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try and guess quotes


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hey...calling all Gundam Series fans! Post some quotes here and let us guess them. Here are some rules:
1. only post three quotes
2. use dfferent people from different shows(if you want to)
3. wait for others to guess correctly
4. whoever gets the person saying the quotes right, can post three of their own
5. PM me if you are totally confused
6. look @ other threads in other areas to see how i came up with this:p

well, I will wait for some one to post some, because the bell for school is about to ring!:flaming: DARN
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I don't know much but, I can give you this.

1: [QUOTE]I will not allow you to go to Earth!![/QUOTE]
2: [QUOTE]History is much like an Endless Walz.[/QUOTE]
3: [QUOTE]If people allow Mariemaia to do as she wishes they'll end up giving birth to a second Millardo Peacecraft!![/QUOTE]

That's it. Good luck.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by AlmightySSJ4 [/i]
[B]1. He destroyed a Zaku in one shot!

2. Anything for the ones we love!

3. Commence Operations! [/B][/QUOTE]

1: ????

2: Duo

3: Dekim Barton

Mine are....

1: Have you forgotten we no longer have our gundams?

2: We're faced with great danger and I've taken away the only means to counter this situation from everyone.

3: If I hadn't mentioned sending the gundams into the sun, this wouldn't have happened.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Shinigami [/i]
[B]Sephiroth, you didn't answer the last posted quotes, and you atleast have to have quotes from any series of Gundam Wing. :laugh: [/B][/QUOTE]

just because it is in the gundam section of the boards does not mean the board is about gundam wing, unless you haven't noticed, there are different series of gundam, the gundam board is not [I]just[/I] about gundam wing....
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