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He Who is Like God


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this a poem about a friend of mine. his name is Micah, which means, he who is like god. :D sorry if this poem offends anyone. but in any case, i hope you enjoy it. thanks for reading.

he who is like god

a fallen angel is he
and great things he can be.
scorn from the light,
he lives in the dark.
forever tortured
forever brooding.

puzzled he may be,
but a clear soul i see.
brought unto me,
i help him
forever helping
forever caring.

he who is like god,
cant you see?
am i here to help
and help i will.
forever here
forever nowhere.

he closes his eyes
and everyone try to pry.
he yearns to get away.
to get far away
forever away
forever gone.

he is the fallen angel
he who is like god.
always working
always trying.
forever getting away
forever free.
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Thats nice. It kinda reminds me to finsh the dragon king! Thats just one of my stories I wrote on here. Its about a guy how chalanges the dragon king to a pokemon battle. I ok. But that peom was good.
I like the bit forever free...
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It just me. I don't get why no one has replied to my story the dragon king. Maybe cos it's not finished...
'He closed his eyes' thats the part that reminds me to finish the dragon king. Cheak it out if you want...
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Wow, thats a really good poem, filled with meaning, and well, wierdenss. In my openioun, every poem must have something that makes no sense, or really deep, just gives the ready more to read about, any way, you should publish that poem, I think its pretty good.
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