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[COLOR=blue]....[SIZE=1]Anime...[/SIZE] [SIZE=3][B]Anime...[/B][/SIZE] [SIZE=1]Anime...[/SIZE]

[i]Its not real, right? They are just some Japanese shows created to entertain you, right? Wrong. You are just some mediocre liitle kid who believes everything that sprays out of loose lips. Anime.... Oh, there could never be such a real thing. You live in a land where peace, and love, and all of that exisit. Ever seen that "Movie" The Matrix? For all we know, you're probably living inside of it. Anime... The land is for real. There is no peace. There is constant war. Sure, there is love. But only for making sure that we dont get bored and stab ourselves with the blades we use to protect us. We are under fixed watches... unbeknownst to the rest of them, of course. Who is watching us? Who would want to keep an eye on us? Who... has the power... to destroy us all? Only I have the key to their survival. And... it seems, that they wont believe me.[/i]

Who is this man? Is he good... or evil?

Well, most of that was true, you know. Anime charcaters are at constant war for who knows what reason? Well.. atleast most of them are friendly to their friends.
And I really have to strain the [i]friends[/i]. Anime characters only seem to live in peace with their own kind, or their own Anime, that would be easier for you, perhaps. Infact, I have even seen an Anime character from .Hack//SIGN destroy an Angel Sanctuary character for coming to close to him. Talk about a messed up world. Well, anyways. That isn't the point. The point is, something is about to happen to this Anime characters, and their coldness toward eachother will... not change.

To give you an idea of whats going on, you can read this diary expert of Daisuke Niwa (from the Anime DN Angel). He was very luckily keeping a diary when the ahh,'incident' happened.


Those strange black clouds are starting for around the outskirts of town. The one over Town Square is getting darker... and darker. I asked Dark about this curiosity. And he was as stumped as I was.

The wind is blowing to hard! The clouds... they began to release energy, bad ones by the look of it. I have been wathcing and running at the same time. People are being hit by the energy... then they disappear. I am afraid-[/i]

Daisuke was then hit in the head with a large stone being blown about by the strong winds and knocked unconsious. Soon, the "Dark Energy" Daisuke described found his body... and, well. To put it simple. He vanished.

Soon, the same thing began to happen everywhere. People started to vanish. How did I know this, you ask? I am AdamKadamon. I look over the Anime world with the other all powerfull beings. While the tragedy happened, we were unable to help our people. Something... or someone was restricting us. We can no longer sense them. Our greatest fears.... Have been answered.

And that, my friends. Is the story line. Sorry if its a bit boring and long, but I am trying to make this my best RPG yet.

Basically, YOU are an Anime character. YOU have vanished, like Daisuke. YOU are confused... and very dangerous.

This is almost like .Hack//SIGN. There is a world. You cannot get out. You are powerfull, sneaky, and dangerous.

After you wake up, you realise you arent in Kansas anymore. The land around you changes, from lush valleys to dark caves. You want to get back home, but it seems you cant. And even worse. When your character realises that all of his/her so called "enemies" are walking around... confused and dangerous. You feel like if you are ever going to get out of this place, it seems to your character, you are going to have to fight your way out.

But soon, very soon, will you realise that the only way to get out, is to do it together.


There will be fighting people because like I said before, Anime charcaters hate each other (unless they are in the same Anime)

FIGHTING: Fighting. You may call fights by saying at the end of your post


or like that.

The winner is decided upon how well the posts are and the type of moves they use. I will choose several people who will help judge fights. If one person wins, he gets a level up and something to boast about. The loser will only lose consiousnous for a while and will walk away with a head ache. But the cool thing is, I am going to let you guys roam around, finding creatures and monsters, fighting, that sort of thing before we get to the seriious stuff, so when you lose a fight, you can follow the one who beat you and try to fight them again.

MAGIC IN FIGHTS: You get to use all your spells once during a fight.

Also, make sure that you fight well in the fights (good posts and grammar) because that is what the judges are going to be looking for. Dont go

"Boom. I hit you. Your out cold. I gain a level."

Godmodding is out. Any of that and the judges will give the other person a win by default.

If you want to be a judge, tell me on your post.

Thats all for the rules for now...

[B][U]Character Sheet![/U][/B]

Name(ANY Anime charcater out there) :

Anime From:

Special Powers/Magic Maximum: 6 (Optional. If you choose magic, you only get one weapon. Also, no healing stuff)

Weapons Maximum: 6 (You know, One long sword, some dagger,a broadsword strapped to your back. You can get to six.) (Optional. If you choose Weapons you only get one spell/magic) :

Description (Post a picture, or describe your character really well)

Small Bio (Optional) :

Thats all. Add anything else you want up there, like if your from Card Captors or Pokemon or Digimon or whatever, you can only have a few monsters.

If there are any questions, ask me, please.

And just so you know, you dont have to fight every character you come across. You can pass them by with a dirty look. Anyways, the point of the game isnt just to fight, its to find answers.

By the way, be any Anime character you want to be, just not Daisuke (not the Digimon one).

Have fun :D[/COLOR]
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Guest dayday
Okay I'm in.

Name: Sango

Anime From: Inu-yasha

Magic Spells: Disrupt (A energy surrounds her as she starts to cast this spell. Suddenly 3 flames in the shapes of a dragon shoot out and circle the enemy.)

Weapons: dagger, giant boomerang, gas bombs, bow and arrow

Description: A young girl with black hair, a dark blue ninja like outfit with pink guards, dark pink outlinging, guards have white outline, dark pink sash around waist, and brown eyes.

I hope that's okay. Was I allowed to make some stuff up?
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Hmm...I guess I'll be one of my favorite charaters Kyosuke Date!But he's a male,and i'm a female...oh well!

Name:Kyosuke Date

Anime From:Soultaker

Special Powers/Magic Maximum:Turns into a monster that is called SoulTaker,and has attacks called "Sonic Cross" and "Lightning Breaker"

Weapons Maximum: 6 :No weapon

Kinda hard to see him though.

Small Bio:One day Kyosuke's mother was laying on the floor of her own church bleeding to death,she then told Kyosuke to go get help,but then stabbed him in the heart not telling him why she did it(she did it to get the monster out of him),her last words were"Kyo..suke..Forgive me.."They both were lying dead on the floor of the church,the next day he wakes up bandaged,the person who bandaged him was a young girl named Maya who dug him up from a graveyard because she had a preminition that he was still alive.Soon after he met Maya he soon meets a insane doctor who is looking for Kyosuke sister,but Kyosuke doesn't remeber her.Soon he finds out that he can turn into a monster called Soutaker.He travels with a man named Shiro Mibu and his destiny is to look for his sister named Runa.

Hope this is ok,plus i'll be a judge
Click[URL=http://www.soultakerdvd.com/]Here[/URL]if you want to learn about what i'm talking about!
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Sounds fun...

[b]Name:[/b]Himura Kenshin (Battosai)

[b]Anime From:[/b]Rouroni Kenshin

[b]Specail POwers/ Magic:[/b] Amazing sword skills, speed, agility, strength

[b]Weapons:[/b] Reverse blade-sword (sakubato)

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[color=red]here we go...

[b]Name:[/b]Vash the Stampede, AKA the Humanoid Typhoon

[b]Anime From:[/b] Trigun

[b]Special Powers:[/b]Amazing Speed and agility, Angel Arm (doesn't like to use it)

[b]Weapons:[/b]His revolover, machine gun hidden in mechanical left arm

[b]Desciption:[/b] [img]http://bishounen.info/vash/vash1.jpg[/img]
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Would an evil telepath with telekinetic powers be allowed? If not, I'll be...

[B]Name:[/B] Midvalley the Hornfreak A.K.A. The Eleventh Gung-Ho Gun.

[B]Anime From:[/B] Trigun

[B]Weapons:[/B] A saxaphone with hidden machine guns. If he wants to, he can make it send out destructive sonic waves when he plays it.

[B]Description:[/B] [URL=http://www.dodstudios.net/uploads/uploads/tri_010.jpg](I took this screenshot from a website. It's sort of large.)[/URL]

[B]I'm looking forward to meeting you, Duo. And kudos, Daisuke, on the RPG idea and character choice.[/B]
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Well they wouldn't be friends, but enemies? I think they would still fight each other even if [SPOILER]Legato and knives[/SPOILER] aren't around. So yes, they would still be enemies. (I just thought we needed at least one person to play a villain from one of the animes.)
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[B][U]Character Sheet![/U][/B]

Name(ANY Anime charcater out there) : Majin Buu

Anime From: Dragonball Z

Special Powers/Magic Maximum: Able to throw pink orbs and blades. Able to turn people into candy.

Weapons Maximum: None

Description (Post a picture, or describe your character really well): attachment

Small Bio (Optional) :
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I have to sudden urge to be evil. I think I'll be Hiten-kun.

Name: Hiten the Thunder Brother

Anime From: Inu-Yasha

Special Powers/Magic Maximum: I have no idea what it would be called but he can make and direct bolts of lightning using Raijekin

Weapons Maximum: Raijekin,

Description: see attachment. I got it from a website where it was beside a bio, so it's kinda small. I'll find the link. It has all the info I need. I'll have to finish this later. The site's not responding.
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Name:Terry Bogard

Anime From: Fatal fury anime movies

Special Powers:He has great martial arts abilities, strong


Small Bio: Terry Bogard is a martial artist that is like a traveling monk. He has lost two women that he loved very deeply for whos names are: Sulia and Lily. So he feels that if he cares about any woman to much that it is a death sentance...
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Well, I'll start it up now, I guess. I'll just post up my sign-up:)

Name: Daisuke Niwa/ Dark Mousy

Anime: DN Angel

Special Powers: 'Transform' Daisuke will turn into Dark Mousy, his 'Alter Ego'. After this, Daisuke will lose plenty of energy, as Dark is very powerfull and drains Daisuke's energy.

'Wings' Daisuke/ Dark will grow black wings.

Weapons: None. Prefers not to fight, unless provoked, when he will turn into Dark who uses fighting skills.

Picture: [img]http://www.csusm.edu/anime/gallery/DNAngel/sm/daisuke.jpg[/img]

Okay, if everyone's ready, we'll start^.^[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[color=green]Kagome 1, I believe you've resurrected a very, very old thread -- the last date on the post before yours is from July. Please don't resurrect old threads; check the date of the last one if you need to; I'm closing this just to avoid further confusion.

Thanks, and welcome to OB.

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