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The Coldest Voice


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[COLOr=royalblue]Who is speaking? And what is he? You tell me.
[i]And she felt the breath of ice on her face.

And a soft cool voice whisper these words;[/i]


[i]He tilted his head in amusement.[/i]

"I am hunger."

"I am thirst."

[i]He looked into her eyes with a green glaze in his own.[/i]

"Where I bite, I hold until I die."

[i]Her breath came faster in her fear.[/i]

"I could fast for a hundred years and not die."

"I could lie a thousand nights on the ice, and not freeze."

[i]He brought his face even closer to hers.[/i]

"I could drink a river of blood and not burst."

"Yet I am very kind."

His eyes almost grew kind.

"But I will blast all who attack me!"

[i]He snarled with the glory of his own self and looked at her neck.[/i]

"Show me your enemies."

[i]The laughter caught in her throat and she smiled. Then purred. Here was one worthy of her use.[/i][/COLOr]
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Guest merideth
WOW!! I could almost feel what was happening to her! The cold breath and stuff! scary!!
I think is a vampire! ive written a few vamp stories before
and is sounds like it!!
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