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Dan Rugh

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If any of you have actually heard of this band, you may know that their new CD is out today, June 17th.

They are a punk band with some really fast guitars. I haven't heard anything from the new album because I didn't want to ruin it for myself by downloading everything.

Some of you may have heard the cover that they did of "Like a Prayer" by Madonna a while back.

Try them out by downloading some of their songs from "Perhaps, I Suppose" or "Rufio EP."

Rufio "1985" out today!! Go grab yourself a copy!
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Yes they are a part of The Militia Group.

I just got the CD today at Sam Goody for $15.99, because they didn't have it at Best Buy. Booooo! It's really good. If more people knew about this band, they could be big. In honor of the new album, I made myself a banner from the pictures in the CD booklet.
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[u]I know this is gonna sound like Lars Ulrich from Metallica, but:[/u]
You should seriously buy the CD and not download it. These guys aren't very well known and if you really like them you should support them by paying for it. Otherwise, they're not getting the money they deserve for their hard work. Put yourself in an emerging artist's shoes.

It's not like I'm a perfect angel either, but if I download songs from a band I almost always buy the CD. It's the right thing to do. :laugh:

[u]To keep this thread going unlike my other ones:[/u]
The Rufio songs that I really like are
"Set it Off" The chorus, man, the chorus!

"Above Me" I love the part at the beginning that they took from the movie "Hook" -- "It's Rufio. Rufi-OH, Rufio-OH, RU-FI-OOOOOOOOh." Also the guitar is crazy

"In My Eyes" Gotta love the lyric, "You're graceful, your grace falls, down around me in my eyes / You're Lovely, your love leaves, so easily in my eyes" So so clever I must say.

"Still" This is just an overall great song.

"One Slowdance" This song is amazing. It is the slowest one they have and I think it is my favorite by them. One word - chorus.

That's enough for now. I haven't gotten to listen to the newest CD enough to pick favorites from it yet.

Anyone else have any favorite Rufio songs? And make sure you say why so this thread doesn't get shut down.
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I do agree with you there, I know I should be, but still, I probably won't....but I don't think talking about pirating things is allowed so we should just pm it to each other instead...sorry I brough up the piracy thing, but I do know what you mean!

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I'm a bit surprised that someone started a topic about Rufio. I don't know many people who like them, besides me.

My brother got the C.D., and I must say it was awesome, just like Perhaps, I Suppose was. Science Fiction is one of their best songs ever. Pirate is pretty awesome, too. As you said, Above Me's guitar lines are awesome. Still's base intro is totally amazing. The first time I heard it, it blew me away.
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Yeah, I can't ask people if they like Rufio cuz they usually say, "Who's that?" So I just ask, "Have you heard of Rufio?" When they say no I always tell them that it is mandatory to like this band. Heh.

[i]Pirate[/i] is the most unique song on the album and I like it.I think [i]White Lights[/i] is my favorite, though. [i]Why Wait[/i] and [i]Set it Off[/i] are great, but I heard them before this CD came out.
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