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I was reading a book called "When Passions are Confused". It dealt with religious views on homosexuality and such. Since I am divided on the issue, I shall not take a stand for either side. However, I have collected some quotes to take into consideration.

"The second study was performed in 1991 by Dr. J. Michael Bailey and Dr. Richard Pillard. They examined how widespread homosexuality is among twins and adopted brothers when at least one sibling was homosexual. Among other things, they found that 52 percent of the identical twins studied were both homosexual. From this they suggested that genetic makeup may be the reason so many identical twins were homosexual.

For their theory to be fact, however, there should never be a case when one identical twin is heterosexual and one is homosexual. It's genetically impossible since both identical twins share 100 percent of the same genes. If sexual orientation is genetic, then both identical twins will always be either heterosexual or homosexual. Bailey and Pillard's findings of only 52 percent discredits their own hypothesis. In fact, their findings show that nongenetic factors play a significant part in shaping sexual preference."

"While it can't be seen as easily, the spiritual consequence is he most costly. As with other efforts to find independence from God, homosexuality separates us from the only true Source of life. It gives the illusion that we can survive our disappointing world on our own without the God who longs to give us the free gift of life. But a life without the God of the Bible is a life without real meaning, joy, and love. At best, only a hollow, fleeting imitation can be discovered."

"Genesis 19:1-8 has records of a story that occured just before the destruction of Sodom. Two angels were visiting Lot when the men of the city surrounded his house and began shouting, "Where are the men who came to you tonight? Bring them out to us so that we can have sex with them" (Gen. 19:5). Some assert hat the Hebrew word yadah, which is translated as "have sex with" should be taken to mean "get acquainted with." They say the sin attempted in the city of Sodom that night was not homosexuality but a violation of hospitality. They say the men disregarded ancient rules of hospitality by insisting on getting acquainted with or questioning Lot's visitors.

This claim has serious problems. The fundamental flaw is that the immediate context shows the meaning of the Hebrew word yadah clearly to be sexual in nature. Just three verses later, the same word is translated "slept with," which Lot used when he offered his virgin daughters to the men of the city in the place of the men in the house: "Look, I have two daughters who have never slept with a man. Let me bring them out to you, and you can do what you like witht hem" (Gen. 19:8).

Lot's offerings of his daughters, as horrendous as it was, makes no sense nless we understand that the intentions of the men of Sodom was sexual rape. Lot had no reason to think the men would merely want to question or get acquainted with his daughters. As horribly wrong as Lot was, it's clear that he thought the men might be willing to settle for sexually violating his daughters.

It's true that this story in Genesis 19 is only a condemnation of homosexual rape. But as we will see, it's an example of what other Bible passages teach: All homosexual activity is a sinful violation of God's design for men and women."

"The Bible plainly states that people can overcome homosexuality. After listing a number of categories that typically characterize unbelievers, including 'homosexual offenders,' Paul reminded the believers in the city of Corinth, "This is what some of you were" (1 Cor. 6:11).

Paul witnessed firsthand how the power of God's mercy and grace drastically changed the lives of people, regardless of their struggles. And God can do the same for anyone today. Before focusing on the godly solutions Paul had in mind, let's examine how living in a fallen, rebellious world contributes to broken relationships and confusing sexual attractions."

"Because the relief is always temporary, they have to keep going back again and again for more. In this way, homosexuality becomes an enslaving addiction. One man likened his involvement in homosexual behavior to a drug. 'I took the "homosexual drug" for the same reason that other take chemical drugs: I wanted to feel better; I wanted to be accepted; and other things hadn't produced satisfaction.'"

And there were a ton that I missed too. But I feel those are the most "controversial" if you will. Taken into consideration that the majority of you here are not religious and accept homosexuality as a normal way of life, this should churn some interesting responses if anyone bothers to read it all.

Again, my thoughts on the subject are virtually non-existant right now. Do not think I am "anti-gay" or anything due to my collection of these specific quotes. In fact, the book is not "anti-gay" either. While the authors believe homosexuality is wrong and unnatural, they believe that homosexuals are still people and they love them just as well.
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[color=darkblue]Sexuality is a lot like skin colour. It's not something you "overcome" as if it's a disease.

I find that while it is probably a good idea to study sexuality, and find out what makes us tick, I think that defining sexuality by any quantitative means is impossible.

To define sexuality in a quantitative capacity is essentially the same as defining love in that same way.

It can't be done. Why? Because we don't define love as something scientific...it is probably the single most mysterious human emotion. We don't even truly understand emotion itself, even in its most basic forms.

You will find that most anti-gay sentiment comes directly from religious teachings, which themselves are outdated and do not adequately reflect both the changing nature of society and the fundamental issues of sexuality: rather, religious teachings tend to look at the issue in a very two dimensional viewpoint.

Having said this, I feel that sexuality and discrminiation based on sexuality is very much the same as racism. There are simply no fundamental reasons why one should discriminate against someone else based on their skin colour -- despite the fact that the KKK will tell you that they only do so because they somehow receive that message from God.

The same is true here. In all logical terms, there is simply no reason to separate humans based on sexuality in any way. We can cite religion as our reason for discrimination, however, religion (regardless of what it actually says) is merely an excuse to harbour a sense of hatred; the same sense of hatred that appears with racism.

Ultimately, we have to say that all men are created equal. And that love is not a quantitative matter -- I wouldn't want someone to make a judgement on me because I am in love with a woman or a man. It defies all logic.

And in my opinion, what we should really worry about in society are those people committing crimes...and doing awful things. A lot of people who are either homosexual or heterosexual abide by the law...and lead decent moral lives, with no desire to behave in a bad way. Therefore, these people are not hurting us directly...and as such, I think we should focus more on the [i]real[/i] problems in society, rather than letting ourselves become sidetracked by a highly trivial "issue".[/color]
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Guest Master O Beans
zanza, just because you read a book, doesn't mean you have to WRITE ONE ON THE BOARDS!! D@mn man, if you're gunna write a frickin' novel, at least make it cool...:rolleyes:
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[QUOTE]Orginally posted by Master O Beans:
zanza, just because you read a book, doesn't mean you have to WRITE ONE ON THE BOARDS!! D@mn man, if you're gunna write a frickin' novel, at least make it cool...:rolleyes: [/QUOTE]

It wasnt that long. I read it, and Im only 12. Altough it is a lttle hard to understand, I think. Well my veiws are that anyone that judges people by their sexualty, is stupid or has old-fashinod veiws. People need to understand that it is normal, (All thought it is odd, I must admit). People who do it are imature, it reminds me of when I first got my glasses, people where calling me 4-eyes, nerd and stuff like that. That was when I was in 4th grade, who where still imature, thinks like that are just stupid (Im starting to get redundent so I stop now)
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Single H [/i]
[B]How could this topic suddenly appear here? You should realize how many 'infants' are here!! (I wish to apologize to anyone who is offended) [/B][/QUOTE]
lol yeah, and my educational topic about sperm got closed. pashaa! i bet this topic wont though. why? because they dont like me.

well the topic says homosexuality and i thought id finally give my 2 cents.

however i didnt read past the first paragraph but i scanned over it...
ok here it is, and this may only be quoted.

i think homosexuality is wrong. heres one good example
Our heavenly father (God) made Adam and Eve. NOT Adam and Bob or Lucy and Eve. It wasnt supposed to be that way. its just sick and disgusting. i dont see what a guy would see in a another hairy sack or wake up in the morning to a ruff beard and hairy chest (barf). I dont know bout chics, im not female. girls are so close theese days its almost expected to happen. infact i went to a dance tonite and i saw alot of girls dirty dancing together. and i mean dirty!
me and some of my friends are anti-gay. and where i live, homosexuality is the almost the worst thing to be. if i called a chick a murderer she would be like "o...k..." but if called her a lezzie she would be "HEY! TAKE THAT BACK!" cause we know its wrong. our parents didnt have to tell us we just knew. being homosexual around here results in 1. name calling. 2. not as many friends and my favorite 3. beat down. well for the guys as far as i know. lezbians are welcomed with open arms.
well heres another reason the adverage teen here doesnt want to be gay.
its the obvious, spend a lifetime on earth married/making love with your same sex then when you die and eternity of flames. the choice is obvious. even the teachers dont like homosexuality, although they try to pretend not notice it.

alright! thats my 2 cents and i feel alot better getting that off my chest.

(chants USA repidily)
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