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Abe's ODDyssey, exODDus and Muich's ODDyssey

Baron Samedi

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who else here has heard or played this wonderul series-i have helped a friend to complete number 1. but the others aren't available for my playstation. are they any good? do you like the series?:D personally.......it rocks!:D

got to go now- it's breakfast time:tasty:
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[size=1][color=darkblue]I have Munch's Oddysey for Xbox and in my opinion, I was hooked at first, but then it gets a tad repetitive, it's cool that they can fight though. It depends on your liking of the first two.

I find the whole aspect of the story very clever, as in a company etc etc, but I cannot say I was taken aback by the quality of the game. It's fun at first but repetivity isn't my thing so I'm not very positive about these games. But I must say, it's very... [i]original[/i].[/color][/size]
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