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OB Waiting Room - Come One, Come All


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[quote][size=1][b]People In[/b]
Bayushi Yojiro - Zerosaber007
Tate - Tatum-X (possibly dummy now)
Xra - Xra
Link - Krillen
Nomoku - aYokano
Donnie Yen- AJeh
Jet Li - Psyco
Terrence Kittana - Juuthena
Conan The Barbarian -
Bruce Lee - Shinobi
Vegeta - Schratn9
Velius Excalibur - Tasis
Arano Karakkaze - Medra
Lacrois s'Xalerian - The Harlequin
Sango - G.D. Ryoko
Draguul - Draguul

[b]Table (Click Link to View)[/b]
[url]http://otakuboards.com/attachment.php?s=&postid=388323[/url][/quote][b]'I'm sorry folks! That's all we'll be having this time round! Anywayone who has made it through, please '[/b]

The man got off the chair he had clambered onto, to get high enough amongst the excited racket of the fighters in the large waiting room. Out of the 4,286 who had signed-up for OtakuBoard's first ever no holds barred knockout tournament, only 16 had made it through.

A huge sea of mutterings and murmurings waved over the room, after the man had read out the list of the lucky 16 that had made it through. What was once an air of pure self-confidence turned into something of a grunt-fest.. spite and yells of an accused 'set-up'.

The man sat down in his chair and sighed. It was kind of funny to see all the macho mister muscles have to exit the building, because smallest ones had made it through. He suddenly remembered that the few that had gotten in would now be making their way into the waiting room.

He stood back on the chair again, and calmly shouted out in his clearest voice.

[b]'All those who managed to get in, congratulations! And welcome to the OB Tournament! I would like to ask everyone to meet up here momentarily before we continue. First of all, we would like to make sure that everyone has read the rules of this Tournament..'[/b]

He met the nodding of many heads, so he continued.

[b]'The first match-up is [color=red]Bayushi Yojiro[/color] against [color=red]Tate[/color]. Would both fighters please leave for the first arena in the OB Tournament thread please?'[/b]

Two fighters split from the group, and left through a side door.

[b]'The next match-up will be [color=red]Xra[/color] against [color=red]Link[/color].. which will also begin now. Both fighters, please make your way towards the second arena in the OB Tournament thread.'[/b]

Another two, slowly out of the waiting room, leaving 12 fighters together in an awkward silence.

[b]'OK. You guys have a little chat with each other, or something. I have to discuss the following match-ups with my co. Thank you.'[/b]

And with that, the short announcer also walked out through the door.[/size]
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OOB(Out of Battle) : I know that I am fighting right now and that I shouldnt be in here. But I am posting as Krillen, not Link. I just wanted to say that I read Xra's post, I cant post in the battle right now because I'm leaving for school. I will post right when I get back, that will be around 2:45 PM. So yah, I just wanted to let you guys know.

Now everyone, lets make use of this thread! You can use it just to chat if you would like. You can also gossip about the fights and do other fun stuff like make bets on who will win.
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[i]Lee scanned the room, everyone looked about average, this should be easy. He walked over to the water fountain and were he turned around he bumped into some guy with long pointy black hair.[/i]

Lee: Some of these people are seriously wierd

[i]He walked on again, squeesing through the mass crowd of fighters, he bumped into another and it cut Lee's skin. He looked up to find he had bumped into a man with armor, his armor had scratched him.[/i]

Lee: Hey man, whatch what your doing with that stuff you got there.

??: Oh sorry there....

Lee: Yeah, so who are you?

??: I'm Velius Excalibur, just call me Velius.

Lee: Hmm nice to meet ya, I'm Bruce Lee.

[i]They both shook hands and started to have a friendly discusion.[/i]


Sorry i know it's crappy it's just to get things running ^_^.
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Guest Zeh
[size=1][b]Velius: [/b]So, where are you from?

[b]Lee:[/b] Actually i'm quite an accomplished actor, and martial artist, from here, this planet. You?

[b]Velius:[/b] I'm not quite sure where i come from... I know i left the life of perfection behind, to find my own way... and i seemingly ended up here.

[b]Lee: [/b]Interesting... who are you going with, in the battles?

[b]Velius: [/b]I've only seen part of the Link/Xra fight so far, and link seems to be winning...[/size]
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[i]Bruce nodded his head as he look up to the screen showing the matches.[/i]

Lee: Ha! See that? That guy thought he could get away easy by kicking in his opponents head and then jump out and think he could get through. HAH! Yo, my fight is gonna be SOOO Much better than that, how about you? Kaisuke looks pretty good too.

Velius: Yeah, Kaisuke, he came 17th did he not. He must be pretty pleased with his change of events.

Lee: Uh Huh. Man, i can't wait to fight Conan. Yo, i betcha that Link will win. 100 credits?

[i]Lee pulled out a bundle of notes folded and tied up with an elastic band.[/i]

Lee: Deal?
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Guest Zeh
[size=1]Velius pulls out 100 or so credits, wrapped with a string. He stares down at them for a second.

[b]Velius:[/b] no deal.

[b]Lee:[/b] K, whens the next fight starting?

[b]Velius: [/b]If anything, you'd know better than me...

[b]Lee:[/b] Who're you against?

[b]Velius:[/b] I'm against some full-of-himself warrior, called Vegeta or something...

[b]Lee:[/b] Hey, i'm be cheering for ya...

With that, both of the contestants looked back to the screen.[/size]
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Donnie stood up, and walked over from his corner of the room to the centre. He sat down on a couch, chin on the back of two hands, staring, like everyone else in the room, at the action on the two large plasma screens directly opposite the room. Earlier, a tournament official had made her way through the 'lounge', stopping by at each fighter, whispering a secret number into their ears. These numbers were to be kept secret, and were to set-up the matches to follow on.

His was three. Meaning as soon as one of the matches happening was over, his would begin. And yet, he had no idea who his opponent would be. He eyed everyone up and down from his seat, and finally decided it shouldn't have to matter who he was up against.

Some of the fighters were conversing with each other while they eyed the large TV screens.. freely discussing their numbers, so that they knew who they were 'partnered' with already.

[b]'Eh..number three..'[/b][/size]
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[color=ff00cc] [size=1]Terrance tapped her foot imapatiantly. She glanced at her watch, rolling her eyes in frustration. It had been thirty minutes, and she still couldn't tell which one was her opponent. Sighing, she rose from her seat, and headed over to a small table. There, she poured herself some fruit punch, and sat back down. Terrance sipped her drink, as she watched the current round on the television screen. Link had the advantage so far, and seemed to be doing very well. This didn't move her at all, however. She was more anxious to meet her opponent. Getting somewhat bored, she began to study the other contestants. There were a few celebraties, and familiar faces, while a few she couldn't quite recognize.

She turned away from the screen, and rose to go back to the concession stand. As she began to pour herself another drink, an unusual character approached her, and tapped her on the shoulder.

"Terrance Kittana, I suppose." The voice spoke.

"Conan the Barbarian?" Terrance asked, a slight chuckle in her voice.

The man shook his head. Terrance turned and glanced at the man, to see him hovering slightly over the ground.

"I am Vegeta. And I will defeat you once I get finished my first opponent."

Vegeta smirked, and crossed his arms. Terrance smirked in return, turned away.

"We'll see."[/color] [/size]
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Sango looked around the room to see who her opponent might be. She hoped she had someone easy to fight. She sat down and stared at everyone to see who she was going to fight, then she turned to the T.V. screen to watch the current fight.
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