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YU-GI-OH! Test of champions!


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You have just recieved a letter saying:
"Hello, (your name here).
I am inviting you to a tournament which only the top duelists are being invited to. Inclosed are directions to my private manor and a pair of airplane tickets. The winner of this tournament shall recieve half of my fortune and this manor as soon as you win. Please come to this tournament with your dueling deck. It is free and is a offer you should not refuse.
Signed Lesurgo Johnson."

Ok the rules for this are:
You must have AIM. all of the battles will be on aim between the two battling duelists and then i will post the results of the battle on this forum.

you may create your deck out of any american cards using the american rules but you may only use a combination of 5 rares, super rares and ultra rares. you must PM me your deck so i have a list of it.

To duel it will be like a regular duel over aim. i will tell you what cards you draw and such.

Here is a example character sheet:

Name: eye m great
age: old guy
gender: male
description (what your character looks like): a human (DUH!)
biography ( i dont need a long details of your life and whatnot i just want to know your reputation as a duel monsters player): i like to play duel monsters and has lost every time! take that!
personality: really really mean.

so just create a character using those guidelines and dont forget to PM me your deckklist! oh and also you will get more cards for your deck, in the tournament everytime you win you will keep your opponents deck and then from there you can modify your deck. it is also double elimination.
registration for this will be closed in a day or two so join while you have the chance!!
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Guest cesar906
Description:My character is normal size able duelist and has a winnig attitude.
Bio:He is a duelist because he likes dueling and because he is good
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