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Soldier Unit: T-Gundam


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It's the year AC: 214. The peace that has settled over the known universe in the past century has now come to an end. A new threat has risen to challenge the now-corrupted Earth United. They are calling themselves the [i]New Space Confederacy[/i]; and they are strong.

Both sides of this war have super-weapon technology--and plenty of it. Both are fiercly committed to the destruction of the other. Chaos reigns...

The only hope for the survival is a smaller, less-known third faction, based on Earth, that has managed to escape the wrath of Earth United. They are appropriately called [i]Liberty Organization[/i].

Here's the break-down:

Sign-up is simple, but creativity is required to make the cut. Notice I said [i]creativity[/i]...not [i]insanity[/i]. This is a moderate Gundam story, and I'd like for potential players to make their Soldier Units only about as advanced as those in Gundam Wing. Not so little as in the UC series...but not so outrageous as G Gundam.

Name: Garrett Dubose
Age: 27
Allignment: New Space Confederacy
Rank: Captain
Appearance: Brown hair, blue eyes, 5' 11", 200 lbs.
Soldier Unit: Green Gundam
SU info: Named only for it's color, it is a moderately-powerful, multi-task Gundam. It can fight in a team operation, solo operation, but is best when leading a large team of cheaper standard Soldier Units. It's primary weapons are two attached gatling guns that, when at rest, sit facing upward on the shoulder blades. When put into action, they rotate down and the operation mechanism folds out into GG's grasp. Secondary weapons include one short beam sword, one medium-range beam rifle, and one low-power beam pistol. With certain equipment packages, GG can become air/spaceborne, but GG is mainly a surface-combat SU.

Again, this story is fairly liberal. The stats you start out with don't have to be the stats you have throughout. However, you'll be picked based upon creativity and the number of people who sign up.

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