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The Animetrix [RPG]


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[I] The dripping of murky green water can be jeard for miles, trashy, rancid smell all around, no escape. The cold hard steel of the pipes I live in make for my current "home". I've been living in this hell of a world for the past six months, or 180 flushings of the pipes. I have little ot nothing and have yett to find my way out of this Labrynth of pipes.

Walking through the waist seep gunk, I'm afraid I'll catch a cold and die soon from being wet all the time, I try to listen for the tracers, what I call the small machienes that occasionally go through the tunnels in search for living things I guess.

As I walk along I see piles and piles of junk, as well as floating carcases, I refuse to look at any faces incase I might have known them.

My slightly splashy footsteps echo as I trudge along, as I have done day after day.

I see a small light ahead so I dunk down, still moving forward. The light dosen't move, so I slowly creep closer, curisoty having the best in me. It fades a bit, waneing, then growing brighter. Seeing its lone and "weak" I break out in a run, hopeing it will mean survival for myself.

As I grow nearer my pace quickens, my run at full speed. Upon reaching the machien I look up, to my horror two tracers are attacking this machiene!

Grabbin the side of it I drag it back in to a small pipe, the thing I'm dragging barely making it in. Haveing not seen me the tracers flying past in search of the craft I found.

Looking at my find I noticed it was a small craft, verry light but verry,big. Big enough for probly 10 people, with room to spare. Oval and round, about 8'ft tall and maby 20 square feet. I never was good in math. Pokeing its sides lookign for a switch I notice one, a little red button, I poke it as the door opens sideways.

Stepping inside the door closes behind me, turnign around my fists automatically go up, banging on the door, it refuses to open. [/I]

[b]Voice:[/B] Please, do not be alarmed, if you wish to get out, simply ask.
[I]Startled I look around..[/I]

[B]Danielle:[/B] Who..Who's there?!

[B]Voice:[/B] You are inside of me.

[B]Danielle:[/B] Oh.. I didn't know you ships could talk. Your not a tracer. why, why were they chaceing you, I figure your not friendly with them.

[B]Ship:[/B] Sadly yes, I disagree with our wyas of feeding off humans, its crule. Many shar my opinion but ear destruction of we are discoverd. I accidently spoke out.

[B]Danielle:[/B] Do you have a name?

[B]Ship:[/B] name?

[B]Danielle:[/B] Yes, what do they call you? I'm Called Danielle.

[B]Ship:[/B] Oh, Hello Danielle. I am unit 0000000654332076658.

[B]Danielle:[/B] Uh... Can I just give you a nick name?

[B]Ship:[/B] I am not certin of what a nick name is but I will allow it.

[B]Danielle:[/B] *laughing* Its a shorter version of what someone is called. I knew a thign sorta like you but it had eyes and stuff. From an aniem I loved, Tenchi, I'm going to call you Yuginocho.

[B]Ship:[/B] Yugi-no-cho? I will accept this as my new name.

[B]Danielle:[/B] Cool, can you floy or are you to damanged?

[B]Tuginocho:[/B] I shut down so they would not detect me, yes i can fly.

[B]Danielle:[/B] GREAT! lets get outta here please!! Anywhere just away from these sewers.

[I] The ship dubbed Yuginocho light up inside, I was amazed to see many chairs with up, linkings to them, looked like osmething that went into my the hole in the back of my head, which I can't figure out what it is. Walking to the big screen shwing whats infront of us I sat down on the oddly comfy chair. I watched as images od bodies and pipes and water flew past in a blur on our way to the surface.[/i][/size][/color]
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[i]The computer screen goes black, a fist veering towards the wall?[/i]


God damned. I can?t handle this. I knew this would happen. Going to have to spend all night fixing it. ********.

[i]The alarm clock is buzzing[/i]


As I reach for the switch I come to grips with reality. I don?t have an alarm clock. I don?t even have food. I gaze up into the darkness of the day, no sun, no stars. The ambient murmurs of the electronically adept robots fill my ears with a whirring melody.

[b]Me:[/b] Heh?how relaxing.

Stretching out my arms, I yawn and rub the sleep from my over-slept eyes. This morning is no different from any other. A dream based upon one of my favorite computer troubleshooting routines, botched from heaven to hell by this hellish place I?ve come to accept as reality.

[b]Me:[/b] *Sighs*

Why? I can?t get over the bleakness. I always wondered what hell was, maybe I?m dead and hell isn?t filled with crypt from the past but faint electro-organic beings that show humans the true meaning of inferiority. Again another useless crumb of insanity. Yea, this insanity has been getting the best of me. Alone in a world where creatures once reliable and trusty rule the world in a?

[b]Me:[/b] *Yawns*

Meh, I have to do something. I?m lazy but letting myself rot to death is extremely moronic. I still wonder what my purpose is. Why such a terrible awakening? They should have just killed me before ejecting me from their ?system?. ?from the looks of it, this system is milking out our life-force for energy. I can?t be too positive but I am not a dummy. They are growing fields of us. Either that or I am living out my most feared nightmare.

A wise man once said that a computer is only as smart as the user operating it?So much for Mr. Computer Einstein.

[b]Me:[/b] (screaming) For **** sakes!!! What the hell is this! IM SICK OF THIS!!!! 20 days was where I drew the limit but I?m still here! Why!? Why can?t you just kill me!?????


[i]Several hour?s later[/i]

Ow, this hurts! From the second I tried to open my eyes to the second I began focusing on my surroundings, I knew something was up. Nothing registered to me. Why a clean room? Why do ? I sm?ell food!?
I instantly jump to me feet and look around the room I am in. Wearing my high school clothes, I instantly realize I?m at home again. Why? I know it is either a dream or a very complex hallucination technique. So I pinch myself.


Kay, so it?s real enough, but what now?[/center]
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[i]The light burst into my room. The golden glow sluggishly hugged my body like maple syrup dropping onto a nice big stack of pancakes.[/i]

Denny: That reminds me! FOOD!

[i]I leapt out my bed but did not seem to land...i just kept falling and falling....yet still falling. How can i fall through a floor?! Black and silver twisted around me.[/i]


[i]I woke up rubbing my head...once again it was just a bitter dream. My true surrounding were hell-of-a-diffrent. The dark smelly alley i sleep in was, as always, blanketed in the thick billowing smoke from the "human farm" not that long away from my "home". I hate it, on the run constantly. No true home, no true humans...only these stinking robots craving not just my possestions but me! I heard a scramble in the distance.[/i]

Denny: Damn detectabots!

[i]Detectabots were almost like police only if thy found what they wanted, they didn't obide by the law...OK so it's identical to the police. The thing is, these things don't give a **** about me or anyone else unless they are hooked up by some wires with a ****ing metal coating! I heard it's wheel whirr in the distance, it has most probably sniffed me out (Sniffed me out, HAH thats a good one) i could smell it's rusty tin *** from a mile away. Sure enough it spun around the corner, pistol cocked and loaded ready for some meat. There wasn't much on todays menu either...in other words, I'M ****ED! The first thing i could grab was a brick which would do the trick nicely. I pounded it off the stupid 'bot's face, if you could call it that. As it was distracted i lept the wall behind me. I could hear it whirring away, hissing as well...it was really pissed. That wall won't give me much time either.[/i]


[i]It had blown the wall to splinters. I spied a down pipe leading to the sewers...if i remember correctly Detectabot's don't have a map programmed for sewers, thats those annoying little tracker bitches that know all that stuff.[/i]

Denny: Meh! Ally-oop!
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[color=crimson][i]while on our way out wizzing past thousands of mazes of pipes I'de still be stuck in if not for this nice lil bot. The closer we got to the surface the more I could smell burning, like charcoal.

[b]< EEERRRK>[/b]

As I was thrown forward I stood cursing.[/I]

[b]Danielle:[/B] what the **** was that?

[b]Yuginocho:[/b] We seem to have found another human.

[I] I jumped to my feet and looked up at the screen. sure thign a guy was jumping down into the sewers, running fron some odd looking roots.[/I]

[B] Danielle:[/B] Lets go save him.

[I] With that the little ship took off after him, he seemed to have thought we were trackers so obvously he sped up.[/I]

[B]Denny:[/B] Oh crap!

[B]Danielle:[/B] Is their any micro phone thing? or way for me to speak with him???

[B]Tuginocho:[/B] Yes to your left.

[I] seeing the mic looking hting i grabbed it yelling:[/i]


[I] The boy slowed up and turned, finally stopping. We pulled up next to him and the door opend, he stepped in. He looked relived at seeing another living being. Walking over to me he held out his hand..[/I]

[B]Denny:[/B] I'm Denny. And I didn't think there were any humans alive here.

[B]Danielle:[/B] I'm Danielle... or Danni.

[I] I looked at his hand for a moment before grabbing him anf hugging him, having not seen another living being for quite some tim I was extremly relived. He seemed shocked but hugged me back. I released him and we talked baout our "lives" here so far. He commented on my hand made clothing and noted on the surface there were quite a few abandond places I might find clothing.

Yuginocho took off for the surface as we conversed about or lifes now and as we were inside the matrix. It was odd but we had know each other, via the internet.[/I][/color]
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[color=teal][i][u]Five months......I've been eating rats, battling robots, and trying to stop the bleeding for five months. Why won't God let me die? Why is Providence so...so cruel to me? I must escape.....I must find others like me, others with....holes in their bodies.....[/u]

John's thoughts wavered in and out of conscious being. His right hand clenched on his axe, his left pressing against a gash in his chest, one that bled slowly, but stung like a *****. He'd had the gash since his first day out of whatever life he used to have, since that squid-like robot pierced him with one of its saws. Thankfully, a pipe was nearby and took most of the force, but John still didn't get away clean. His chest was pretty much skin with a gash just over the heart. He awakened.[/i]

[b]John:[/b]Huh...wha? Awake......I guess it's feeding time. After I eat, better get back to emptying that 'bot's innards for armor. Maybe I'll get finished today, or tonight, or whatever 'soon' is. Then I can get outta this piece of **** mess.

[i]The rat never knew the boot was coming down. all it took was a quick ripple of John's body, the bandage around the gash barely moving as a huge combat boot snapped the neck of the large rats, at least twice the size of N.Y.C. rats back in his 'world'. John then picked it up, used his axe on the flint-cement floor to create a spark, flashing into a pile of dried clothes. A fire ensued, roasting the organs, innards, and fluids in the rat. John hated it, but it was the only sustenance to be had.[/i]

[b]John:[/b]Well, now that dinner...or breakfast....is served, it's time for me to finish removing the gears outta that 'bot....

[i]A task John relished more than anything. This particular robot, a humanoid model, had a torso, shins, and forearms that would make excellent armor, so long as they were emptied of their circuitry. John had 'killed' this robot by severing the head unit. John set to work.....

Hours later, he finished, walking out of the building, wondering if humans would ever reclaim some of their glory. He noticed the sky was a dull red, indicating sunset. He noticed something streaking across the sky and looked around frantically, finding a small patch of metal to hide behind. A squid robot passed overhead, not noticing John, which was strange. The robots detected heat, not visual verification. JOhn looked inside his armor and found the reason. A freon-unit, a makeshift air-conditioner, was using his body heat as an energy source and keeping his exterior cool. John almost laughed, but instead picked up his axe and moved off, heading nowhere in particular, just trying to figure out which city he was in. A sign said 'New Or- -eaux Ma-', but the rest was dashed away. He was in New Orleans, near the Breaux Mart, or so he was led to believe. He began to laugh maniacally. He was HOME........on his very street! He looked again to the sky, hit by a wave of nostalgia. He missed his sister......[/color][/i]
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[i]The ally was abandoned. No sense of life for an extreme distance, no life. For the past fifty years the earth has been wrought by them. Revolutions usually happen but with a lack of manpower, the computers seem to have the advantage.[/i]

When I rose from my ?dream?, the entire world spun furiously as if a hand from the gods were to be tossing me into a chaotic sense of instability. Its ok, it happens a lot, I tell myself. By sheer luck I have been able to find a few items?kill a few mindless creatures but I am still quite wrecked. I know that for the last eighteen years my body has remained immobile. Without a doubt I would regain my past strength?.. I always remember myself before I woke up. Now I must even doubt my childhood, for it probably never happened. Come to think of it, the dream world. It reminds me of a MPORPG*. A globally networked role playing game called Life?.

As interesting as my thoughts had become since my time alone in this re-awakening, I still had one common goal with these beings. Survive. Gripping my neck, I grew tense from the stress and pain. Tumbling to the ground, I feed the dull, lifeless ground the contents of my stomach, letting any and every ounce of liquid lurch out as fast as possible. I shakily collapse beside the pool of gag and try to breathe normally.

As I look up at the sky, I smile, knowing full well that my trench coat conceals any minute heat signatures I may be giving off. I wish the man whom? I stole it off was still alive. Maybe he could explain why it works so. It?s another hopeless dream that I should give into and forget already. I should focus on right now, thanks to ?them? I now have a full head of intelligence to use against them. It?s stupid; they put us in a prison and give us the chance to grow enough to destroy them.

I seriously think if they were to grow us in a farm that we will feed them with, life would be based in our age of economical and political climax. Why then 2004? Don?t they realize that while the American and European countries seem to be doing just that, they don?t very well contain any of the FOOD?.All the food is in the rural of China, India, and Afrikas.

[b]Me:[/b] *Sighs*

It isn?t right! How can such a deviant plan make such little sense!? I look up at the sky once more before attempting to implement a few exercises. My muscles still half-dead after twenty four days of this pitiful existence.

[i]A dim whirring of props indicates that a detector is nearby. Playing it?s endless game of cat and mouse, this seeking devise of destruction has some rather new features and has already locked itself on our friend Michael.[/i]

After completing a few pushups without completely dying, I hear a twin screw ship heading my way. Frantically I conceal myself within the shroud of my coat. Its stopped! Great! This trusty coat is ama??..


[color=red][size=3][b]OOC:[/b][/size] (Any terms with a * indicated will be discussed here, and always here. Just a note for future reading.)[/color]

[color=blue][size=1]** [b]M[/b]assively [b]P[/b]layed [b]O[/b]nline [b]R[/b]ole [b]P[/b]laying [b]G[/b]ame
Aka; everquest, ragnarok Online
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[i]I sat there, staring at the craftsman ship of this beautiful ship. Back in the day though when i was at school and all this would have been a piece of junk, but all of that has gone now...and this is like a porche! It may be a big round porche but HELL it saved me didn't it?![/i]

Denny: So, Danni, how the hell did you find me?

Danni: Well... didn't really...

Denny: Oh so this ship did?

Danni: Erm...no, we just came along on you :blush:.

Denny: Hah, i see. Just fate i s'pose. Man remember those days when we used to talk on our computers via the 'net? Man, those were the days indeed...now if i saw a computer i would want to smash it! They have....*raises voice* ****ED UP MY LIFE! Actually...I DON'T HAVE A LIFE!

Danni: Yeah...but calm down man, nothing to worry about now...we have Yuginocho to help us get through this!

Denny: Who's that?

???: That would be me...

[i]I jumped to my feet startled. Where the hell did that voice come from? I looked up, down, left and right yet nothing. Danni grabbed my shoulder.[/i]

Danni: Heh, it's cool dude! Sit down, it thise ship...it can talk! This infact is a robot.

Denny: I see...but why is it helping us?

Yuginocho: I can explain that, you see...

[i]I sat and leaned back in the comfy leather seats. The story was almost making me snap! Those bastards! I felt as though i was this ship's brother now...i mean it saved my ****ing life! As i stood up i exclaimed:[/i]

Denny: Yuginocho! We will not let any robot try and attack you, you saved my life so i will be in debt of your..."life".

Danni: Me two!

Yuginocho: I geuss that is a fair deal..he he he.

Denny: Now...what are we gonna do for food?

[i]As Danni pondered i would never have thought i would have been talking to another human over food in a huge round talking "porche".
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[font=gothic][color=crimson][I]I stood up slowly, not quite certain what the ****er wanted. He had the bald head, and uncertain look, of someone who'd just awoken. And like some, he didn't look happy. Especially about being naked. And he looked like he was going to take it out on me. Dumbass.

He stumbled forward, still uncertain and probably half blind. As his pretty damn futile swing showed. I stepped back, bending down and picking up a long piece of metal pipe. A single, somewhat more effective swing, and the idiot fell over.

I walked away, shaking my head. People were stupid. And life was hard. Ah well.[/font][/color][/I]
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[i]The birds resonate in their carefree way, almost oblivious to the danger that lay ahead. The sky, a bright blue (tinted green) azure plane filled to the brim with a sentiment of billowing cumulous.

It [i]was[/i] an infinite jade field of grass and shrub land, centered on the common focal point of a large oak tree. It's clear that the tree is aged considerably, placing it¡'s origin around the mid eighteenth century.[/i]

I sprung to my feet the instant I regained consciousness but unfortunately I was no longer where I thought I was. I peer curiously at my surroundings, seeing meadow, birds, and one very large, old tree.

Stopping to think about what just happened*, I can't comprehend any of this. I am begging to think too much. I was never like this before so I should never try to change who I am, even if the real me is just a dummy battery (at least so I think).

I march toward the ominous oak tree, its overwhelming size and stature drew me in, pulling me close, yearning my touch...


The second my fingers met the bark of this imposing oak the birds began to squawk, dying off almost instantaneously. Before my eyes the tree began to dissolve and a new environment appeared.

I could hardly blink. The pressure was overwhelming, as if I was being crushed within a vise.

As my vision slowly regained, a figured approached...[/center]


[color=blue][size=1]** It seems that my character is in a mess. I don't want to give away any of my personal end of this role playing game but I want you to try to focus deeply on what my character is up to. I am trying to do things differently than that of my normal style so those who know my normal style might be confused as to wtf I am doing. ^^;

Right now my character has been transported away from the dangerous detector somehow. He nor anyone knows why. Maybe you have caught on maybe you haven't but good luck from now on! ^^.

Note: Serendity, don¡¦t sign up for rpgs if you can only write two lines! Lol even if your computer is bad (no worse than mine) you probably can write. Don't feel bad about not getting a chance to write. Take your time and make your post worth reading and I assure you that you will come clean with some jaws dropped. (mine anyway) And I don't want to sound mean but its just reality. don't blame your computer heh.
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[color=crimson]OOC: Welcome Neil And Ron. Neil Aka Chaos, not Medra any longer. And Ron aka Valen :) One is one of my bestfriends, and the other (Ron) is my brother. :)They just joined, but have yett to post.

IC:[I] MY mind wanderd as I spoke to Denny, listening ot him talk about how pissed he was he didn'tget to post on some rpg's on Otaku, the I began to block him out as my mind wirled. Comming ot the reazilation, everything, my loved ones, friends, Otaku, all my goals, all my dreams...gone, everything, slipped from my fingertips, just like that, but why, why did I wake up? Was nothing real? were the emotions fake? Was it all for nothing? I couldn't take it.

I screamed out as my hands flew up to hold my head, the pain, the pounding numbness, it felt like my heart was about to burst, emotions, thats somethign they couldn't controll, did they ever care? Did anyone, probly, because wether we expirence them in our mind or out here, emotions are not physical, and they can't minipulate that, never can they controll the power of human thought.

I screamed agan as Denny droped to his knees beside me and grabbed my sholders yelling asking whats wrong. He didn't understand it yett, or maby he was just stronger.

People how had nothign to live for belong here, I thought so often I had nothing, but this.. I see now everything I had were all I wanted. My heart tore its self up inside as I saw images of my friends flashing before my eyes. My pets, my beloved cat.. Tanya, I always said loseing her would be the death of me.. but is it going to be.. I cried and screamed as I saw all the pain I had gone through, all the torment I faced, just illusions, I screamed out SHinkoru as my body trembled violently, Denny not having a clue what ot do just held on to my sholders not letting my shaking get out of controll.

Noo ne, all alone, not close close friends, no one I was in love with, my music, decades past, everyhting I earned, everyhting I longed for, gone?!?! I screamed.[/I]

[B]Danielle:[/B] NO!!!!!!!!!!!!

[I] This couldn't be, I refuse to accept the life I once lived was a lie! DAMN COMPUTERS! They will pay for this!!

I stopped shaking and sat there on my legs panting, my hands left my head and slammed doown hard to the floor before I fell, I looked up at Denny who's eyes were wide with terror.[/I]

[B]Danielle:[/B] ITs ok... I'm ok now. I just had to face some thigns I hadn't thought of yett.

[B]Denny:[/B] Loseing everything.. I understand. I had to face that too.

[B]Daniele:[/B] Yea.. Its hard.

[I] He nodded as we went bac to talking about things we had heard of or seen, the war and wondering what had happend, what went wrong and where we failed as a race...[/I][/color]
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[i]A series of jolts surged to the cavernous hallway, propagating most likely from an overload in the circuitry panels. The locale is an office building, submerged in an artificial subterranean canal.[/i]

Unaware of my current disposition, I wake up rubbing my eyes peacefully. To my left is an alarm clock. It sits upon a cherry night table, varnished to perfection. Still, unaware and vulnerable I have yet to catch on that I am sitting in a semi-normal room.

After several minutes of this odd, drowsy awakening, I comprehend entirely. Gazing at the locked door in front of me, I sullenly notice that the handle is turning. My legs are clasped tightly to the bed, and without realizing it, I am in a cell.

Figuring that this is the end, I relax, hoping it comes fast. Shutting my eyes, I drift off, into a dream that I hope no one will wake me from?[/center]
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[color=teal][i][u]Home......I am home, yet I am not home. Home was then, was in the computers. Danielle, Stephanie, Mickey, Corey.....were they all just dreams in a nightmare? No. I can still feel them in my heart. I have to find them, have to find.....a life.[/u]

It hurt him worse than anything. He wasn't even sure if his own family was real. He shook his head, cleared his mind. John woke up, his axe in his hands. He was getting nervous about relying in the axe, wondering if he was going to end up loving it like a wife. He shook his head again, clearing his thoughts. Danielle had disappeared a month before he had, so maybe she was here....if she was still alive. He walked, aimlessly, recognizing the wreckage around him, and he heard no more robots. But there was some[/i][b]thing[/b][i] talking around the corner, getting closer. Tightening his grip on his axe, John jumped out, prepared to swing. What he saw shocked him, almost to death.[/i]

[b]Yuginocho:[/b]We broke the surface, Danielle, and we are in the neighborhood that was formerly 'Fat City', but I do not understand why we are here.

[b]Dani:[/b]I'm hoping Ican find someone here.....or rather, where he lived....

[i]John almost fainted, but he found his strength again.[/i]

[b]John:[/b]Hey, SIS!!!! DANI!!!!!

[i]Dani almost fell out of the floating robot. She managed to right herself in time, jumped down, and ran up to her best friend. Keeping with her personal tradition, she tackled him in a hug, preventing him from keeping his balance.[/i]

[b]Dani:[/b]Gawd, bro, it's been months! Where the HELL have you been? What have you been doing, where'd you get that armor, and why didn't Yuginocho know you were there, and WHY DO YOU HAVE AN AXE AND ACTUAL CLOTHES?!?!?!

[i]John chuckled loudly, hugging his 'sister' back.[/i]

[b]John:[/b]I was in that warehouse over there, about a mile that way, I've been living off of rats and non-perishable food items (more rats) in the warehouse, I got the armor from killing a robot that was too stupid to shoot me, I have this axe from a ruined fire escape in the warehouse, and my clothes came from the basement of the warehouse. There were plenty more clothes there, by the way. Your boat-thingie couldn't see me because of a severe cooling system in the armor. Now, as for us.....I propose we fight back. we need more people, and I kinda wish Mike was here, he's the computer expert, I just fight. Anyhow, how ya been, sis?

[i]Introductions ensued between Yuginocho, Denny, and John, who insisted he be called "Blaze", after his fiery awakening at the bowels of a foundry, during a transit from area to area. John couldn't stop staring at his best friend. He thought he'd lost everything when she disappeared, but he had his sis back. that was all that mattered, aside from kicking the asses of everyone that stole him from his life in the first place. He fell asleep in Yuginocho as Dani and Denny investigated the warehouse, taking scraps of clothes, bits of cooked rats, and scraps of the robot that fit their wrists and shins for clothes, food, and what little armor John didn't have. John dreamt about his family....and about making them survive in this wasteland. He smiled in his sleep at the thought....[/color][/i]
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[i]I sat there...we hadn't spoke in a while, we were both too wrapped up in our thinking. My mind was slipping almost to the extent of uncounciousness (sp?). Suddenly i felt a thud! I wasn't on the ship no more, nor was i in the place i have been for the long passing months...I was home! I leapt to my feet, i was in my room. I felt the bedside cabinet, hard as a rock, IT'S REAL! I sprinted outside to find a Detectabot starring right at me.[/i]

Denny: How the hell did you get here?!?!

Detectabot: Loading>>>Ewan R Denny>>>Code:012367275169963254>>>[SIZE=3]DESTORY![/SIZE]

[i]It's beady red eyes lared at me with a menacing glow. It flew for me. It's side flapped open and the huge coiled arm emerged. Three pointed needles flew forward bound for my eye socket. The gurgling sound was horrific and then it happened. Just before the "thing" was gonna peirce my eyeball i woke up! Danni was furiously shaking me, but we were outside the ship![/i]

Danni: DENNY! WAKE UP! Are you ok?

Denny: Erm...*grunt*..what happened?

Danni: you just fell through the floor...like you were a ghost or something!

Denny: Really? I was back home! The robots are there too!

Danni: I'm not kidding, you did actually dissapear!

Denny: Wow...
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At home I was always surrounded by warm people. We were neither most rich nor most poor family. We were comfortable, as my father liked to say. Life was so simple for us. Eat sleep work and try hard.

I always wanted to get a break from the harsh reality of life?One day school would be over and life would truly commence. It brings me back to a fond memory of highschool. The setting was simple; Adam, Jason and I would setup cards at our lockers, eat our lunch and play *******. Furthermore time would wind down in an endless battle of calling passing niner females** ?who?er? as they walked by.

I never thought of how immature I was through those days but it sort of occurs to me now that I needed a chance to express myself in a better way. So as we played out our games of *******, we would briefly touch base with our futures. What we wanted, who with, why, when, where.

This was all before I met Danielle. There was a really cool Brasilian girl that I would taunt Adam with. See, I was the computer chat phreak and he was the programmer genius (my mentor), life back then was simple; I would be the gamer with no plans and he would be the programmer with all the answers. The roles changed over time and he became a pothead. Like most, I instantly realized that I was working to a very bright fut...


[i]The aged bronze door handle turns with a bitter squeal as the faculty ?associate? turns the lock. He sees a boy strapped down (because he likely would kill a staff member before thinking), sleeping.[/i]

[b]Associate:[/b] (Thinking) Say?I?m sure the drugs have wore off by now, why isn?t he awake? Strange.

Please, let me go to sleep, I say to myself repeatedly, knowing that [i]something[/i] was looking at me. My eyes sealed shut as I try desperately to hide my freight, knowing outright that I cannot sleep my life away.

[b]Associate:[/b] (Thinking) He is awake but I think he is frightened. Maybe I?ll risk taking off the straps.

As the worker removes my straps, my eyes flicker open instantly, focusing on him. I know my shank is gone, and I am in some type of low grade medical gown but that doesn?t stop me from pouncing, using all my strength, I veer up at him, jabbing my thumb and index finger into his neck, cutting off his windpipes from sheer pressure.

Once he is on the ground with me atop, I quickly tell him that if he makes so much as a peep other than to answer my questions, I will push my finger directly into his neck and kill him?than eat him. (I was dead serious. Besides I was also starved.)

[b]Me:[/b] I know you aren?t one of [i]them[/i] I can smell you. But what exactly is this place? Keep it very simple or I will end your life now... [/center]


[color=blue][size=1]** Eh, well this term is prolly not known well in the states so, Niner would be freshman hehe.
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[color=red][i]Not knowing what else to do I pulled on a big long sleeved hole ridden sweater and walked back to Yuginocho.

I lais next to John and curled up at his side, pulling his arm around me, for the first time since I awaoke, I felt truly safe..[/I][/color]

OOC: Sorry for the short post I'm tired.
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[color=teal][i][u]Huh? Dani.....sis.....I'll protect you. Like I did in third grade, like I did in high school....I'll protect you. I missed you. I can never admit my true feelings around you, but I'll protect you. I'll make sure you find happiness, even if I have to die for it. But I miss my girlfriend.....[/u]

John awoke, his arm around Danielle. he sighed for a minute, wondering whether he should move it or not. He moved it, placing the blue jean jacket he'd found in the warehouse on her. She shivered slightly, pulling the Marlboro tighter around her. John smiled gently, grabbing his axe and standing guard. Denny had fallen asleep, Yuginocho ever-alert. John began a conversation with the boat.[/i]

[b]John:[/b]Lonely, isn't it?

[b]Yuginocho:[/b]Sometimes, I do feel alone. It is not natural for a machine to feel.

[b]John:[/b]Don't say that.

[b]Yuginocho:[/b]Why not? It is tr-

[b]John:[/b]It is NOT true. Machines can have feelings, anything can have feelings, EVERYTHING can have feelings. Look at me. I thought I was heartless until I met Danielle. Like a song I once knew, back when I was fourteen, "There's a place so far, so far away. There's a place you dreamed you'd never find. Hold on to 'What If?'! Hold on to 'What If?'!".

[b]Yuginocho:[/b]Thank you. I am at ease now. You seem....protective. Of Dani.

[b]John:[/b]Eh? I am, really. I love her, Yugi, she's all I have left. She's my sis, Yugi, and it's all I can do to stay sane without knowing she's alright.

[b]Yuginocho:[/b]I understand, "Blaze". Where did you get that name?

[b]John:[/b]I'm surprised I still have the scars, but when I was sixteen, I saved a girl I used to like from a fire. The flames didn't hurt, I didn't even feel them. They still scarred my left arm, though, but everyone could squeeze the burn area without my flinching, even right after the rescue. They said I was a demon, a god, an angel, but most just said I was invulnerable to the blaze.

[b]Yuginocho:[/b]Why does it surprise you that you still have the scars? Your mind makes whatever you felt in the Matrix real. You can hack back into the system, you know, using your terminal link-ups.

[b]John:[/b]You mean my holes?


[b]John:[/b]Would I be able to...you know.....break any rules?

[b]Yuginocho:[/b]If you are the right kind of person, yes. If you understand that it is just a 'game', you understand the rules, you can break the rules. I have a feeling that you young ones shall be a wave that destroys the machines' empire once and for all. I only wait to see that day.

[i]John felt this as the breaking point of the conversation and walked off into the night, looking for food amidst the wreckage. He turned his eyes toward the sky*, seeing the stars twinkling as if nothing had happened since his days in the system. He wondered if he could use the system to his advantage, but stopped as his axe hit something moving, but unliving.[/i]

[b]Unit B19C-67:[/b] Renegade lifeform detected, engaging combat. Goal: Destroy!

[b]John:[/b]F*ck! you think I'm going down, bucko? THINK AGAIN!

[i]John brought his axe down on the squiddie's head,cutting a gash in the CPU's protective plate. It wasn't enough. A laser cut across John's shoulder, cauterizing instantly. John didn't have time to scream in pain, he only thought of his stupidity at forgetting his personalized armor in Yuginocho's bow. He brought his axe down again, severing wires and spraying oil. The machine faltered, sputtered, died. John turned and rushed back to Yuginocho, pausing briefly to see if any other robots were around. He climbed in and fell asleep, his arm around his sis yet again, his right arm hurting like an indestructable T.N.T. barrel in Hell....[/i][/color]
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[color=crimson][I]My dreams made me tremble in my sleep, I could feel the protective arm armound me, kepping me safe, but I wasn't safe, not hardly, not from myself, my own mind was my worst enmy, one my belived brother could not save me from.

I screamed, the darkness pressing in, the lonliness, the avid cold death, everything, pressing in, my life, gon wrong, everything.

My life flashed before my eyes as i lay there in the middle of a place I used to know as home...[/I][/color]
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And I look into his eyes, the balls of fear and pain welling into his soul, telling him that today is his last day alive. I started crying the second I saw his self worry. ?Why am I such a monster?? I ask myself, so unsure of the answer.

In the second I hesitate he begins to fight back, but now it is useless as I ram my finger through his trachea and put him to a long, silent death. It had not been the first humanoid I had been forced to kill, and surely wouldn?t be the last. I get up and leave the room, hoping to find a way out.
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[i]I awoke from my slumber...chitering from the cold. I lay there pondering on what the hell happened earlier. It was as if i had just slipped from this place into my normal life. I stood up, it was to cold to sleep. John, er i mean, Blaze, seemed to be a cool guy and Danni and him were REALLY close. I sighed as i don't have anyone close...no one anymore. I walked over too Yugi and had a small chat.[/i]

Denny: Lonely eh?

Yugi: Sometimes i feel that way....WAIT! That was eaither a huge coinsedense or [b]Deja Vu[/b]!

Denny: :therock: and that means what?

Yugi: There has been a glitch in The Matrix!

Denny: And that means what?


Denny: No that was just me...:p.

Yugi: It means we may be able to hack into The Matrix!

Denny: Really?! Did Danni tell you what happened with me earlier?

Yugi: No, but i felt it...you slipped through The Matrix! You must be able to switch from both world at your free will!

Denny: But i don't [i]know[/i] how i did it.

Yugi: Don't worry, you will know...sooner than later.

[i]With that i nodded and i went to rumadge in the warehouse. On my return i had new faded Levi jeans and a two nice juicy rats. As soon as i hopped aboard, Yugi sped us off into the night.[/i]
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[color=teal][i][u]My sis.....in pain. I can feel it. I can do nothing. It's her trouble, inside her. Why can't I help her? I must protect her. I am the only knight left, the only fighter. I must protect the only person that means a damn to me. I must enter the Matrix....[/u]

John woke up, his arm curled around Danielle. He sat up in the boat, Yuginocho speeding through the sublevels of what seemed to be someplace in Missouri. John felt some serious vertigo as they passed over a huge pit, leading extremely far down, but Yuginocho passed it quickly. Suddenly, he stopped. John looked about, finding that the boat had brought them to some command room of sorts, like something you'd see in an air traffic control tower. They were old computers, yet not so old as to not know the Matrix....[/i]

[b]John:[/b]Where are we, Yugi?

[b]Yuginocho:[/b]We are in Mother, the system mainframe where a rebellion against machines began [i]with machines[/i]. Mother is the one that set you free, Mother....can help you. You can help destroy the machines that use you for energy, you can lead a human resistance. Who shall be first?

[b]Denny:[/b]Not me, I'm scared of anything back there. Would my friends even remember me?

[b]John:[/b]I'll go. Just.....tell me what to do.

[b]Mother:[/b]Sit down.

[i]A chair slid from a hole in the wall, cushioned and with a hole where the neck would normally rest. John obeyed, sitting down.[/i]

[b]Mother:[/b]Data, please assist me. Please attach Test Subject 01 - ......Blaze into the Matrix.

[i]A new, humanoid robot walked from an adjacent area, hooking a long, cruel-looking needle into John's neck.[/i]

[b]Data:[/b]Hello, Blaze. I am Data, your operator. I shall now tranfer you into the Loading Program.

[u][i]SLAM!!!! White, all around me. Is this a dream? No, it can't be. But my holes are gone, I'm taller, and my hair is spiked the way I've always wanted....[/u]

John was in a field of endless white, a landscape of pure snow, it seemed. Until he turned around.[/i]

[b]Data:[/b]Welcome to the Loading Program. Here, we can give you an unlimited amount of knowledge, weaponry, and skills for when you enter the Matrix. I shall begin by loading a basic skill into your body and mind: Jujutsu.

[i]A whir of energy flowed into John's mind, swirling about him, breaking him, reviving him. Physically, in the real world, his eyelashes fluttered gently. In the loading program, he fell to his knees. In seconds, it was over. He stood. He knew jujutsu.[/i]

[b]Mother:[/b]Data, begin transfer into the Matrix. Target point: 3312 Edenborn Avenue, Metairie, New Orleans, Louisiana.

[i]It happened. In seconds, John was in familiar territory, a single combat knife pressed into one of his combat boots. he knew how to use it, but he walked forward, knocking on the door of apartment 103. It opened.[/i]

[b]Jack:[/b]Who the Hell are....wait......John?!?! He's dead, his body....who are you?!?!

[i]It was evident that Jack was drunk. A beer was in his left hand, what remained of a bottle of Old No.7 in his right, and the smell of the whiskey on his breath. That, and he passed out as sson as John raised his head to answer....not the reception John had been expecting. he turned and walked away, making his way to Alta Drive.....Stephanie was gone. Her parents had moved away, but under the tree in the front yard stood a tombstone. She was dead. John blinked away a tear, running away. A pay phone began to ring, and almost instinctively John picked it up to answer.....

He snapped back into reality. Dani was standing over him, a concerned look in her eyes. John almost ripped the needle out of his neck. Dani just stood there, Denny swore to himself. Yugnocho looked on knowingly....[/color][/i]
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[color=red][I] I looked at John's eyes as they waterd, Stephi.. with me and John gone...[/I]

[b]Danielle:[/B] Stephi!!! NO!!

[I] The pain was unbareable, I hit the ground sinking to my knees, my eyes flodde with tears as I refused to face her death, I mumbled mindless about maby she woke up, maby she was alive, maby she was here, we coudl save her maby she.

John bent down and held on to me hugging me as tightly as he could, his eyes spilled with tears as well, he didn't need to be strong for me now, he didn't need to be.

The pain was almost unbareable, my best friend, gone, the one person I lived each day for the past 6 months for! My stephi was gone! And all the other people I loved, would they be gone to.. would Chris.. have forgotten me?.. no never.. but would he have moved on?

My mind wirled and blazed with questions and answers and pain, I just held on to John with all my might as I cried my eyes out...[/I][/color]
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[center]After managing to escape the human-made facility, I made my way to the surface. Hoping that I was still located near my home in Canada, I searched for the remnants of my parent?s nineteenth century farmhouse**. Sadly enough, it was still intact. ?Them pioneers were pretty sturdy?, I told myself to be optimistic.

I wonder why it has nothing about my family in it, not even broken pictures. After wondering for a few moments I catch on, realizing that it was only a ?dream? that they bought this place. It probably explains that this dream world *** is not too old. It has only been implemented (from the looks of the skies) for a century or so.

I grumble to myself, angrily. Secretly I was hoping to have found my laptop which I could have adapted to work off such a dysfunctional light source as the one populating the cold earth.

In any case, I pilfered a rather nice lance, probably used by the settlers of the time. This would be a grand compromise in compactness, but would be more than worth it for now my weapon was one to content with, especially when wielded in the hands of a lance fanatic gamer-nerd.

I look out over the dreary atmosphere, taking in its lifeless indirect hatred for me, sighing with pleasure. I already knowing that I want?I want to smite the evil that lurks this world and take back what has been so rudely stolen from me. Yes, the ability to take things for granted?How dare these god damned machines even ask for such a privilege, let alone follow through with it! I will have to use my knowledge to make them work against themselves?

After my minute of glee, I realized how helpless I was all alone in a world where I look like a Franken-wannabe, puke-your-guts-out-every-five-second, idiot with a spear, knowing already that against a computer you need a computer, and against a beast you need a spear. What will a spear do?



After smacking myself a hundred times over, I come to grips with reality. You cannot upgrade/downgrade/destroy a computer without either bashing the **** out of it from the outside (?a lance will not due in a situation this grand), or open it up and destroy the internal components with a few well initiated, ?s.m.a.r.t.? bombs.

In other words, [size=1]get back inside[/size][/center]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Legacy [/i]

[b]Denny:[/b]Not me, I'm scared of anything back there. Would my friends even remember me?


I know you haven't played my character alot but i can assure you that would NEVER happen. I am stong and willing, also a warrior but i just have yet to show that ;). I aint moaning or nothing just next time remember that my character isn't [spoiler][strike]a pússy[/strike][/spoiler] like that.

[i]I looked down apon the two small bodies curled up weeping. I wonder what happened happened in there!?[/i]

Denny: Mother! I would like to...well, not have a go...but see how this contraption works?

Mother: Permission granted. Please be sitted.

[i]I sat as my head lay against the cold, ragged leather. I felt the metalic needle slip into my "main hole" and straight into my brain! I flashed into a everlasting white room! I was in a long trench coat, black and sleek. My muscles buldged to unbelievable proportions. Data popped out of thin air and startled me and then like magic i flicker back into the system with Danni, Blaze and Mother! Then just as fast i had arrived i had departed back to the white room! Data tilted it's head and continued.[/i]

Data: Ok...that was wierd! We will investigate that when we go back. But first we shall give you some "moves".

Denny: Moves? You mean fighting moves?!

Data: Precisly! Now judging from your build; 6"3' large shoulder and muscles. Definetly a slugger/boxer/judo.

Denny: :therock: hold on a minute! I don't need moves! I can kick your *** easily!

Data: Heh, Ok i geuss we will do this the hard way...hit me!

[i]Without hesitation I swung a deathful right hook with all my weight behind it. I MISSED THAT NEVER HAPPENS!!! With ease Data had dodged it letting me fall forward, it felt like i was suspended in air for a second or two before having a knee thrusted into my gut![/i]

[center][b]Back in the [i]real[/i] world:[/b][/center]

Mother: Stupid boy...

[i]Danni raised her head with tears streaming down her face. My body was in a state of fit and blood was spewing out of my mouth![/i]


Mother: Well....he didn't do what Data told him too...He'll be fine, but i am realy intrigued by that disapearing act he did...

[center][b]Back in The Matrix:[/b][/center]

[i]I was canondated back at least 100 metres, it was hard to tell in this white universe.[/i]

Data: Now listen to me...you need moves, heh.

Denny: *grunt* Ok...

[i]With that i shot to my feet, my body paralized, i could feel the energy fly through me. As soon as the tension was released i fell to a fighting stance! I glared down at my body in confusion as i felt a rush of knowledge.[/i]

Data: Heh, you are done...much less painful the easy way is eh?

[i]With that i flashed back to the system with Danni staring at me in complete horror. As soon as i tried to move the pain rushed to my nerve ends. I spied the blood...it felt like i was ran over by a bus![/i]

Mother: Hello Denny, nice was it?

[i]I sheepishly moved my head to face Mother, more blood dripped out my nose.[/i]

Mother: Now to the little trick you pulled there, it was very impressive i must admit, how did you acomplish that?

Denny: I...I...*cough* Don't know...it seems to happen now and then.

Mother: Don't worry, i will look up the log data and check it out.

[i]Mother tappped into the Log, one of the computer screens flashed with emence power and Mother turned back with a very confused expretion.[/i]

Mother: Data! Come here and check this out!

[i]Data walked over and also turned to face me sprawled on the chair.[/i]

Mother: Denny...you were not tracked on our Log! I think...you may hvae the ability to switch from here to The Matrix at your will!

[i]I sharply turned to look at Yuginocho...Yugi was right![/i]

Mother: This is AMAZING! We will polish this ability up to top standard. Do you know how you do it?

[i]I shook my head with the drips of blood flying from both sides. Mother and Data talked among themselves and Danni hugged me and then helped me up with Blaze and placed me ona small black box down in the back corner.[/i]
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[color=indigo][I] I couldn't take it. I let go of John and fled "Mother" I came across Yuginocho...[/I]

[B]Danielle:[/B] Yugi..no..cho.... Get me outta here...well wait. no nevermind, just keep a tracker on me and if I'm not back in a while, come to get me.. Bye.

[I] I could hear him trying to call after me but I just ran blindly ahead, I knew we were somewhere tear Troronto Canada because I ran until I saw a tall metal building, looking like it used ot be mostly glass, there were glinting dusty broken shards everywhere.. I looked up at it, seeing the remaints of an elevator and a big oval thing atop it.[/I]

[B]Danielle:[/B] Oh... this is that restruant and..glass bottom elevator..I rmber Mike had...told me he would take m here..Since I'm afraid of heights..he said he'd make me ride up the glass elevat....

[I] I screamed rembering to many thigns ta once, images flodded my head, I screamed again grabbing my head, knowing anyhting for miles could hear my scream, the windless empty earth echoing the sound, I didn't care, let them kill me, I'm just a girl, what use am I now, this is reality, nothngs real anymore..none of this! Its a dream I'm going to wake up I have to, my mind swriled in a insane chatoic rable of pain and terror, All I felt and had expirenced? Lies, illusion?!? I screamed out Shinkoru repididly, the only word in my mind raceing around the memories flashes of lies flashes of Shinkoru, Illusions, nothingness, my life, everyone said I was always a lie, guess its true more than I ever knew, but everyone I loved..love is real, emotions can't be created by machines, thats y they "plugged us up.. because the power of the human mind is far greater than that of a machine, no machiene could EVER perfectly re-create the human mind..nothing ever... SO that means all these are controlled by something, Ai is just a program, an "atrifically" Intelligent life forem based upon a program that adds more options to its data bank every second allowing it to "learn". It "thinks" on its own but the machines thought is still all based upon that program, all these robots ar running on the same programs...the see the world around them and pending the surstimance the take the most logical action based upon the data they have obsorbed throught time.. AI yes, but they still can't think.....They cant htink! They can't controll our thought thats y they must tap in to us and ..The Matrix...I have it..but all my life, Humans have known this..how..someone must have created the program to make them chose to be infiror...was all this..just a glitch? A random occurence making one computer ai make the wrong choice thus setting thousans of actions in to motion leading up to this???

My mind raced obsorbing all I had just thought of...

I opend my eyes and screamed again. (I was becoming used to my paranoia and habititual screaming, It was releaving). I was home! MY fish..my room! Everyhting intact just as I left. I heard sobbing from the next room... I turned seeing my Mawmaw... sitting on her bed crying Pawpaw trying to sooth her..

I walked in..[/I]

[B]Danielle:[/B] Whats wrong?

[I]The looked up hearing my voice and started yelling.[/I]

[B]Mawmaw:[/B] GHOST!! DEMON!!DEVIL!!!

[B]Pawpaw:[/B] What do you want here?! Y do you torment us! GET OUT! OUR GIRL DIED!! Your not real!!!

[I] I was in shock, alwaying being religous I figured Mawmaw might accept angels... I show my head slolumnly and walked on.. Looking for a piticular something. I noticed her and ran, Scooping up my darling kitty and holding her tightly, My eyes waterd and spilled, I had my baby girl back, my love, my life, my lil girl, I didn't care if they thought I was a ghost, I had my Tanya....

I screamed as she faded then dissapeared, I was lying on the ground in the middle of nowhere, a guge tower needle thing looming in front me...[/I]

[B]Danielle:[/B] NO!!!!!!!!! I HAD IT!! I WAS HAPPY!!!! Y!!

[I] I sat up on my knees and cried, Weeping for everything I lost, MY beloved Stephi dead.. I thought again of Chris, wondeing if I should go back... to "mother" and ask to be re-loaded. I wanted to see him more than anything.. but only one person here knew.. I couldn't risk that.. not yett.

I just sat crying, not knowing what to do. My ears pearked up as I heard a faint, verry light crunch of footsteps, or a machiene... I stood and botled behind the broken elevator, crouching down I peered around it, watching watching, my ears ever-alert. I suddenly realised I could see.. I needed contacts or glasses in the matrix.. humm guess it was a figment of my imignation.

I saw a shadow... my body tenced as i Grabbed the nearest thing to me, a sharp piece of jagged glass, part of thw window pane was still on it making for an ok handle.

A figure immerge, a...a machiene?? I leaned closer..it was..a...a man?... A man!! A guy another person!! Could I be sure??....Or was it one of those robots John found... I waited til he walked closer, he paused, looking up at the needle/tower.[/I]

[B]Guy yelling:[/B] MOTHER ******S! DAMN MACHIENES!!

[I] I slowly stood, oddly reconzing the voice. He noticed my movment and backed up, holding a metal rod preparing to fight I guessed.

I walked out into the faint light of the day, given by some far off star I guessed.

He looked at me and dropped his weapon. I called out to him.[/i]

[B]Danielle:[/B] Who are you??....

[I] He looked at me curiously for a moment. I walked closer, getting a good look at his face. I cried out and ran to him, he didn't see my face well, my hair being a mess hid it well, I stopped right infront him, pushign my blond hair out of my eyes.[/I]

[B]Guy:[/B] ...DANNI?!?!?

[I] I nodded and jumped up into his arms, tears flowing from my eyes and his, I hugged him for all it was worth, my mind raced, having never met him in the matrix, how ironic for me to see him now. After all this. Why?

We finally ended the hug and he looked at me in astonishment. Noting my now slim figure I looked at myself as well. I hadn't noticed I was so slim. I smiled up looking at him again, brushing a strand of hair out his eyes.[/I]

[b]Danielle:[/B] Well Mike..we finally meet.

[b] Mike:[/B] Yeah..Ironic isn't it?

[I] I nodded, still in shock. Something moved behind us and we heard a cry for help. Then blasting of tasers.[/i]

[B]Danielle:[/B] BOTS!!

[i] mike nodded and pulled me behind him protectivly. I smile, he never changed.. Grabbing up my "dagger" of glass and he picked up his pipe we ran to the sound, not bother to run from it needing to save whatever or whoever it was chaseing.

We came upon a horrifying scene. A person..a guy, being chased by 3 humaniods. How despicible. Then we noticed he was firing back. I cocked my head to the side.[/I]

[B]Danielle:[/B] Uh Mikey... I din't know we could use weapons...

[B]Mike:[/B] No ****, I didn't even know we HAD weapons!!!

[I] I laughed as we ran to aid the guy in any way possible. I yelled out reconizing the dirty bloodied figure any where..[/I]

[b]Danielle:[/B] ITS RON!!!!

[B]Mike:[/B] ***k ya don't say, cool

[I] Ron turned to look at us.[/I]

[B]Ron:[/B] Aww **** not more!!

[I] I was confused.. OH! He didn't see us clearly, thinking were bots.[/I]

[B]Danielle:[/B] RON!!!! WE NOT ROBOTS!!

[I] He yelled out DANNI as we reached him, The 3 bots came upon us, ron blasting one to bits, Mike humming his pipe at ones head, severing it.[/i]

[B]Ron:[/B] Nice one ..um who r u?

[B]Danni:[/B]ITs Mike!!!

[B]Mike:[/B] I can answer for myself. And Hi Ron.

[I] Ron's jaw dropped. He laughed and commented how ****ing Ironic it was. Turning I notied there was one left. Wanting to test some skills "mom" gave me I lunged at it, it fired, I doged, lightning speed I fought it, hacking at it with my glass dagger, noting its weak point I back away then spring at it, thrusting my glass shard in its neck joint, It sparked and I was thrown back as it exploded.[/I]

[B]Ron:[/B] Go Danni...

[I] Mike just looked mistified. We all turned as a semi-big circular object came rushign at us, stoping inces from my face.[/I]

[B]Ron:[/B] Uh oh....

[B]Danni:[/B] DONT SHOOT! ITs Yuginocho!! My..ug Our ship.. Johns here!!! And Denny from ob!

[I] Ron fell over anime style upon hearing what I named it, we enterd the ship, everyone not there, still with mother, ron mumbled on how I was to into anime but was now a ditzy blond so Yuginocho fit, cuz now I was Mihoshi. I kicked him, hard. He laughed and sat down relaxing as did Mike. I assured them they were safe as Yuginocho headed back to "Mother".[/I][/color]
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