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  1. Blue Truth

    First Kiss? Heh...

    lol, You remind me of me before I got together with my girlfriend, I was like ubsest with this girl named "Greysi" pretty name you think, well, it turned out that I liked this girl for 3 years, and a like to has turned into a love, well any way, her personality didn't fit on my to well, when I told her how I felt, and well, lets just say she still hasn't looked at me since. :D
  2. Blue Truth

    I've got a laugh for you

    Thats funny, but what would really make it funny is if you actually tried to stay in the house another year. :-D
  3. Blue Truth

    Graduation is upon us!

    YAY! I just now got home from my graduation party at school, now, High school is over, and collage has beggan, I wish I could take a year or two break from school, but oh well. It feels great to be out of high school
  4. Blue Truth

    Gaming FF7 A game to be played by all

    Ah yes, I'm pretty sure when I say this, I say this for everyone, FF7 is one of the best games around. I'm on my 48th time playing it (thast right I'm keeping count) and just to ask, I love the graphics but mostley the story of the game,and wanted to know, what are the reasopns that you play FF7?
  5. Blue Truth

    Anime Lupin III

    Ah yes, and don't foerget about "gramps" Or for those of you that don't know,Detective Zennighata, with out him, there would be no one for Lupin to tease. :D
  6. Blue Truth

    Do nice guys always finish last?

    Um, I don't know for sure, I'm the same way thou, ALOT of girls talk to me n the past, and I thought they where interested in me, and well, when The time came when I asked them out, when I thought I was sure, they'll say no, and then when I ask them why they talked to me so much, they always say that they feel safe around me, or they trust me to keep secrets and stuff, witch entirely, is not a bad thing, cause atleast now, I'm in a happy relationship with the girl I trust the most, and have beem seeing for the last two years. :D
  7. Blue Truth

    Anime Lupin III

    Ah yes, the perverted, grand theft ways of Lupin the III, In m yopenion, one of the funniest animes of its time. Filled with plenty of women, Hentia in the movies, and alot of swear words. What do you guys think of the show?
  8. Blue Truth

    Anime What would you do with youself if "The World" were real?

    Well, since I'm naturaly weak IRL, I guess I would want to become the straongest one in "The World". And to be able to defeat anyone, (or thing) that gets in my way. and That I would know ever server in "The World" liek the back of my hand. That would be My goal in "the WOrld"
  9. Blue Truth

    Metallica, anyone like?

    [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by treton_noir [/i] [B]M-E-T-A-L-L-I-C-A one would assume that such a devoted fan would at least know how to spell the name. [/B][/QUOTE] Ok, I figured this would come up sooner or later, I am dislixeic, and I have very strong issues erading and spelling, much less typeing, even things I should know how to spell, I still have trouble no matter what I try. So please, in my future posts, ignore my spelling errors, and if this is spam, then please delete the post.
  10. Blue Truth

    Have you ever felt out of place?

    I've eben feeling out of place my entire life, every where I go, I feel as if, "what am I doign here, and why am I here. IS there a point to my preseence" and other things like that, none the less, I think its becuase I don't belong in Orlando. I've been here my whole life, so I think that might be it. I feel wierd at school as well. And I just don't fit in in my small Christain school. I guess its just that I'm different from everyone I know, that I listen to punk, and rock, instead of what most people expect to me listen to, like Merange, and salsa. None the less, i don't think it matters in the end, cuase not matter what, wherever I go, there will always be wierd places to be, even in your home. I feel wierd just being in My bathroom, but not wierd in my grandparents bath room. I don't think I've been making sense in this little rant, at all.
  11. Blue Truth

    Terrible day

    Ah Seph, I feel sorry for you, but Marjawana is not goign to help you get over it, and niether is drinking, the thing to do just visist with family and friends, and talk to them about it, instead of drinking and smoking pot. But if thats the way you handle things, then don't lisen to me, none the less. I still think, no matter what, that you should talk to your family about it. And see the openions, and there point of views about it, and not only that, but to circle in, as a family, and try to grow stronger from this type of experiance, I've learned in my life, that in these type of these situations, the ones closet to you will help you the most in life, atleast in these types of situations. Never the less, I'm very sorry, about your sisters death. My god be with her soul.
  12. Blue Truth

    Metallica, anyone like?

    A yes, does any one here like Matalica is not the ?. The ? is does any one not like Matalica, I love Enter sandman, I think that would one of my favorite songs ever made by them. Jump in Fire is also one of my favorites, I wish I had a guatier to learn how to play it on.
  13. Blue Truth

    Whats the scariest Movie around?

    [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Mei [/i] [B][color=green]Am I the ONLY person who WASN'T scared by The Ring?T.T I feel strange...movies never scare me..unless they have clowns in them...>> I would suggest The Ring though, only because it's disturbing.>> Anything with a creepy murderer too, maybe Jeepers Creepers.*hasn't ACTUALLY seen it*Oo I don't find movies very scary though, maybe that's why I love horror movies.>>[/color] [/B][/QUOTE] I to thought that the ring was not Scary, i mean sure, it had its creepy moments, like when the girl to walks out of the tv, but none the less, the movie it self was not scary, it was a pretty good plot, but they could hace made it better, and the ending to me, was VERY desapointing. None the less, I liked the Ring, just not as a sacry movie.
  14. Blue Truth

    Need a new computer?

    Ok, heres the deal, I need a new computer, my 733 celeron is not(and never has been) cutting it. And really, thou I'm new, I'm putting trust in the member here, cuase we are all anime fans here. :D ANy way, I'll put what I want, and I want some of you to give me the cheaper price, I want a 2.5 AMD atholon XP, 1024 meg of ddr ram at 2700, 80 gig hard drive-and a DVD/cd burner combo drive, and no case, or power suply needed, Please post here as soon as possible, and if you live in orlando email me at *********** and put computer as the subject, if not put on, I will not answer it. Please help me with this, I just can't tell where to buy from. I tried going to price watch.com, and tigerdirect.com.
  15. Blue Truth

    Good or Evil?

    Kinda like Tsukasa from .hack\\sign, witch comes to remind me, there making the .hack, online game for computer, its pretty much like the one for PS2, except its online, with other players, and like the show, there really is no purpose to the game, you just play it for its fun, or for other personal goals, I think the link for where I read this is EBgames, I'll see if I can find it later.