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RPG: The Collected (play)


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Alright, where starting the story here. If you want to join, just go to the other post. DO NOT POST IT HERE! And you can join at any time, so don't bother asking, just go ahead and do it.

Ok, so, hear goes.....................

*Inside the Massive Coloseum of Cross Castle.*

Announcer - And Dias Flac has just one the 1st ever Tournament of Arms at Cross Castle.

Crowd - CHEER!

*Dias stands over a large warrior dawnedin full body armor. He gives a small, almost unnoticable smirk, than turns to the Announcer.*

Announcer - And now.....to present the awards.....What the!?

*The Announcer is cut of as the world begins to shake. The earth feals as if it is being torn apart.*

Dias - What is going on?

*The gigantic skyscrapers of Metro City begin to emerge all around the Coloseum.*

Dias - What sort of sorcoury is this?
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[I]Somewhere in an isolated forest...[/I]
*The senery starts to morph and a blue watery gate appears* *Tina walks out with a half empty backpack*

Tina: *sigh* *mutters to self* If I wasn't on such a bad budget I would have gotten some more stuff, but I think thses will do.

*wormhole gate closes* *Sentret(the Pokemon) jumps out and looks at her with big eyes*

*Tina freezes in mid step* What the heck is that!?!

*Pulls out something that looks like a cross between a gameboy and a Pokedex*

Tina: Dexter, investigate life form.

*Dexter shows info on Sentret* *Tina reads carefully*

Tina: *another sigh* I guess I'll have to get used to this.... *puts Dexter back into a jacket pocket*
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Charlie's adventures in Neo-Chicago (which 6 years later would be known as Meteo City) had ended. He was with Artoni and Barquiel, living in Movi, Celes.
Charlie is firing his 'Launcher at some huge rocks tossed by Barquiel. He's hitting every one perfectly. Suddenly, a girl checking some sort if machine appears, her back turned to him. The problem in this situation? Charlie had fired a rocket already.
CF-Look out!
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*Dias looks in awe at the massive towers around him.*

Dias - What sort of magic is this?

*The King shouts down from his seat high in the coloseum.*

King Cross - Dias. I beseach you, go and investigate what is happening?

Dias - Yes your Magesty.

*Dias shethes his sword and leaps to the top off the Coloseum in a single bound. He stands atop the coloseum wall looking out onto Metro City, but not seeing the rest of Cross Castle.*

Dias - What has happened?
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by stormwing [/i]
[B]siren and faerin trudged through the forest...


suddenly the trees started to shake...

faerin:uh oh... [/B][/QUOTE]

Tina:*is flying over head real fast on a silver hover-board* *stops suddenly as she heard the trees shaking* *drops lower to look*

Tina: *yells down at Siren and Faerin* What's going on? *accidentally falls off* Ouch!
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The girl jumps over the rocket fired by Charlie, and points at Charlie with a strange looking sword (the "machine" she was checking).
Girl-What kind man are you, using a spell on a lady when she has her back turned to you:flaming: ?
CF-*Ignoring her* This place seems really strange. I've never seen this forest before. And Barquiel doesn't seem to be here.
G-Hey! I'm talking to you!
CF-Oh, sorry. Can you tell me where am I?
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Girl-That's what I should be asking you!
CF-Well, I was in a field, blasting some huge rocks with my 'Launcher.
CF-*shows it* This. Anyway, my name is Charlie Fortune, and what's yours?

Outlaw, could you name her with a Star Ocean name?
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by stormwing [/i]

faerin:it seems worlds are tearing apart at the seems and new ones are being sown in...kinda like a quilt...but of places not materal...

tina:what's that??!!

siren:he's a dragon... [/B][/QUOTE]

Tina: *blinks and picks up hover-board* Ok.... I kind of get it... Maybe this is what Adalia meant by "Merging Dimensions"....

*Hover-board glows and shrinks to a silver marble in her hand*

Tina:*puts marble inside a side pocket in her bag*

Faerin and Siren: :eek: .........
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*Charlie and The girl stand looking at each other.*

Voice from above - RENA!!!

Charlie - What the?

*They both look up to see a bluw haired warrior land right between them.*

Rena - Dias! *Rena runs up and hugs Dias.* What are you doing here?

Dias - I was hired by the king to investigate these occurances.

*Dias turns to Charlie, drawing his sword and holding it on Charlie's throught.*

Dias - And who are you?
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[COLOR=red]Cell crushes 16s head[/COLOR]

Gohan: ...:flaming: :flaming: :flaming: THATS EEENNNOOOUUUGGGHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[COLOR=red]Goes SSJ2!!![/COLOR]

Cell: :eek:

All the other Z Fighters and the Cell Jrs: :eek: :eek:

Gohan: Now Cell-Huh?

[COLOR=red]Suddenly, everything around him changes shape, and he finds himself in a forest[/COLOR]

SSJ2 Gohan: Ummmmmm........I know Cell can do some pretty amazing stuff, but I didn't know he could do THAT!!!
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SSJ2 Gohan: You mean you don't know?

Siren: Nope. Never heard of him!

SSJ2 Gohan: Whoa...

Siren: Um...Whats up with your hair...And why are you glowing???

SSJ2 Gohan: Oh, thats coz I'm a Super Saiya-jin...But when Cell crushed 16's head I-

Siren: Sorry to interrupt, but who is "16"???

SSJ2 Gohan: He's an android.

Siren: Riiiiiiiiight...
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siren: well... that may mean that he is somewhere here as well we should leave this forest before more people show up and they arn't friendly...

tina:i seconed that...

gohan: but i can protect you wit-

siren: listen up pal... i so do hate to tell you this but i don't trust you or your powers...got it??? faerin... will you do the honors??

faerin: climb abord!!

[I]siren leaps up onto faern's back... [/I]

siren: are you coming???

gohan: i can fly...

tina: got my board...

siren:fine lets go...
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Dias - Well Charlie, what are you doing here?

Charlie - I.....don't know.

Dias - What are you talking about? You don't know?

Charlie - Ya, ya see, I was practicing in a feild somewhere, and all of a sudden I found myself here, In Metro City. Only, there was never a colloseum here. Or people with such strange clothes.

Rena - Look whos talking.

Charlie - What?

Dias - Nevermid. So......you called this place Metro City? Than what heppened to Cross.
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Tina: *hears a very annoying beep through earphones* Um... Oops, email. You guys fly ahead, I'll catch up later. *pulls out glasses and puts it on* *stares for a moment* Oh no! Not again... I hate this job...

Siren: What do you mean?

Tina: Um... How should I explain this...
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