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Time Force!!!


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[I]The year is 3210, and Time Travel has long been discovered...But evil got its hands on Time Travelling technology, and are wreaking havok on mankind, by taking over the days in the 19th century (The 1800s) when people like the Victorians were inventing new things all the time...Taking over that precious age could result in terrorists ruling the world! But fear not people, because an Elite Force has been assembled, and are going to save time for all of humanity![/I]

Ok anyone else that wants to join GO POST IN THE D@MN SIGN UP TOPIC, NOT HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I'll start it off then.


[COLOR=red]Hajime walks into the control room[/COLOR]

Hajime: *[COLOR=red]Salutes*[/COLOR] You wanted to see me sir?

Commander Spike: Yes...It seems that the cryogenic time-freeze chamber for dangerous criminals is being opened, and I need you to go and check it out. I don't think it is anything serious, its probably just some screwball messing with the control pannel.

Hajime: Yes sir.

[COLOR=red]Runs off[/COLOR]

Hajime: He's right, probably just some di*k messing with the controls.

[COLOR=red]Arrives at the chamber, to find a few of guys trying to open the door[/COLOR]

Guy: Hey you guys! Some guard's found us!

Hajime: D@mn right I've found you, now step away from the controls, or I'll blow your @sses off.

Guy 2: KILL HIM!!!!!!!

[COLOR=red]All 3 of the men jump at Hajime[/COLOR]


Hajime: :flaming:

[COLOR=red]Hajime quickly grabs the first guy by the arm, and swings him into the other one, then goes for the last one, but :eek: he opens the door before Hajime can get to him!!![/COLOR]

Hajime: Noooooooooooooooooo

Guy: Hahahahahaha

[COLOR=red]Hajime gets out his Laser Shotgun and blasts the guy in the head, sending him flying into a wall, leaving a trail of blood on the floor, but then a large man easily recognised as Collosus runs out of the chamber and grabs Hajime[/COLOR]


[COLOR=red]Picks Hajime up by the head, and slams his collosal fist into Hajimes stomach[/COLOR]

Hajime: :eek:

Collosus: Hur hur hur...

[COLOR=red]A few more come out, by the names of Skinner, Face-Off and Slasher[/COLOR]

Slasher: Freeee...Itsss been ssso long...

Face-Off: Wow, I can't belive my eyes! Even my other peice of face is twitching with excitement!

Skinner: Haha! I'm so happy I could go off and skin someone alive!!!

Hajime: *Cough cough* N-N-Nooo...
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The sirens are wailing, and Ibivata spills his coffee.

Ibivata: Ahhh!!! Huh? The Time Machine Center is broken into? Oh, §hit!

[COLOR=darkblue]Ibivata grabs his weapons and dashes to the TMC.[/COLOR]

Ibivata: Oh Héll no!

[COLOR=darkblue]Ibivata sees the crooks dragging Hajime into the TimeFreeze Machine.[/COLOR]

Ibivata: Stop!
Face-Off: Oh, D@MNIT! Hurry up guys,lets go lets go lets go!

[COLOR=darkblue]The crooks run inside the now-glowing TimeFreeze Machine. Ibivata shoots his FreezeBlaster but misses, hitting the bare walls.
The TimeFreeze Machine whirrs, and in a flash they're gone.[/COLOR]

Ibivata: No!!!

[COLOR=darkblue]Ibivata checks the display the screen, and sees when they went to.[/COLOR]

Ibivata: 1869, huh? Well, here I come, Hajime!!!
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[I]Raynor runs down a corridor, pistol in hand. He turns into the TMC complex, and sees a man. He points his pistol at his head. [/I]

Raynor: "DON'T MOVE, OR I'LL BLOW YOU'RE *** OFF!!!"

Ibivata: "Stop! I'm with the complex!"

Raynor: "Sorry about that."

Ibivata: "So, what's your name?"

Raynor: "Raynor. But please, call me Warlock."

Ibivata: "Sure."

Warlock: "So, what happened?"

Ibivata: "Some guys took Hajime into the time machine."

Warlock: "Hajime. I think I know him."

Ibivata: "So, should we go get him?"

Warlock: "Not yet. I think we should get some backup first?"

Ibivata: "Are you sure?"

Warlock: "I'm sure. And if you don't agree, remember, I'm a commander, so I'll order you not to go in."

Ibivata: "You're a commander?"

Warlock: "Yes. Anyway, let's get a team together, and we'll stop thoes guys..."
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[COLOR=royalblue]Ibivata and Raynor make their way to the control room, where all the deep data on time travel is. Right in the middle of the large room lies a large screen. This screen is very important to time travel. It shows an overhead view of any time traveler with a time-proof tracking device, which every Time Force member has implanted in their skull.[/COLOR]

Raynor: So give me in detail what happened, soldier.
Ibivata: Well sir, three masked men must have attacked Hajime and dragged him eith them through time.
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