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[size=1]Welcome to the boards. ^_~

OB doesn't allow advertising threads, though. Unfortunately, this qualifies.

If you'd like, you're free to put a link to your site in your signature--It's accessible through your User CP. If you're having trouble finding it, feel free to PM me.

Browse through the rules, as well. ^_~ They'll help you get along here pretty well.

[b]Edit:[/b] Sillies. Yelling at someone for making a mistake is just as unacceptable as breaking the rules. It's generally termed "playing mod," and it tends to annoy people.

If you see a problem thread or post, be polite about it.
New members often avoid reading the rules, or simply skim them. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. ^_~

Offer how to fix the problem quietly, and if you simply can't bring yourself to do that, ignore it. Moderators do their job quite well.
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