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Ha. o.O;

Well i just got their album "Fallen", and I gotta say, this is one of the most awesome bands around. They sing a few current radio hits around here called "Bring Me To Life", "Taking Over Me", and "Whisper". Anyone heard them? All their songs usually start off with a piano line, which really makes their songs turn out to be more than just the plain old electric guitars and drums. All their songs have an eerie theme to them if you ask me.. still, I haven't heard a song from them yet that I don't like.

Anyways does anyone have their album, and what do you think of them?
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I'd have a much higher opinion of them if their single's appeal wasn't completely obliterated by the horrible rap sections. Thankfully, none of their other songs suffer from it. Seems like something they had to stick in there because the label thought it would be "cool"... bleh.

Anyway, the music is surprisingly solid. The vocals are nice (although they sound way too much like Lacuna Coil), and that's probably are the only thing really making it remotely special in my opinion.

Anyway, I still think they are a rather average band in the scheme of things. I'd rather listen to groups like Curve or 12 Rounds that seem to be going for the same idea. The big difference being that they've been doing it for years, and that I feel are just much more talented.
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