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Rate my banner for Sukima!!

Kaola Su

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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by yuka-kitsune [/i]
[B]it's good [/B][/QUOTE]

I've begun to notice a troubling trend with your posts, Yuka-kitsune.

You have a bad habit of posting brief comments that do not really add anything of value to the discussion at hand. Elaborate on your opinions. [i]Why[/i] do you believe that the banner is good? Simply saying "it's good" is not acceptable; it's doesn't help the artist in any way.

If you can't post valuable opinions then I see no reason for you to post at all. I encourage you to read our rules regarding post quality.
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I think it is a nice one, but you could add more at least to the font... That flat plain font is sorta annoying sometimes... Like, play around with the opacity of it or do some stroking or anything like that that will help making the font not so flat.
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