lowest possible economic standing it had been in since the end of the civil war.

With the europeans fighting for a period of time before the american troop involvment, there was an oppurtunity for american economic recovery due to our industrial potential.

This, infact, did occur, and the american economy began a slow recovery due to our production of various supplies for the allied powers.

Eventually america itself got involved and in the end, the allied powers won the war.

With this winning of the war, and a war time boost in production, emphasized by an already horrible economy, the recovery and prosperity of the american economy became something of legend and inturn, created a common stereotype that all wars bring about "good times."

If I was you, I would use this subject to further research the economic standings of america following all major engagments involving american troops.

However, as I said a before...

This is an extremly hard subject to address in the way I suggest becuase of one circumstance...


This spin is the personal political views of the author or the grading teacher.

If you are an extremist in either direction, you will skew the results of this research...

If your teacher is an extremist in either direction, they will grade you with a personal political grudge and not a legitimate objective eye for your writing abilities.

I personally think you should get into a new thesis, because this subject is so subjective and so hard to cover that you just might end up doing yourself an injustice in the long run.

I hope I have atleast given you an idea about where to go with the subject, none the less, encouragment to "tackle a less complex subject."

btw, I believe that the economy of america hit another low during the mid 70's which just happens to follow the another major american conflict...

The unfortunate fact is... bombs, guns, gas, ammo, tanks, planes, food, and soldiers cost money.
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