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The wind and The trees

Samgee Gamwise

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[size=3][b]The Wind and The Trees[/b][/size]

The wind blows.
The trees sway.

The wind blows away
And more wind will come,

Yet, when a tree shakes, and bows
Naught else shall be moved.

And when a sprig springs
Who shelters it, but the fair, strong oak.

Also, when a small breeze is born,
Who looks out for it?

Does the gale watch over it?
Is the tornado wary of its presence?

And though the wind starts where it can,
The Redwood's roots are intertwined.

Why is the wind so care-free and jovial?
Playing with every item it can lift into its hands.

And how does a tree slow it all to a still?
Revealing all of the wind's invisibly wild schemes.

As time blows by, the rings,
They grow longer and larger.

Calm down swift wind!
Be more like your friend the tree.

Slow to change, ever cautious
Strong in his convictions.

Not forgetting his roots
Which hold him in all majesty, and humbleness.

:mrt: :toothy: :naughty:
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