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Just thought I'd post up some of my stuff here for you guys to criticsize. They're all pencil art edited with Adobe PhotoHome deluxe, so they're not too snazzy to look at. The only inked one is the fifth piece, but that should go with out saying. Well enough crap, time for something better -- as in my art.





So yeah, any and all comments are welcome. Thanks.


*** NOTE: If the links don't work right away, just copy and paste the URLs into your address bar. That, or you can just go to [url]www.luccaluvr.cjb.net[/url] ***
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[color=ff00cc] [size=1]Hmm... that's strange, it didn't work earlier when I tried copy/pasting... x .x;

They're really cute! My favorite would have to be the fourth one, though the one with Gohan looks really hard to draw. o.o

1) 8.7/10.
2) 9/10.
3) 8.9/10.
4) 10/10.
5) 10/10.[/color] [/size]
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