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Poke'mon Stadium, HELP ME!


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Ok, heres the thing, I've beaten all the tournaments in The first Stadium but 1, the masterball level of the lvl 50-55 category, no matter what I do I can't win! Any suggustions for stragities I could use or pokemon suggustions, right now I'm bout to re-enter and I've got:

Vapeoren Lvl 54
Joelton: lvl 51
Flareon: lvl 51
Gengar: lvl 50
Dragonair: lvl 51
Golem: lvl 51

I think the lvl 1-100 was so easy cuz I had all my best pokemon al lvl 80-90 so i rare candied em' up and won, but, Help me someone. I've been at this for almost a year and I'm completely stumped.
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[color=royalblue]Ah, Pokémon Stadium Round 1... How it frustrated me. I saved PokéCup for last too, lol. I found that this team worked wonders.

Articuno Lv. 52
Ice Beam
Peck (Yeah, I know.... Ick.)

Blastoise Lv. 50
Ice Beam
Hydro Pump

Raichu Lv. 53
Mega Kick
Body Slam

Charizard Lv. 51
Fire Blast

Pidgeot Lv. 51
(Can't remember the last move)

Venusaur Lv. 52
Vine Whip
Razor Leaf
Sleep Powder
Stun Spore

It has some overlap, and some weaknesses, but they worked. I just chose Pokémon I thought fit the situation, and it was a breeze. Try your luck with that one.[/color]
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well now that you mention it, I am stuck on R2 poke cup and i used the same pokemon that i used for the first round and i only got to the third person. and then i raised some more naturally through battle and they just sucked even worse! what is a Pokemon Trainer to do?
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[color=royalblue]Well, R2 is incredibly more difficult than R1, it would require a bit more strategy. I would suggest upgrading the Pokémon you used in R1, as in, if you used any Pokémon not fully evolved, use the evolved form, and switch up to some more powerful moves. Take note of what Pokémon you opponent is using and try to see a pattern to what they're doing. Some were pretty evident in R1, but they may be a little harder to figure out in R2. Just think things through, and you should be fine.[/color]
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Guest Crimson Spider
Trust me, round 2 is almost twice as hard. I could barely get past it myself. I would say the best thing to do with your team is to go with a level 53 and the rest 51, that way you aren't forced to use the same pokemon over again. What are their movesets?

Otherwise a psychic woud definatly help.
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The best level combination(for me) is either 55, 50, 50, or 52, 52, 51. In the case of 55, 50, 50, I usually have a level 55 taurus with hyper beam, earthquake, Thunder Bolt, and Ice Beam. It can stand up to almost any kind of an opponent, and can destroy one pokemon quickly with a hyper beam. Some pokemon that were used in the tournaments were: Taurus, Alakazaam, Jolteon, Starmie, Laplas, Exxecutor, Kangaskan, Jynx, Dugtrio, Chansey, Zaptos, Articuno, Gengar, etc. Many people used Taurus, Alakazaam, Jolteon, and Starmie. Taurus and Starmie can pretty much do anything sine Taurus can learn ice beam, thunder bolt and earthquake, and Starmie can do similar move sets except w/ psychic and recover.
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